Short squeeze def on - Musk to take Tesla Private @ $420?!

Short squeeze def on - Musk to take Tesla Private @ $420?!

Boom - short squeeze is definitely on now... buckle up everyone
"Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured."

carlk | 16 août 2018

@Ross1 Definitely. Gigafactory 3 and 4 are next to address the two largest EV markets in the world.

RadOne | 16 août 2018

Why would anyone fund at $420 (or more) when they can buy shares now at $335? Saudis may be buuing up shares at this price.

Shock | 17 août 2018

"Why would anyone fund at $420 (or more) when they can buy shares now at $335? Saudis may be buuing up shares at this price."

Why pay $420 when they can pay $327?

So much for a short squeeze. It's also apparent now Musk was talking out of his ass about funding secured.

Shock | 25 août 2018

Bump just for laughs.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

What makes you think going private is the catalyst for the squeeze? I think profitability is the real issue. Stock is very undervalued IMHO.

stuartsher | 25 août 2018

He said, I think it was today, that he was going to nix the going private idea and keep it public.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

Yesterday he announced it. Check the Tesla blog. Ignore the trolls.

mos6507 | 25 août 2018

@RaDone [Totally irresponsible of EM. Stock going down. Best thing he could of done for the short sellers.]

RadOne nailed it.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

Do some of you trolls work for UBS? Last chance to fling BS

dmaini | 25 août 2018

The market will determine where Tesla goes on Monday. The roller coaster would continue. If you can't handle that exit your long or short positions. I am long since IPO and will REMAIN!! Not selling anything!! I believe in Elon Musk like I believed in Steve Jobs back in 1997. I bought AAPL before the first iPhone was launched and stayed long since then!! Kept buying more when the stock went down. We all know how that story is going.
So if the product is a technology and business game changer.. stick with the stock!! You won't lose in the long run!!

Just my 2c of experience!!

Magic 8 Ball | 25 août 2018

To get controlling interest you have to buy shares. When shares are bought the price goes up. A simple seed of a thought that a "buyout" may happen shot the price up to the high 300's (all that on movement of hardly enough shares for "private" control of the company).

A true "buyout" would send the share price well above 500, IMO, just as a result of the movement needed to buy that many shares.

carlk | 25 août 2018


I bought APPL just after the first iPhone was released. It was pretty clear to me that's a great product that will change everything and Apple got it cornered. You may say it's unthinkable now but a lot of people at that time said stock price at about one 20th of today's was overvalued and got no chance to go up.

For a long term investor it really does not matter what the stock price is today or will be in Monday or in a month/quarter/year. What the company will be like in 3~5 years or even longer is what one should be looking at. Great stocks like AMZN or NFLX had a lot of ups and downs, not to mention they were most shorted stocks before TSLA took the honor, but long term investors who hung on to theirs over the years would have reaped 500x to more than 1,000x gains. Yes no kidding 500x to more than 1,000x gains.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

One of the funds wants to hold on to Tesla seeing a 4000 price and would have to take the low 420 for it.
Elon respects shareholders revealing as much as he can to the ire of the shorts.
It does make it easier to hold onto my retirement shares. It is a bit of a relief. I can buy more now.
The character assassination by the shorts and jealous types reflects more on them than Elan.

carlk | 25 août 2018

Yes shares held in regular brokerage accounts may be able to convert but still not a sure thing and needs a lot of extra efforts to. Shares held in retirement accounts definitely will not be able to. That's one of the the main reasons why it is called off. Elon does not want to do things that will hurt dedicated investors. He tweeted this right after the going private announcement.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

Thanks carlk for the twitter link.
Elon is so cool. I even have some shares in a Roth which is one of the best investment vehicles around.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

Thanks carlk for the twitter link.
Elon is so cool. I even have some shares in a Roth which is one of the best investment vehicles around.

mos6507 | 25 août 2018

Maybe he should have thought about that before he tweeted and saved us all the drama.

carlk | 25 août 2018

He said "Am considering...". Anyone who is not intelligent enough to interpret it any other way has only him/herself to blame for.

Shock | 25 août 2018

@Carlk, can you let us know how this recipe turns out?

I visit a small forum with a few guys and several years ago I made a prediction that turned out to be so spectacularly wrong that I still bump that thread from time to time to laugh at myself. But also because it's important to admit when you're wrong. It's one of the ways to grow. The fact you can't do this speaks volumes about your evolution as a person.

And so until or unless you gain the sense of self and wisdom required to acknowledge and learn from your own mistakes, the best I can do to help you along is remind you of them. I do that for you, for free. You're welcome.

Mike83 | 25 août 2018

@carlk Your right. the shorts are losers and continue to lose over the years even with their slander. They are a piece of work.

RadOne | 25 août 2018

If people think shorting stocks is bad for companies and the stock market, instead of blaming the shorts for doing something that is allowed, complain to your representatives to try to legislate against it. If shorting is bad for business, why does it exist?

Shock | 27 septembre 2018

This thread can now be concluded. He was making this up and is now being charged by the SEC. A gift to shorts.

laosuan | 27 septembre 2018

All you short sellers piss off to General. I want to read about the Model 3, not this.

Just_Ted | 27 septembre 2018

Spitballing here,
Step 1: Leverage Space-X for purchase offer of TSLA @ $420/share.
Step 2: Call for a shareholder vote.
Step 3: File Motion To Dismiss (on the legal basis that “funding was secured”)

$750/hour, 2 hour minimum. Payment accepted in Supercharger Credit or Mini Model S (for my granddaughter).

spuzzz123 | 28 septembre 2018

Enjoy your gift, Shock. Take this opportunity to cover.