Xmas and my Tesla Model 3 came early!

Xmas and my Tesla Model 3 came early!

I have been waiting like most of you for over 2 years and was given a window of Aug-Oct 2018 for my red LR 19" with EAP. Then I was notified about a week and a half ago that I could take delivery on July 20. Wow! I picked it up on Friday and my first impressions are even better than I hoped for. It looks gorgeous and drives better, even in FL thunderstorms, than almost every car that I have had. You just have to get used to one pedal driving. Still learning the quirks of the technology but the important things - lights, windshield wipers, navigation and music are pretty much self-explanatory. The Tesla person took me early for my appointment, showed me around the car and before too long, I was out driving with the famous Tesla smile on my face. Just be prepared to move quickly. I have the electrician coming today to install the 50A 220 plug, selling my old BMW but it is all good.

fourstar77 | 23 juillet 2018

Congrats! Thanks for sharing about the earlier than expected delivery.

JuJo0 | 23 juillet 2018

Congratulations! Can't wait for mine :D

Sslnight | 23 juillet 2018


Magic 8 Ball | 23 juillet 2018


ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 juillet 2018


RED is the onliest color...
RED is the onliest color...
RED is the onliest color there will ever be...