If there was a search thing on this, I may already have the answer.

Anyway, anyone here putting a wrap either partial or full?

I got a quote for whole body wrap in Rockville, MD for about $7000. yikes.

I probably will do partial maybe front of car wrap..

matchoowh | 24 juillet 2018

go to and you can search. there are a ton of posts about xpel already. whole wraps range from 5k-7k and full fronts anywhere from 1500-2000

doug | 24 juillet 2018

I wrapped my Model 3 in XPEL Stealth. $6,000 in the Bay Area. Another $1,000 for Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl. Free chrome delete. Happy with the results.

leal.wai | 24 juillet 2018

Went to carprotectionpros. com and installed it myself. Precut pieces. Spent about $600 on front bra and partial hood cover, with side rockers and trunk lid guard. Start with the smaller pieces first to get a feel for how the materials sticks and stretches and should be good.

Doesn't look perfect but far better than spending $7000 or even 1500 on a partial wrap

leal.wai | 24 juillet 2018

Fairfax, VA

lilbean | 24 juillet 2018

Sticker City, Sherman Oaks, SoCal :)

dfelton | 24 juillet 2018

Went to Tint King in WPB, Florida. Had the whole car wrapped in Xpel paint protection film and all glass tinted including the windshield. They threw in a center console wrap too. Paid $3500 for the whole project, and they did an amazing job. If you near WPB go there.

leal.wai | 24 juillet 2018

Seems a bit far of a shop for OP =/

RedTeslaModel3 | 24 juillet 2018

I got my done at Xtreme auto details in Sterling VA

1. Full vehicle - bumper to bumper $3900+
Installation time up to 10 business days
2. Full Front End Kit (Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Sideview Mirrors, Door Cups, Door Sills) $1900+
Installation time 3 to 4 business days
3. Partial Front End Kit (Bumper, Partial Hood & Fenders, Sideview Mirrors) $900+
Installation time 2 to 3 business days

- Prep Prior to PPF installation
- Hand Wash & Dry
- Clay Bar Decontamination Treatment
- Light Polish
- Sealant application post installation
- 1 Year customer satisfaction warranty
- 10 Year Xpel Warranty
- Complimentary Inspection Hand Wash (15 days after application)

That was the quoted priced. I got that done + ceramic coating + console wrapped as well.

lilbean | 24 juillet 2018

@leal I know but the title is vague and doesn't mention location.

maki94118 | 24 juillet 2018

Full wrap Xpel and window tinting for under $6k in Sacramento, CA.

thedrisin | 24 juillet 2018

10% value of the vehicle on whole body paint protection? 20% if waiting for $35k model. Save the money and trade it in for a new car in 3 yrs. Brand new paint!

thedrisin | 24 juillet 2018

Fairfax, VA

sroh | 24 juillet 2018

No doubt it's expensive. @thedrisin, your numbers are correct, and it's a lot to pay. But each one of us has our own benefit/value versus cost equation in our heads. If you are planning on keeping your car 5-10+ years, it could be a good investment to wrap the car.

I did a full front end wrap (front bumper, headlights, full front fenders, full hood, side view mirrors) plus door edges and top of rear bumper) for $1,500. Seemed like a good compromise. It has already protected the hood from a nasty rock chip.

Cheerio | 24 juillet 2018

@RedTeslaModel3: Which level of wrap did you have done at Xtreme, and if you don’t mind me asking, what was your total cost with ceramic and center console? Thanks.

RedTeslaModel3 | 24 juillet 2018

They did full wrap for me. They recommend just do 1 layer of opticoat for $500 i think. I asked about console wrap after started the paper work so they just did it for free for me. They also did paint correction for $250. During the paint correction process he did a lot more work than he expected but kept that $250 price. My car is in the 8000 vin so tesla still had a lot of issue with overspray.

Overall the work is pretty good. Folks cant tell that the wrap is on. I had taken back last week to get some other fix with wrap and found the on going customer service to be pretty awesome. Its good to know that they still taking care of me after 3 months.

Cheerio | 24 juillet 2018

Good to know, I will definitely consider them to do the work on mine when the time comes. Thanks!

M1ne | 24 juillet 2018

I'm certainly interested in wrapping at least the front and rear of my Model 3 whenever it does arrive, and maybe a chrome delete. Any good places in the nyc/long island area anyone would recommend?

RedTeslaModel3 | 24 juillet 2018

I would highly recommend the wrap.

I got 9000 miles on it, 2 chips on glass. I waited for 2000 miles before wrapping it, had couple chips prior to the wrap. Its not really the paint, its me driving on highway about 80-90 miles a day commute.

66 and 28 both going through heavy construction

Temple07 | 24 juillet 2018

Follow up question. Since it is wrapped can you still wax the car?

dfelton | 25 juillet 2018

Yes you can. My shop also gave me a bottle of Xpel conditioner to keep the film in shape. Applies like wax.

djharrington | 25 juillet 2018

I had to look into this Xpel business after someone mentioned to me the other day in here that the stealth would get me a similar look on my next 3 as my first 3’s satin vinyl wrap. I watched a couple videos yesterday and it looks pretty fun. Definitely different than the vinyl installation, but in some ways maybe more forgiving. It would be about $2k tonwrap the entire car in Xpel stealth vs ~$600 for satin vinyl. Not much cost difference.

As much as I’d like to teach myself another technique, I’m guessing I’ll go for vinyl again. I like that with vinyl I could easily change colors on a whim.

mcmack15 | 25 juillet 2018

Temple07---just my two cents. I had one car partially covered several years back; then another car fully wrapped; and now my model S has the front wrapped (and going back next week to probably get the rest of the car wrapped). All with Xpel Ultimate. I am an advocate of NOT putting any waxes or anything on top of the Xpel (except the conditioner dfelton mentions). I just can't see the reasoning for putting anything on top of the basically maintenance free Xpel (except for the conditioner that goes on 2-3 times a year, and literally takes 20 minutes to do the entire car with an easy on, and easy off). Why put something over the Xpel that is going to require maintenance (taking off the old wax; putting on new wax)?

I don't think the wax or the ceramic coatings folks put over the Xpel add to its look---at least it is not very noticeable to an older guy with glasses if they do improve the shine, etc. (my conclusion from years of sitting at car shows looking at cars side-by-side).

artmat | 25 juillet 2018

@M1ne- I’m in the same boat. I’ve narrowed down a few I’ve heard good things, but they’re expensive. Perhaps we can get a bit of a discount coming in together. If interested, my email is

Pen18 | 25 juillet 2018

Just make sure xpel installer is authorized (check xpel web site under installer locator to see if they are listed there), else you will not qualify for their warranty.

Nighthamster | 28 juillet 2018

dfelton | July 24, 2018
"Went to Tint King in WPB, Florida. Had the whole car wrapped in Xpel paint protection film and all glass tinted including the windshield. They threw in a center console wrap too. Paid $3500 for the whole project, and they did an amazing job. If you near WPB go there."

Because I read this post, Tint King is where I shall go!!! Thank you dfelton!

drady | 28 juillet 2018

Anyone have recommendations for the Allentown, PA area? Costs?

Would it be stupid to drive to VA for example and have it wrapped there since it seems like it's cheaper?

Rushabhjs | 23 septembre 2018

I am in the Maryland / VA area and quotes I received for just the front are around $1600 and full body $8300. Going to give Xtreme a shout

twcekud | 23 septembre 2018

Prices in Dallas, anyone?

roberttown | 23 septembre 2018

@RedTeslaModel3, do you live near PFHS? My wife says there is a red M3 at the cul-de-sac at the end of our street.

I live in Sterling and may try the $3900 full wrap on my M3 once I receive it.
I have a lot of CQuarz left over from our extended families cars, I wonder if that would be a good top coat. It makes my black 128i look awesome and stay cleaner.

sterickson | 23 septembre 2018

@drady: Did you find a place? I live at the other end of the valley, in Easton, and have the same questions.

efuseakay | 23 septembre 2018

The two places that are worth going to by me just north of Chicago charge $5k and $7k for full car coverage. The $5k place now employs the $7k's previous top installer, and I couldn't possibly be happier with my XPEL Stealth install.

axsion | 11 février 2019

In the Montreal area, in Canada, there is an installer who do mainly XPEL on Tesla. Here is the website. It is in french unfortunately:

mrpetrov | 11 février 2019

Any recommendations for a top tier xpel installer in Portland, OR, or nearby?

angie | 11 février 2019

@drady @sterickson I had XPEL and Ceramic Pro done on mine at Shine Techs on Freemansburg in Easton.

mrpetrov | 11 février 2019

Is around $5k about the usual cost for a full body xpel ultimate plus wrap for a model 3?