Glove-box wont stay closed

Glove-box wont stay closed

My 3-month old M3's glove-box just started to act up.

After I opened it today, it refused to close up. Upon closing it it does not align completely with the dashboard panel and even the smallest bump while driving causes it to fall open.

I called the customer service number and after waiting for 20 min I got a rep that said a mobile repair person will reach out to me withing 24-48 hrs to come by and repair it.

An online search seems to suggest its not uncommon and that the fix was to reinstall the previously improperly installed glove-box correctly. Most cases did not need a replacement part, just proper installation.

Atoms | 4 août 2018

Call Tesla and they can set up a ranger to come out and fix.

jje | 4 août 2018

I just had mine fixed. It was missing a spring that helps pull the latch closed. The mobile van service guy replaced the whole box in 25 minutes.

Dansosa | 5 août 2018

After 7000 miles my glove box is now not staying closed. Had to put an ugly piece of duct tape to keep it closed. NOT PRETTY!

Linkedscorpion | 5 août 2018

Sounds like the latch for the glovebox isn’t aligning with the striker on the glovebox. Since replacement of the glovebox isn’t needed. My bet is they will realign the latch so that it catches properly

jefjes | 14 août 2018

Yep, mine started doing it today. Will look at the alignment but looks fine to me. The latches that are supposed to extend to keep it closed don't appear to be popping back out all the way after being either pulled in with the actuator or pushed in when closing the glovebox. Seems like they need a stronger spring but I'm afraid to mess with it too much myself since the actuator is probably only made to overcome a certain amount of force.

neil.weinstock | 14 août 2018

I have a call into service about mine, awaiting a call back.

As with @jefjes, my problem is that the latch does not freely spring back into position. In one other thread about this it was mentioned that some foam gets unstuck in there and gums up the works, or else it is some sort of problem with the solenoid.

I have temporarily gotten mine to stay closed (knock on open-pore wood) by manually pulling the latch all the way out, than pushing the box firmly (but not *too* firmly) to the right while closing it gently, and then letting go when it's fully closed. This leaves the latch in a *slightly* better position, just enough to barely hang on.

I must say, having your glove box pop open 10 seconds after you close it every time feels like being in a Candid Camera sketch. Frustration builds up very quickly.

seattlemag | 14 août 2018

Thanks everyone for the discussion. My glovebox stays closed until I open it, then it takes it 3 - 5 times of reclosing to make it stick. Occasionally under hard accelerations it will pop open as well. Now I've got some things to try before calling tesla service to fix.

dmm1240 | 14 août 2018

Wow. The best way to solve any problem such as this is to go to the local source that will actually do the work. Go here to find your local service center. Go to your My Tesla page. Click the triple bar Tesla icon at the top right corner of the page. Click "Find Us." You will be taken to a map showing the closest Tesla facilities. Find the service center most convenient for you. Click the little red icon with the wrench icon. A popup will provide the address and phone numbers. Call them, tell them your problem and they'll contact the Ranger working out of the facility. Within a day or so the mobile service unit will contact you to schedule a time to come by and fix your glovebox.

This generally works better than calling a main number in Fremont. The closer to the people doing the work with any company, the faster the response.


jefjes | 14 août 2018

@dmm1240- You are right and I will probably do that sooner or later. Right now it's staying closed but I know it might start flopping open any minute so needs to be addressed properly. I've just been busy this week with school starting back and helping out with the grandkids acting as a taxi until the bus schedules get sorted. The service center closest to me is 2 hours away from us where I picked up my car so not sure when or if they will get a mobile service to me but I won't be driving there just for this problem.

jym626 | 29 octobre 2018

I have only 2000 miles on the car (had it for 3 1/2 months) and the glovebox wont stay closed. The online repair reservation isn't working and I've been on hold with customer service for a half hour. This is not acceptable.

kimberliemoutoux | 19 avril 2019

My glove box also does not stay closed. I made an appointment- first available is next week. I will take it in and get them to fix it.

Brian | 20 avril 2019

Mine has popped open a couple of times also. Usually just after opening it. If you just pull the plunger out when it is open, you can close it and it won't pop open on it's own again. Well, at least that is what works for me. I don't use the glove box often, so it doesn't bother me much. I will probably get it fixed eventually.

walt2810 | 20 avril 2019

the glove box in mine is not aligned (big gap) and made an appointment at the service center!!!

cfscott | 20 avril 2019

I had this problem - it has been the only problem I have had with the car. A ranger came out and replaced my glovebox. Have not had any issue with it since then. I do have a tip for you while you wait to get it fixed. The actuator on the latch does not extend all the way. Before you close it, just pull it out to fully extended. The glove box will stay closed. If you open it, you will need to do that again. I was able to at least not have my glove box flopping open while I waited for the service.

Prashanthsharma | 23 avril 2019

Update: The mobile service tech came and replaced the entire globe box. It was pretty quick and painless.Go TSLA!!

The service was done within a week.

Neilcor | 24 mai 2019

Has anyone had to pay for a glove box replacement? I have service scheduled for next week and was told, if it needed to be replaced, it would cost $1,008 (parts and labor). Can that possibly be correct?

Lonestar10_1999 | 24 mai 2019

Neilcor, so long as its a covered warranty item it would be fixed at no cost to you. Unfortunately, not all Tesla staff are knowledgeable about their own policy. I assume you have less than 50k miles on your odometer.

Neilcor | 24 mai 2019

unfortunately, a 2013 with 124K :)

Neilcor | 24 mai 2019

I just realized I was in the wrong forum ... sorry

Lonestar10_1999 | 24 mai 2019

@Nielcor- that sucks. That’s like matching all the PowerBall numbers then realizing you bought a MegaMillions lottery ticket:-)