Referral program - is it real ???

Referral program - is it real ???

Hello, one of my friend has made 2 referrals, one car has been delivered in march, second one in may and till now and a couple of mails he has got no answer at all.
It was mentionned in his app he should received the famous Signature Black Wall Connector in June 2018... but nothing happen and I am sure he won't try to get a new award.
Anybody know what happen with this program ? is it a fake or what can he do ?
thanks for your help

Gi | 8 août 2018

boring to wait for the potential awards ....

reed_lewis | 8 août 2018

The wall connector has been delayed more than once. The referral program is real, but the wall connector is the issue.

Gi | 8 août 2018

Thanks, but no information at all since months ....
it's much easier to buy a car.

SCCRENDO | 8 août 2018

They started shipping the wall connector mid July. I got mine about a week ago. If he has the award on the account page it should arrive soon. We are not getting any email notifications. I just got a fedex notice that a 28 lb package was being shipped from New Jersey from “distribution Center Fremont”

Rocky_H | 8 août 2018

The program is real, but whatever department at Tesla is handling it seems totally overwhelmed and disorganized. I had referral cars delivered in June and July, and they show on my Tesla account on their web site, but they still don't even show the prizes in my app, and I haven't gotten an email about them. I emailed to the referral program address a couple weeks ago and still haven't gotten a response.

billva | 8 août 2018

I too was awarded the wall connector and even after repeated requests, it has not been shipped. Mine was due in March. It also took some time for the dealership to do the paperwork on the referral, but not THAT long--a week or 10 days POST delivery.

billva | 8 août 2018

I just heard back from Tesla.

"Signature Black Wall Connectors have begun shipping to those who originally qualified in Sept 2017 and will continue to ship throughout the remainder of the year. I apologize for the inconvenience. "

So "sometime." Great.

oragne lovre | 8 août 2018

It is real to me. Signature Black Wall Connector was shipped to me about 2 weeks ago without my asking.

skymaster | 9 août 2018

Only CNN and other mainstream news organizations put out fake crap!!!

steven.saenz | 10 août 2018

I've had a standing order since June and recently received a referral code. I'll keep you posted if/when I get any referrals and any notifications.

Ben Sullins has earned so many Tesla referrals he's receiving TWO new Tesla Roadsters. It's fair to mention he's brought in Millions of dollars in Tesla product sales.

reed_lewis | 10 août 2018

I did not know you could 'wrap around' and get the roadster twice.

00Tesla | 10 août 2018

I got my Signature Black Wall Connectors just last week.
Purchase and got a referral in Oct 2017

reed_lewis | 10 août 2018

My Signature wall EVSE is being delivered today! :)

jdonovan | 10 août 2018

I opted for two Radio Flyer toy electric cars. One for my grand daughter and one for the neighbor's kids. Much more fun to watch.

SCCRENDO | 10 août 2018

Just had my signature wall charger installed today. It is “daisy chained” to my other wall charger on a 100 A circuit. The Model S can draw up to 40 A amp and the Model 3 up to 48A. When both are charging it will drop the Model 3 down to 40 A.

HeinekenMS100D | 11 août 2018

I think its real but a lot of deceitful activity. Someone recently told me that they had ordered a PM3 and soon after, the PM3 became eligible for free supercharging for live. They couldn't add it to their order since they had already ordered and confirmed so they called the Tesla store to have them input a referral code and he asked them to use my code. However, it has never shown up on my referral account so they must have used another codes vs. mine.

EVRider | 11 août 2018

@HeinekenMS100D: If the Performance Model 3 was ordered before August it was eligible for free supercharging without a referral. You can't apply referral codes to previous orders, and you certainly can't apply the referral code you got for placing an order to that same order.

EVRider | 11 août 2018

My first referral (a Model X) was delivered yesterday, and the My Tesla page shows that, so let's see how long it takes Tesla to notify me about selecting my referral award. I'm getting the HPWC, but I don't need it yet so I don't mind if I have to wait.

SCCRENDO | 11 août 2018

It takes up to 14 days to notify you. But they started shipping signature wall chargers mid July. So you may not need to wait long. I had to wait from February.

Rocky_H | 13 août 2018

@SCCRENDO, Quote: "It takes up to 14 days to notify you."

Heh--riiiight. I'm nearly at 7 weeks now and still nothing.

SCCRENDO | 13 août 2018

Try email them. I emailed them in mid July and they told we that they were about to ship them

Rocky_H | 13 août 2018

@SCCRENDO, Quote: "Try email them. I emailed them in mid July and they told we that they were about to ship them"

Right. I emailed the referral program on July 26th--almost three weeks ago. They still haven't answered.

gantimurty | 13 août 2018

I think they are running the entire car ownership operation on a shoe string. The other day I was on the phone for 45 minutes for Tesla road side assistance and finally hung up. Thank god I figured out what the problem was. The connection at the super charger turned red and won't charge. Turned out it was raining and a small stream of water flows around the port and causes shut down. I covered it with a T shirt I had in the car and it charged fine !!!

gantimurty | 13 août 2018

I think they are running the entire car ownership operation on a shoe string. The other day I was on the phone for 45 minutes for Tesla road side assistance and finally hung up. Thank god I figured out what the problem was. The connection at the super charger turned red and won't charge. Turned out it was raining and a small stream of water flows around the port and causes shut down. I covered it with a T shirt I had in the car and it charged fine !!!

SCCRENDO | 14 août 2018

@Rocky. I would email them again at and Both places have been pretty responsive to me. Here is the phone number I have for customer support 1-877-79-TESLA and it is meant to be 24/7

Rocky_H | 14 août 2018

@SCCRENDO, That referralprogram email is the one I used before about a year ago to ask about switching from the kids' car to a wall connector before, and they replied to it back then with a "tough luck", so I made sure to use that email address again since I know it is correct. I will try to prod them again. I'm not going to try waiting on hold on the phone, though.

SCCRENDO | 14 août 2018

I have got a reply through the customer support email previously also.

Rocky_H | 24 août 2018

@SCCRENDO, Hey! I finally got a response from the Tesla customer support email address I added on there. This was from my referrals in June and July, and emailing them on July 26 and August 14 and August 17. Wow, they are behind.

They said...(drum roll)...they are looking into it. Oh.

SCCRENDO | 24 août 2018

Good. Keep us informed

kmazzone | 25 août 2018

I ordered the wall charger on 8/22. Any idea of how long I'll have to wait?

Rocky_H | 27 août 2018

@SCCRENDO, DUDE! It finally happened! I got an email from someone in the referral program saying they had updated my awards and to take a look in my Loot Box in the mobile app and see if they were set right.

What was showing in my Loot Box, though, was:
(1) Radio Flyer car
(2) Choice: Radio Flyer or Sig Wall connector
(3) Solar token

They seem to have lost track of their repeatedly starting over on the referral programs, because the Radio Flyer award has been in my account for well over a year, and expired, so I should not have a 2nd and 3rd award from this recent one--just a 1st and 2nd.

So I went ahead and hit the order on the one wall connector and replied to the email, explaining to him that the awards weren't right. I told him about the expired Radio Flyer award, so I should just have a 1st and 2nd award and just wanted wall connectors for both and shouldn't have the solar token, which I didn't want anyway, since I already have solar on my house.

He replied back in just a few minutes again, and said it was fixed up, and sure enough, my Loot Box now shows both wall connectors on their way!

SCCRENDO | 27 août 2018

They are a little confused. They are still telling me from my loot box that the wall connector will start shipping in June. I have actually earned a third award which is the solar token. The will tell me when it comes to my city. I have 13.2 kW of solar panels plus 4 panels for my solar pool heater. So where would I put my solar roof??

reed_lewis | 28 août 2018

@SCCRENDO said: " So where would I put my solar roof??" Below the solar panels?? ;)

SCCRENDO | 28 août 2018

@Reed. Perhaps I could lay them inside my house

Rocky_H | 28 août 2018

Yeah, I saw that "shipping in June" show when they added the wall connectors on mine too, and I got a chuckle from it.

reed_lewis | 28 août 2018

@SCCRENDO - Have the perfect solution. Use the solar panels to power high powered lights and light the solar roof tiles with those lights. Then use the power the roof tiles produce in your house. Problem Solved!!!

With a nod to all the perpetual motion threads, perhaps you will get more power every time you convert from light to power! You could produce enough power to power the entire town! :)

Rocky_H | 11 septembre 2018

@SCCRENDO, I had to go dig up this thread to update you. Yesterday one of the wall connectors showed up! Yay! The status in my Loot Box is still a little weird. One of them says available June 2018, and the other one says scheduled. Whatever.

SCCRENDO | 11 septembre 2018

@Rocky_H Great news. Do you want to trade Your second HPWC for my solar roof?? Just kidding. But I got dizzy trying to think about Reed's perpetual motion machine. I guess I need to earn my 4th and 5th referrals. Perhaps I should become a douchebag and pimp on these boards.

Rocky_H | 12 septembre 2018

@SCCRENDO, Nah, I've got plans for both of mine. I'm selling one of the wall connectors to one of my referral guys here in town, who was interested in getting one, and I'm going to install the other one at my house.

lilbean | 23 octobre 2018

Bag fluid spillage.

ashish_plm | 8 novembre 2018

So how exactly does the referral program work ? Say, if I have 3 referrals, am I eligible only for the level 3 award or do I get all the levels i.e. level 1, level 2 and level 3 awards ? My apologies if this has been answered before.

jordanrichard | 8 novembre 2018

Per the description for the program in my "Loot Box"

First referral they will laser etch any image onto a piece of glass and send it into space.

Second referral, you can choose A. Signature black HPWC B. the Radio Flyer toy car

Three referrals you can choose A. 21" Arachind wheels for the S or 22" Turbine wheels for the X B. One week's use of either a new S or X

Four referrals: Priority access to software updates

Five referrals: Tesla unveiling invitation

jordanrichard | 8 novembre 2018

Now what I don't know, is if previous referral totals from the previous program count. In other words, I have already referred one person and I received the Radio Flyer car. So if I get another, would I then get the chance to get another Radio Flyer car/HPWC....?

jimglas | 8 novembre 2018


dan | 8 novembre 2018

?Is the option to get a Roadster still available?