Mirrors with blind spot detection

Mirrors with blind spot detection

I would like to see TESLA offer mirrors with blind spot detection. I do not feel secure with my dash detection on my TESLA X. Does anyone else feel TESLA X lacks detection?

davidahn | 20 juillet 2018

While Tesla has WAY more advanced sensors than other manufacturers' blind spot detection, I agree something you can see without looking away from the road would be great.

What would be even BETTER (and someone else has proposed this already) is the steering wheel pushing against you if you try to change lanes into another vehicle, and that would be a software feature and would NOT involve redesigning the mirrors and changing the supply chain for new parts.

renovations4u | 21 juillet 2018

I agree with both suggestions. Indication on mirror as well as hard steering

ta2zman | 11 août 2018

Yes, the so called "blind spot" semi-circle that appears on the dash top view of the vehicle is not accurate and doesn'e show a good part of the time another vehicle is in the danger zone.

jimglas | 11 août 2018

I just keep the rear camera on the lower half of the center console. It works great for blind spot viewing.

bob | 12 août 2018

A few months back this thread was covered and I had the same concerns. Someone wiser than I had posted a link to a government site about how to properly adjust your side view mirrors. It might have been an NTSB article. I looked but couldn't immediately find the link. But the short answer is you should push the reflection out just beyond seeing the rear quarter panel of your vehicle. When properly adjusted you should see a vehicle in your rear mirror and side view concurrently. Hence no blind spot.

Admittedly I've been driving for more years than I might be willing to admit. And adjusting the sideview mirrors out this far took some getting used to. But after a few days it's now second nature. It's a simple solution to what has become a techno solution on other cars. Sounds insane coming from a Tesla owner. But sometimes less technology can be a better solution.

markcohen | 12 août 2018

@bob, one issue is that when you are relatively tall and sit with the seat all the way back the distance and angle you sit from the mirror simply doesn't allow you to adjust it so that there is no blind spot. BTW at least for me, the blind spot isn't between the rear and side view mirror but rather once it leaves the side view mirror and hasn't entered my peripheral vision yet.

Anyway, while waiting for a high tech answer I've also found a low tech one. I've placed a small convex mirror on each side view mirror. These extend my view so that there now truly is no blind spot. @jimglas, the rear camera does indeed work well as you have said, but I'd prefer to use half the screen for something else... plus I find that view a bit distracting.... just personal taste. Oh, and it works well until you find yourself in the rain or with road grime (salt) from snow treatments, etc on it.

bob | 12 août 2018

@markcohen. I too am over 6'. Agree the B pillar in the MX is non-trivial and can be an obstruction to peripheral vision. Small convex mirrors on the corners of the sideview mirrors makes a lot of sense.

I did find an article, I'm not positive it's the same one that had been posted earlier. But it does look to be similar to what I recall reading a few months back.

FISHEV | 11 juillet 2019

Thanks to owners who posted fix for problem. A simple $10 stick on mirror. Simple and elegant.

Here are the solutions posted before Tesla mods deleted it. Common problem so Tesla is mowing the grass to keep it down since it reflects on AP and FSD. If system doesn't even have BSI how can it think about FSD?

One of the forum moderators in trying to justify deletion suggested it was an ongoing problem that had been fixed. Of course he ended up deleting his own "proof" but these are not the brightest pennies in the roll.

Common complaint from Model 3 owners.

DanFoster1 | 11 juillet 2019

There’s actually no such thing as a ‘blind spot’— rather, nearly everyone sets his or her outside mirrors wrong: they’re supposed to point to reflect objects next to the car, but almost everyone sets them to show a nearly identical field of view as that of the inside rear-view-mirror. Seriously.

info | 12 juillet 2019

I agree that the lack of mirror a blind spot detection system is an absolute necessity. I am a professional driver and am not comfortable in my model X wihen changing lanes. The last thing I want to do is glance down onto my dashboard when in the process of changing lanes. This featured can be retro fitted to existing Tesla cars. I'd even be willing to foot the cost of this vital safety feature.

Vawlkus | 14 juillet 2019

Whereas my Model X is the only car I feel safe changing lanes because it shows me my surroundings better than any other car I’ve ever driven.
Between the rear view camera my mirrors and my own eyes I know exactly where everything around me is at all times. After a 2000km road trip, I think I can say that with relative certainty.