Existing owners pay to unlock self presenting doors

Existing owners pay to unlock self presenting doors

My friend who works at Tesla agreed this is a good idea and said she is going to email it to Elon. I also just escalated this to the executive team from my Tesla account before telling my friend at Tesla. I’d be interested to see how others feel about this who don’t have the PUP, and how many, if any, would be willing to pay for this feature. Here is what I wrote.

“Thanks for taking the time to read this! Tesla fanboy, owner and shareholder here.

I’m writing with more of a suggestion than a issue. I’d really like to be able to pay to unlock the self presenting doors feature in my model X, and I’ve spoken to plenty of other owners who would also be willing to pay for this. I know this would just be a over the air update, and now that these features are standard in all new vehicles, it seems like a good time to offer this to existing owners.

Is there any way you could suggest this to Elon? As a shareholder this seems like a no brainer to boost profitability as it would be basically 100% profit and zero service center work needed. And as a owner I would happily fork over $1,000 give or take for this feature. I wish I had known how cool this feature was, but never saw it in action in the cars I test drove, until I had loaners.

Thanks again for your time, and please let me know if you would be willing to discuss this with the Tesla team.

Best regards!
-Continuing cult member/fanboy, Tommy”

khoat1 | 20 juillet 2018

+1 on the idea.

I too did not order my X with PUP and when I had a loaner with the self presenting doors, I wish this is an option owners can add after the fact. If this can be done without a visit to the service center then this should be a no brainer for Tesla.

davidahn | 20 juillet 2018

If you're a shareholder, you want Tesla to be profitable, right? As has been mentioned on other threads, Tesla would never sell any PUPs if you could simply pay $1K for PUP's most compelling feature. I ONLY ordered the PUP for this one feature, though I will enjoy the premium audio and the HEPA filter.

jjgunn | 20 juillet 2018

Separate each option out.

Premium sound is my biggest reason for ordering PUP. Sure I could gone after market & saved at a minimum 1/2 the money. I didn't want to do that. It was worth it to me to have everything ready & installed when I picked up the car. Including self-presenting doors.

tommyalexandersb | 20 juillet 2018

@daviddahn, normally your point be valid, but Tesla just made it so PUP isn’t a option, it’s standard now. So why not profit from the existing owners who would want to buy the one feature that doesn’t require any work at the service center?

Also, I didn’t buy PUP but I did pay Tesla $750 to add the HEPA filter after market, so it wouldn’t be the first time they have sold a PUP feature separately.

jimglas | 21 juillet 2018

Excellent idea
I bought the PUP for the heated seats and mirrors
So the are other reasons people choose the PUP other than the SPD

bob | 21 juillet 2018

@ tommyalexandersb Do the non-PUP versions have the ability to open (and close) the front doors from the console when the vehicle is put into Park? Just asking? I love that feature, but hate the self opening feature. I work in my garage a lot and move the vehicle to the driveway while working. If I have my FOB in my pocket.... well it doesn't take long to figure out what happens. Even with self presenting doors off, the flashing warning lights is annoying.

tommyalexandersb | 21 juillet 2018

@bob, yes they do. And the drivers door auto closes when you step on the break.

I know a lot of owners don’t like the self presenting doors and turn the feature off, but I love having it. I just click three times when I have a loaner with it that’s parked next to something.

Triggerplz | 21 juillet 2018

@Bob all you have to do is put your fob in a small faraday $15 bag from Amazon it blocks the signal mine never opens when I'm near

bob | 21 juillet 2018

@Trigg - great idea. Thanks!

davidahn | 21 juillet 2018

@tommyalexandersb, thank you for pointing out that the PUP is now standard, albeit at a $3500 higher base price. I have to get my order price decreased by $2500 now! :)

It's not that I don't feel your pain... with my 2015 MS 85D, I passed on the premium package, not realizing that the power lift gate was NOT standard, but part of the premium package. If the software upgrade to self-presenting doors is not an impediment to selling the PUP, I'm all for a software upgrade to be made available for a fee to be determined by Tesla, though I believe it should be higher than your proposed $1000 (considering you saved $6000 up front).

tommyalexandersb | 21 juillet 2018

Good comment @daviddahn. My thinking on the $1000 is that I doubt many people would be willing to pay much more than that considering it isn’t hardware added. But I could be wrong.

poloX | 22 juillet 2018

Is it truly no additional H/W needed thought? The car does pop open the door but how does it work in this case. When you approach the car from the front, it pops open narrowly and wait for you to pass the door and then further opens it wider. This second extra push, does it require additional H/W? Or just S/W? But if is it S.W only mod, then I would agree with Tommy that $1K could attract some. Considering the hitch tow HW thing used to cost what...$600? This is easy money to be made.

poloX | 22 juillet 2018

Is it truly no additional H/W needed thought? The car does pop open the door but how does it work in this case. When you approach the car from the front, it pops open narrowly and wait for you to pass the door and then further opens it wider. This second extra push, does it require additional H/W? Or just S/W? But if is it S.W only mod, then I would agree with Tommy that $1K could attract some. Considering the hitch tow HW thing used to cost what...$600? This is easy money to be made.

bob | 22 juillet 2018

I’m speculating that it’s s/w only. But I’m wondering - from a marketing perspective- is it more profitable to allow buyers like the OP’er to slip thru the cracks and pick up the vast majority of us that were willing to pay the 5k for the bundle. Meaning the buyer really wants the heated seats so is willing to buy the bundle. The theat of not getting the feature driving more potential profit. If Tesla were to offer the option to add features after delivery would that result in lower overall margins?

Granted now that the PUP is standard and now longer an option it’s a harder argument to make.

tommyalexandersb | 22 juillet 2018

For the model Xmas show, my doors open a little bit and then slowly open the rest of the way, so I’m fairly positive it’s just software. :)

poloX | 22 juillet 2018

I remember about the EasterEgg show now. I think you are right. Thanks

bp | 23 juillet 2018

There are a number of features which are software limited (battery packs, high amp charging, self opening doors, …).

Even if these features can be updated after purchase, since owners haven't elected to pay for those updates, this is an untapped revenue stream for Tesla, and since the cost for Tesla to activate these features is likely very low - providing an easy way (at a discount?) for owners to activate these features could boost Tesla's revenue for one quarter.

Since they're asking their suppliers to help Tesla reach profitability by giving some cash back to Tesla - Tesla could also generate some quick revenue by offering a one time discount to activate these features.

bob | 23 juillet 2018

@bp the idea of post upgrade - at a discount - is a slap in the face to the loyalist who paid for it at initial build. Much like the full self driving, if offered as a post feature, I'd expect it to be offered at a premium.

But as I'd suggested above. I think it may be a calculated 'loss'. There were more buyers willing to pay the added $5k previously (FOMO). It would be a really interesting stat as to the percentage of vehicles built w/o PUP vs. with. If I'm right I bet it's like 80% with and 20% w/o.

Don't forget who the MX is marketed to. It's a high ticket item being sold to people (in general) that have a large amount of discretionary funds. The margins on the MX and MS are utilized to fund the ramp up for the M3, MY. The big picture is to build a successful automotive company. Something that hasn't been done within the boarders of the USA for decades.

All that said: I hope Tesla finds a way to accommodate the buyers who elected not to include the software upgrades. I (for one) won't be surprised if they don't.

tommyalexandersb | 23 juillet 2018

I’m sure lots of people were annoyed who bought PUP for the bioweapon defense mode and then Tesla sold it on their site for $750, which is how I bought it. I was annoyed when Tesla added the cold weather package and sound upgrade to PUP because I totally would have bought it if it had all that.

I think a lot of people who can afford a car like the X are smart with their money. I spent 120K on my X, another 5K is nothing, but I didn’t think it was worth it. After having loaners I see I was wrong.

Would I upgrade to a new car just to get those features? Not a chance.
Would I happily give Tesla some cash for one of the features? Yup.

ek993 | 23 juillet 2018

If the PUP were still an optional package I would say they shouldn't offer the various components a la carte. If they had wanted to do that they would have offered them a la carte at the initial order phase.

However now that PUP is standard they aren't trying to incetivize new order customers to make the choice to spend extra $$, so why not realize some additional revenue from existing customers who are willing to pay for some of the now standard features?

ek993 | 23 juillet 2018

@bob - out of a sample of 511 Model X orders 62% ordered with PUP and 38% ordered without according to this spreadsheet

I haven't done the math (but am sure Tesla has) I imagine its better to have 100% of customers paying the equivalent of $4k for PUP vs 62% paying $6k.

jimglas | 23 juillet 2018

I suspect the reason is for production efficiency as opposed to strictly $. I ordered the PUP, it doesn't bother me if Tesla wants to see any of the upgrade parts.

jimglas | 23 juillet 2018

I do wish they would retroactively give me the $2500 price cut since I haven't taken delivery yet.

ek993 | 23 juillet 2018

The counter argument is - if they increased the price by $2500 and yours wasn't delivered yet - would you expect them to honor the lower price, or charge you $2500 more?

jimglas | 23 juillet 2018

I get it, but they have done so in the past after other changes.

bob | 23 juillet 2018

@ jimglas you can always threaten to cancel and reorder. Isn't that the same $2,500 cost to cancel?

Maximus-X | 23 juillet 2018

@jimglas, they will. My delivery was April 2017 and just before my delivery date, they made a change which reduced my order price by $3K. I gave them a call they honored it, no questions asked. It was entered as floor discount or something. Just give them a call before delivery.

jimglas | 23 juillet 2018

My DS said price was locked in when construction began. Would be nice to get the lower price, but I understand I signed a contract and have no problem honoring it. But I wouldnt mind if they changed their mind.

khanhvn | 23 juillet 2018

I ordered my MX last year with the sonic carbon wheels for $3000, but at delivery I was pleasantly surprised that they charged me only $2000 because they applied the price drop retroactively. I didn't even ask for it :) | 23 juillet 2018

Actually, this is a brilliant idea. Any time you can get a customer to pay for any post sale software upgrade, it is virtually pure profit. Tesla knows what is in every car and who the owner is. They should start making end of quarter SW upgrade sales offers. How about those 60 kWh battery packs that can be turned into 75 kWh for example? Every little bit helps the bottom line.