$35K Model 3?

$35K Model 3?

So Tesla's had my deposit for almost two year. I'm getting anxious (and need a new car!) - when will the promised 35K Model 3 be available? This is starting to feel like a "bait and switch"...

Shredhead | 12 août 2018

So Tesla's had my deposit for almost two year. I'm getting anxious (and need a new car!) - when will the promised 35K Model 3 be available? This is starting to feel like a "bait and switch"...

Shock | 12 août 2018

Nobody knows. I agree it's bait & switch and that's why I cancelled my order and went with a different brand. Plenty of apologists refuse to believe it is bait & switch, even though it is.

Lonestar10_1999 | 12 août 2018

I am nervous too but not enough to cancel my reservation. Hopefully it will be offered in early 2019.

gm_xeon | 12 août 2018

I think Musk estimated Q1 of 2019 during the annual shareholder meeting. I would not expect it before then.

jjgunn | 12 août 2018

Good Lord.....

mos6507 | 12 août 2018

The #BaitAndSwitch meme lives on.

RedPillSucks | 13 août 2018

Like Freddy Kruger. It's all in your head

dmaini | 13 août 2018

Its a bait maybe but no one is forcing you to switch!! Take your time and wait. You can cancel otherwise. Many people will be happy to get their cars faster.. :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 août 2018

Shock is a tool.

This thread sucks because it is stupid.

Astounding that people equate 'Bait & Switch' with 'Scratch & Sniff'.

Pkalhan | 13 août 2018

@dmaini +1

Tuning In | 13 août 2018

Bait and wait.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 août 2018

HIM666 be da debil.

neptunesfinest | 13 août 2018

It really is very simple. It’s not currently available and nobody knows when it will be. The consensus opinion is that it will eventually come but the when is pure speculation. It’s easy to request your $1K back. Sadly they won’t pay you the $60 or so in interest that you could’ve probably earned elsewhere.
What’s not so simple is finding a comparable car to buy in the $40k price range.

rxlawdude | 13 août 2018

It seems some think that Tesla is a master baiter.

japhule | 13 août 2018

Tesla will probably come out with the $35k + $5k premium first (with glass roof) in late 2018/early 2019. If I was to guess, the $35k base with no options (non glass roof) won't be available until summer 2019.

AMAZEU | 13 août 2018

Probably nobody will want it. No long range no EAP no FSD no premium sound. No $7500 tax credit

froces | 13 août 2018

I got a call from Tesla last week and my model 3 is ready this week. Hopefully I will get it before friday.

95dawg | 13 août 2018

Due to demand, we've yet to see LR without PUP at $44K and it has been two quarters of significant production. I expect same with SR when it becomes available in 2019.

Tesla should sell higher trim M3s to make profit and I have no problem with that. If I owned a business, I would also do the same; take care of the customer who is going to spend more money at my store first.

Six or seven years ago when I was considering getting a new car, I went to University Audi Seattle and asked if they had a base A4 with no options (with 16" wheels woooo :)). Rep said they don't have any in stock and that Audi only makes handful of them per year. Most A4s come with premium package, option this, option that. Said he can search other dealers but most likely I will have to wait. Audi, like most car makers state on their ads "starting at $xx,xxx. Shown with options" cheap no-option-tin-can buyers like me have to wait for availability.

As for OP, you should cancel your reservation because wait is going to be about a year. I'm waiting for SR version too and I don't expect it until 2019. At this point I'm considering SR + PUP and hope that $3750 tax credit is still in effect when I take delivery.

95dawg | 13 août 2018

"Probably nobody will want it. No long range no EAP no FSD no premium sound. No $7500 tax credit"

Disagree, I think plenty of people want $35k M3. As top five trade-ins have shown, many Accord and Camry owners are already jumping up to $50K M3s. We will see even more buyers move up a class or two when $35K M3 is available even with less/no tax credit.

SamO | 13 août 2018

I'm still waiting for a $35,000 Model 3. My reservation is from day one. First 2 minutes the store was open.

I've been baited the most. Does that make me a master debater?

95dawg | 13 août 2018

You are the OG, hands down.

I better stop or I'll get banned. lol

Rocky_H | 13 août 2018

If you could convince all of these other impatient people to stop ordering these fancy optioned-up ones and be patient along with you, Tesla would switch to making the cheaper ones sooner.

gcklo | 13 août 2018

I don't agree it is bait and switch though it is frustrating.

Had it been reversed, LR/Premium will come next year, I would have waited and wouldn't have accused Tesla for it. I would be frustrated. But I am just not going to go for the SR model.

Rutrow 3 | 13 août 2018

I'm waiting on the $35k, but I'm extremely patient. The wife has an S and we don't really NEED a 2nd (actually 3rd with my beater Jeep) car. Two electrics would be cool.

I was sold on the $1000 red, but I don't know if I'd go for a $1500 blue, or midnight silver.

brian | 13 août 2018

Like many have pointed out, nobody knows for sure. A great assumption based on all known info that we currently have available to us would be that they begin to allow configurations of the standard range battery (the 35K version of the car) in 4Q2018 (this Oct, Nov, Dec) with deliveries set to begin maybe as early as a handful in December, most in early 2019. Almost everyone would agree however, that they will NOT, at that time, allow you to buy it without at the very least the PUP (Premium Upgrade Package) - so it'll be a $40K car to start. Then more if you want colors other than black... sport wheels... awd... white seats... etc. There is virtually no reason to think they'll make the car available without that PUP package first.

As I've said in other threads... and this is ONLY OPINION, of course... but the math supports it for the most part... I would expect that the SR is available to config in 2018. Even as of today, they are estimating 2 to 4 months (max) for deliveries for orders placed TODAY. They've also changed pricing recently... made white seats available not just to PERFORMANCE models but anyone wanting AWD... they've added back in free unlimited charging referral codes for permormance buy-ins... all signals (again, my opinion) indicate they aren't getting quite as many of the PERF and AWDs as hoped for to fill the pipeline through December. They're also seriously ramping up.

So, do some basic math. (all assumptions, but semi-educated) - The number of total reservations has always been between 400 and 500K. Let's aim high even and go with 500K. Half of those are likely not North America... so low chance of deliveries in the next 6 month. We're down to 250K for US and Canada (a number I've seen floated many times as a high guess). Let's even assume half of those are LONG RANGE (any config) - which I find hard to believe, but let's assume they convert that many people to the LR (no chance of that, by the way) That leaves you with 125K. Bump it up to even 175K being stupid. About 80K have been delivered already... and we're now building them at a rate of 5K/wk consistently (20k/mo) If the ramp stops sliding up completely... and we STAY at that rate through year-end... they'll have another 80K built in 4 months time. So, I say by October, they'll need to start filling up the pipeline rapidly. I would not be at all surprised if they deliver SRs the entire month of December so they can state that some of the lower priced car owners even got the 7500 rebate.

All speculation... but at 20K/mo with only so many willing to drop 60K on this car... I say they're gearing up for SR sooner than most think.

Cyphr1s | 13 août 2018

@brian you are forgetting all of those that are ordering that never had a reservation at all. I have seen them pop up here and there on the forum posting their configs and order dates. They are still getting orders and adding to that pool of reservations so only time will tell when they start to catch up.

brian | 14 août 2018

@Cyphr1s - It's a fair point... I'm just not sure I'm convinced those numbers will blow the doors off as far as a percentage of the overall total. I've been wrong many times before, so who knows. Just saw a post from somebody who ordered yesterday and got their VIN and the car was made yesterday. Sure, it could have just as well been stockpiled weeks ago... I know people ordering often get quite old VINs... it just appears they are ramping fast enough to keep up with at least the PERF and AWD orders. I'm so far not convinced otherwise, that's all.

jjgunn | 14 août 2018

EVRider & myself both have reservations, we're both current owners & I can 99.9% guarantee neither one of us will order the $35k Model 3.

Plus we're both probably waiting until 2019 when we get LESS of a tax break.

When 3 people order who gets their car first? Local yokel ordering "$35k" or either of us?

Lotsa variables at play here.

Now think about that....