Short squeeze def on - Musk to take Tesla Private @ $420?!

Short squeeze def on - Musk to take Tesla Private @ $420?!

Boom - short squeeze is definitely on now... buckle up everyone
"Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured."

SamO | 11 août 2018


You are 100% right. Because it brushes Tesla with “support from radical oil sheiks” that the shorts so badly need to create talking points to attack Tesla.

Or was that a rhetorical question?

Middledawg | 11 août 2018

In case it hasn't been mentioned: The Saudis approached Tesla to see if they could get they could get the company to issue them new shares of stock. Tesla refused. The Saudis then bought shares on the open market. There was nothing Tesla could do about it, everyone is free to purchase shares if they wish on a publicly traded stock.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11 août 2018

HIM666: How quickly Trolls forget how many times they have written the words, "I just can't see..." Exactly. You can't see the truth for all the lies you propagate. You do not possess superhero vision capability. You are blinded by desperation, greed, malice, and terminal stupidity.

Elon Musk is not blind at all. He has explained his philosophy before. If there is a non-zero chance that something might work, he is willing to take a chance on it.

· He learned that no matter how advanced a robot may be today, certain activities are better performed by humans, for now.

· He learned that no matter how renowned third party fabricators may be, sometimes it is best to handle things in-house.

He would be a failure if he had not learned those lessons from the evidence before him. Y'know, the way you fail to recognize the evidence before you. Every day.

carlk | 11 août 2018

@mos6507 | August 11, 2018
***Carl. You can't read Musk's mind and imbuing him with superhero-like qualities is both immature and a little creepy.***

You have to be truly brainless if you still can't see where Elon is coming from.

carlk | 11 août 2018

There is absolutely nothing evil about Saudis wanting to invest in Tesla. They got their money only because we had the insatiable appetite to buy their oils. The same goes for the Chinese money some want to squabble. If they are evils, which I don't think they are for the sole reason that they got money, the only reason they are that way is we all helped to create them.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 août 2018

"The money doesn't know where it came from..."

mos6507 | 12 août 2018

[You have to be truly brainless if you still can't see where Elon is coming from.]

There's the fanboi angle, sure, but there's also the OTHER angle.

I think he wants to go private is mostly to compensate for butthurt. The "distractions" he's talking about is him reading naysayer articles ala Montana Skeptic and getting triggered over it. If he were to just stop reading all the negative press and focused on execution (as Carl Thompson accurately suggested) then the shorts wouldn't have a leg to stand on. The shorts can't really manufacture FUD without Tesla offering them ammo to fuel the FUD. A well-running and tight ship smokes the shorts more effectively than Musk taking the ball and going home.

Mike83 | 12 août 2018

I have yet to see a good objective Short analysis. Shorts arguments are based on slander which may provide a way to sue the shorters and all those associates. GS had that happen to them before I believe.
On principle a lawsuit against these low life would be good..
All the institutional investors and private ones have their money in Tesla because it is a successful growth company.

SbMD posted this link and others on another thread.

I think justice will be done.

SamO | 12 août 2018

Being immolated is THE punishment for shorts. The cannot escape the squeeze that is coming.

(starts to pop some popcorn)

carlk | 12 août 2018

Yes mos, CT and all shorts and FUDsters are all so scared that this could really happen. Elon please definitely do it.

mos6507 | 12 août 2018

Do you ever stop stramanning? Seriously, get on meds, man.

mos6507 | 12 août 2018
carlk | 12 août 2018


mos6507 | 12 août 2018

I realize I'm wasting keystrokes carlk, but your go-to response in any of these threads is to start a sentence with:

"you just think"

That's a strawman.

Don't presume to know what I think. Also don't presume that I'm a short-seller (I'm not).

See if you can get through a debate without banging out the phrase "you just" and stick to the facts.

Then maybe these threads won't swirl into the gutter.

dmitriyM3 | 12 août 2018

@mos there are only couple of things that may explain your presence on this forum. you say its not a short position & i hope for you sake it is not, but my sixth sense tells me some type of direct/indirect connection to it

carlk | 12 août 2018

I hope all shorts are as dumb as mos. They will be smashed by Elon in no time.

SamO | 12 août 2018

They are all as stupid as mos. They just keep repeating FUD and pray it comes true.

Lulled into complacency, now their nuts will roast (along with their shorts).

Model S is better than any other sedan.

Model X is better than any other SUV.

Model 3 is better than any other mid-size sedan.

Model P3D is better than any sports car.

And so it goes.

Carl Thompson | 13 août 2018

@SamO is off his meds again.

spuzzz123 | 13 août 2018

@mos, your go-to response is ridicule and name calling. That isn’t debate. This thread ALONE:

“...fanbois no longer have their precious boogeyman...”

“...immature and a little creepy.”

“There's the fanboi angle”

“...get on meds, man”

“...realize I'm wasting keystrokes...”

I picked personal insults out of every one of you replies, save one. Why Does it have to be that way? When logic fails, resort to ridicule I guess

calvin940 | 13 août 2018

All @mos has is FUD and insults. The sooner we stop engaging, the sooner there will be no audience for nonsense.

Ygor81 | 13 août 2018

Looks like EM wasn't playing, given the fresh news this AM. Once again, you doubt the man, you will get burned.

SamO | 13 août 2018

Lol. Yea. Crazy like a fox

House of Saud thinks Tesla is worth at least $420/share.

dmitriyM3 | 13 août 2018

market doesn't buy it yet... SEC concerns are addressed though...

If Saudi's do play along & help squeeze shorts out, it wouldn't be too bad for their 5% stake...

i say we need patience to get statements from the board & Saudi's

Nexxus | 13 août 2018

The shorters better buy back the shares they borrowed @$350, otherwise they'll just be out more when they have to pay the $420 or more when the privatization takes place. Yep, they're going to pay for the privatization buyout big time!

SamO | 13 août 2018

The shorts can't roll the Saudis. They have much deeper pockets and know that they can be a part of the squeeze that doubles or triples their investment. In a manner of months, not years.

dmitriyM3 | 13 août 2018

more details slowly making their way in...

Musk working w/ Silver Lake and Goldman Sachs as financial advisors, plus Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Munger, Tolles & Olson as legal advisors.

I hope shorts will remain in denial = maximum pain!!!

RadOne | 15 août 2018

Seems like EM did the shorts a favor. Stock dropping, Board running for cover, SEC investigating. I had faith and now I am losing money in call options.

Madatgascar | 15 août 2018

Crickets from the House of Saud... they should know that all they have to do is back up Musk and shares would skyrocket.

RadOne | 15 août 2018

Closing price today $338.69. And you think the Saudis will fund paying $420 a share? Not a chance. One thing they are not are fools.

SamO | 15 août 2018

Well . . . if the Saudis CHANGE THEIR MIND then it will be clear Elon couldn't have lied about their participation.

The Board is likely to suggest a value between $500-$550 as a counterproposal.

carlk | 15 août 2018

You bought calls? Why you sounded so much like you bought put or shorted the stock?

RadOne | 15 août 2018

The Saudis still pay a 50% premium over the current stock price? This guy must be smoking the good stuff.

RadOne | 15 août 2018

I should have bought puts or a straddle.

phil | 15 août 2018

SamO | August 15, 2018 "Well . . . if the Saudis CHANGE THEIR MIND then it will be clear Elon couldn't have lied about their participation."

But Elon obviously DID lie when he said this:

"Only reason why this is not certain is that it’s contingent on a shareholder vote."

Yep, that's a lie.

WantMY | 15 août 2018

Musk bought stock while negotiating going private deal. He is on the hook in either case: he lied about it or not - feds have Martha Stuart jail cell ready for him.

RadOne | 15 août 2018

If the Board suggests $500 it is because they don't really want to sell.

Shock | 15 août 2018

SEC serves Tesla with subpoena over Musk's tweet.

Remember when some of us were saying Musk needed to have a Twitter babysitter after his pedo guy comment?

RadOne | 15 août 2018

The shorts couldnt have dreamed this one up. Now, the only question is how low do we go?

RadOne | 15 août 2018

We could have another 100 pts on the downside the way this is shaping up.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2018

The story is getting very interesting now that it is official Goldman Sachs has signed on. The question should be how close to the $420 will the deal be struck. SEC is a nothingburger sideshow.

Shock | 15 août 2018

You never know, but TSLA is now below what it was before Musk's ridiculous tweet. And even his greatest fans must surely admit it was folly. If his board wasn't so steeped with nepotism perhaps they would demand the password to his twitter account if he wants to stay on as CEO.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2018

Market reaction was a folly but with the official Goldman Sachs involvement it is clear this is no hoax.

Rutrow 3 | 16 août 2018

"board... (sh)ould demand the password to his twitter account if he wants to stay on as CEO."

I gotta agree with Shock on that.

kram | 16 août 2018

$420 won't happen. Maybe about $380.

mos6507 | 16 août 2018

[your go-to response is ridicule and name calling. That isn’t debate.]

Nope. Just calling a spade a spade.

Even fanbois are fed up with Magic 8-ball's psychosis, but they don't realize they are just on the milder end of that spectrum.

SamO | 16 août 2018

More important than "fanbois", shareholders are happy. Fanbois/trolls are meaningless.

Buyers of the cars and buyers of the shares matter.

Carl Thompson | 16 août 2018

"$420 won't happen. Maybe about $380."

No way that low and even $420 is very iffy. The investors that are still in the stock are the ones who weathered the huge risk during really bad times. They are full on Tesla bulls. Now Tesla is poised to actually make a sustained profit (maybe not this quarter as promised but soon). $380 would be telling them:

"You took the huge risk of losing your money on Tesla the public company to keep it afloat but now we're going to buy you out at a price that doesn't even match a recent high. We're going private and keeping the future [potential] huge profits that _you_ earned. Have a nice day."

That would be grossly unfair and would guarantee endless lawsuits.

SamO | 16 août 2018

Finally, agree with ct on something.

The price proposed by the board is likely to be at least 10%+ higher than the Saudi-backed offer. Nobody gets sued when the counter is HIGHER than the original offer.

Especially when the public realizes that this $hit is happening. People are going to want to go along for the ride.

1. Model 3 will soon be the most popular car sold in the US. It will outsell everything but a few trucks.

2. Tesla Supercharging covers 99% of the US population allowing travel everywhere.

3. The cars have full self-driving onboard, awaiting activation.

4. Tesla is profitable and cash flow positive.

5. Most shorted stock in history.

Tesla is not going bankwupt. Elon Musk is not going to jail. The Saudi's offer means the surrender of oil to renewable.

And so . . . the world, press, financial interests, shorts, twitter are going crazy about Tesla.

Good. The revolution was not televised.

It was tweeted.


Carl Thompson | 16 août 2018

Prediction: If you are not an accredited investor you will not be able to stay invested in a private Tesla in any meaningful sense. SEC rules were designed to prevent exactly that.

Ross1 | 16 août 2018

Get your heads around it being an international company not an American only.
Mission: to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy, worldwide.