Kimball Musk

Kimball Musk

what does Kimball Musk, Elon's cousin, do on a daily basis? he has made about $10 million off stock options in 2 years.

what is the justification for having him on the board and getting all that money?

DTsea | 4 octobre 2018

tell you what... buy some stock, go tothethe shareholders meeting, try to drum up a vote to get him out. no willing? then not your problem.

worchard | 4 octobre 2018

Kimball is Elon's brother, not his cousin. He is quite successful as an entrepreneur in his own right, having founded a small restaurant "chain" (The Kitchen, first in Boulder CO) and also a group who grow greens in hi tech way in shipping containers in New York city. He is a smart guy in his own right.

achilles992000 | 4 octobre 2018

i want to support the company. i want all cars to be electric.

but Tesla is making it hard. i want a new board and new CEO.
Elon has gone crazy and the board is just a shell.

i don't want to buy the stock and have it tank to make changes.

the big shareholders have to step up and demand changes. i want Elon and Kimbell gone.

carlk | 4 octobre 2018

Then just shut up and go away troll!

dmm1240 | 4 octobre 2018

You own no stock. I presume you don’t own a Tesla either. Buy an I-Pace, don’t buy any security related to Tesla and you’re free and clear. No worries and no need to post on a Tesla forum.

Tesla-David | 4 octobre 2018

Yes, go away troll.

Ross1 | 5 octobre 2018

buy a kia be happy, lol

jimglas | 5 octobre 2018

dont feed the troll

efuseakay | 5 octobre 2018

He’s a restaurateur as well. He’s opening a new restaurant in Vernon Hills IL. very soon.

Docbbc | 5 octobre 2018

Yes and in Delavan, WI also. Very soon.

Tesla2018 | 6 octobre 2018

The problems with a lot of boards is that members put each other on their boards and give each others family members jobs. You put me on your board and I'll put you on mine. We get together once a month for a meeting (more like cocktails)and get 10K each for attending.There is no accountability because they cover each others butts.
Kimbal and Elons brother in law who are on the board dont want to kill the goose laying the golden parachutes.

I worked for a company and a coworker had no experience. Found out her dad was the head of one of the biggest companies in the world and was on our board. I knew the President of our companies daughtet since I lived a few blocks away from her parents summer home. I ran into her one day and asked her what she was doing in the area and she said "Oh I work at XYZ"
You give my kid a job and Ill give your kid a job and its not what you know but who you know that matters. Funny thing is that another friends dad was on the board at GM and also had the newest Cadillac model every year. When the new Knight Rider type Firebirds came out back in the mid 80s she got one right away. She got a flat and I was helping her boyfriend change the tire and the jack broke and the car almost fell on us. The follwing year he bought her a Honda since he said GM was going downhill. If Kimbals kids start driving VWs then we know Tesla is in trouble.

Mike83 | 6 octobre 2018

He also sits on Chipotle board and has a great resume and is a University graduate. Seems like a great guy to have on board.

Shesmyne2 | 6 octobre 2018

I nominate Richard Branson

Still Grinning ;-)

Atoms | 9 octobre 2018

The trolls are more ignorant every day.

Ross1 | 10 octobre 2018

@Shesmyne2 | October 6, 2018
I nominate Richard Branson

There might be a conflict over Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, being too close.

Ross1 | 10 octobre 2018

If we get Packer as chair it could be more of the same stupidity.

Ross1 | 10 octobre 2018

Sorry, I meant Murdoch.
All the same.

Shesmyne2 | 10 octobre 2018

Just seems like they both have the right idea..

Still Grinning ;-)

Ross1 | 11 octobre 2018

@Shasmyne2: You are meaning Branson and Musk of course.

sosmerc | 11 octobre 2018

Branson probably prefers Jags......I would think.

Shesmyne2 | 11 octobre 2018


Still Grinning ;-)

Ross1 | 11 octobre 2018

I just had a fleeting thought but have reached my quota of new threads today.

What if EM springs a huge surprise, what might it look like?

Like this:
1: He takes it private
2: He goes in with someone like Branson as a merger and gets the new Chair out of the merge.
3: He sticks it to the SEC by going with the Saudis

Because he has 60 days, and nothing has been said other than it is wrong about Murdoch, expect the least obvious but Muskish solution.
It just wont be conventional.
Buy , or Sell, now. Or hold. But hang onto your hats.