Front Windshield tint question

Front Windshield tint question

Got my front windshield tinted with 3m crystalline 70%. Does anyone else that have this tint or similar notice an "orange peel" effect around lights and areas of glare around other cars? It kind of has a grainy/spray look to it and makes things look a little blurry especially at night when everyone has their lights on. Is this normal or is this covered under warranty?

ANTHONYROSEJR | 11 août 2018

I have it on mine. No issues can’t really tell it’s there.

KenM3 | 23 janvier 2019

I have the same exact issue. Have you had this resolved?

howard | 23 janvier 2019

Sorry to hear of the issue. I used Huper Optik on the last 6+ cars/trucks and you can not tell the difference other than reduced heat transfer and glare. If you feel you need to replace...

RollTideTesla | 23 janvier 2019

Should not be that way. It's a defect in the film or the way it was applied. I would be bringing this up with the installer, they should redo it if necessary

Tuning In | 23 janvier 2019

Tint guy sold me on the benefits of windshield tint on my prior car, which was a weekend car. It was the Llumar Air tint (clear tint to block heat). I did see some minimal distortion because of the tint similar to what you are describing. I never got around to getting it removed and tint removal is a mess anyhow. Sold that car that way.

I swore never to do it again. NEVER. AGAIN.

lilbean | 23 janvier 2019

Sounds like a poor installation.

Tuning In | 23 janvier 2019

What could they have done to install it differently? If there are no inclusions and no bubbles, what more can the tinter do for what would be considered a proper installation?

Daryl | 23 janvier 2019

I have the same 3M Crystalline tint on my windshield and don't notice it at all. Except that sun glare is less, of course.

lbowroom | 23 janvier 2019

How long has it been on? The water takes a while to evaporate. First day was bad, after a week, nothing noticeable.

howard | 23 janvier 2019

lbowroom, good comment. I parked mine in direct sun for days. Installer said it could take a few weeks to be fully drie and adhere.

lilbean | 23 janvier 2019

Good points above.

RES IPSA | 23 janvier 2019

I notice distortion on my windshield with tint (70%) I notice it at night when driving as I pass under overhead streetlights. Kinda looks like a soapy residue between the tint and the glass.

I will never tint my windshield again... not necessary in my opinion. Best thing to keep your car cool... find a shady spot to park or use a reflective shield that costs $5 or less.

lbowroom | 23 janvier 2019

Sounds like too much soap in the soapy water, that doesn't evaporate.
You're logic sounds a bit like, Got food poisoning once, never going to eat again.

mehingle14 | 23 janvier 2019

I represent a window tinting business. So I talked to my client when we got our first m3.

If you tint the outside of the front windshield, it will end up messing with the wipers, which is why Tesla says don't do it. Look in the manual.

Normally, you would tint the inside of the front windshield. However, there was a problem with the way that the m3 is designed. Window tinting is applied with water. there is not a drip rail at the bottom of the m3 window on the inside, as is the case with some other manufacturers.

My client figured this out the first time that he tried to tint the inside of an m3. Water got down and fried the electronics. Luckily, it was a Tesla engineers car.

My client tells me he will not put a film on either the inside or the outside of an m3 windshield. he suggested I buy a cover if I was worried about heat sitting during the day, which is what I did from Tesla.

lbowroom | 23 janvier 2019

The tint shop I used has tinted over 70 Model 3 windshields without issue. There are ways to prevent water from dripping into the dash.

RES IPSA | 23 janvier 2019

@Ibow... your logic has no contextual basis...

My point has that it is not necessary (like eating food is to sustain human life) to tint the front windshield in order to operate the car (or even comfortably operate the car.) There are better solutions to preventing heat from entering the car during the day. Plus, at least in CA, it is a crime.

RES IPSA | 23 janvier 2019

You can only tint the top 4 inches in CA with no-reflective tint... but I think we are all discussing tinting the whole windshield

lbowroom | 23 janvier 2019

Nor can you tint the front side windows, you must have a front plate, and the speed limit is 65. I've been ignoring those laws in CA for 30 years without repercussion. Analogies are similar, not exact and mine was meant to be funny and slightly mocking. Job done.

RES IPSA | 23 janvier 2019

@Ibow... Unerstood. We can never lose our sense of humor...

httran26 | 24 janvier 2019

I have 3M 70% on my wife's car, and I don't see any distortion. Most likely because it was installed during the summer in Texas, so it has all dried up. I remember the first few days was bad.

I have Suntec CIR 70 on my Tesla. Looks great.

Having windshield tinted cuts out a lot of the heat while driving. I notice a big difference doing a road trip in mid Summer with the sun blazing. My arms do not burn.

WhiteFang | 15 mars 2019

@keveth @ KenM3 Any luck with your orange peel/grainy on the windsheild? I have the same issue with CR70 even after a month.

henryle87 | 8 mai 2019

@WhiteFang @keveth @KenM3 I have the exact same problem with 3M Crystalline 70%, installed at one of the best shops in the Bay Area.

tucsonsims | 19 août 2019

I'm in the same exact situation as the OP. I had my car tinted by a reputable shop back in May. All the windows look great but the windshield had the grainy / orange peel / glare look to it. Not so noticeable in the daytime but very noticeable at night. They (tint shop) said it could take a couple weeks for the trapped moisture to dissipate however after 2 months it did not improve. So I had the shop replaced the windshield film this past weekend and so far the new film has the same exact problem!

I'm hoping for a better outcome after it 'dries' but am feeling very discouraged at this point...

BTW The windshield film was CR 70 and the other windows were slightly darker.

St☰v☰ | 19 août 2019

Is it possible that it's the 3M Crystalline material itself? I'm interested in doing the front, not to tint it, but to keep some of the heat away.

Syed.Hosain | 19 août 2019

I cannot speak to the 3M film, but will only note that Huper Optik can be essentially transparent. It only blocks heat (no light blocking) and it would tough for California police to see it and argue that it was illegal.

foodking | 19 août 2019

I have CR70 installed on my front windshield. No problems here. CR90 installed on 2 other cars. I've heard that if you're wearing polarized glasses, it may cause weird glares

goodman | 19 août 2019

I had a good shop install ExoShield on my rear quarter panels (to help prevent ANOTHER break-in) and on the front windshield because the glass was starting to pick up a few road rock chips.

It has terrible ripples and "orange peel" effects. I'll remove it eventually. it's been a couple of months. Between the shop and myself, I think they will advise against exoshield to future tesla owners. The shop says the ripple effect only happens on Teslas.