Tesla app does not work with Powerwall

Tesla app does not work with Powerwall

The app does not seem to do anything to change the Powerflow. I tried all options including the Custom options which are not explained very well. The result does not change. There does not seem to be a detailed technical description anywhere in the manual. I am currently dumping 100% of my Solar into the Grid while Home is draining the Powerwall. There is a enough Solar to power the home and charge the battery so it can last all night, but there is no way to set this.

I tested the Solar option by shutting off the Grid power at the source to see what happens and the Solar system shuts down and the home drains the Powerwall instead of running off of Solar.

This system is totally messed up and I cannot find anyone at Tesla to help.
I tried calling the 877 number that Tesla states "call anytime" on their website and I was told technical support is closed on the weekends!!!!!

Tesla-David | 19 août 2018

Wow, sorry to hear about your problem. I assume you are trying to operate in self powered mode, which we are using. Hard to believe that Tesla-Energy is not helping you get this straightened out. We have not had any problems with our two PW2’s since turning on 60 days ago. How long ago did you get your PW2 installation? I certainly hope you get this sorted out and fixed soon. Where do you live?

quann415 | 20 août 2018

Ever since the 1.20 software update, my battery has stopped taking any changes from the Tesla mobile application. I have a case opened with support which is totally useless. It has been more than a month without resolution. They keep making up excuses from back ordered parts to escalation to tier 2. I have sent them emails for over a month and their response time is horrendous. Silence for weeks at a time. All I get is the automated reply saying that someone will get back to me soon...but that is just a pipe dream. Good luck and hope that you get better support than I have.

Tesla-David | 20 août 2018

I live in Edmonds, WA, and we have 1.21 software on our Energy Gateway and are not having any problems with our two Powerwalls. I can't comment on the lack of assistance from Tesla-Energy on issues outlined above, but did get a lot of attention when we completed our PW2 installation in June, and they were incredibly helpful at that time. It would be helpful that those reporting problems, would let us know where you reside, so we can see if this is a geographically isolated issue or more pervasive.