Refund on Tesla Roadster

Refund on Tesla Roadster

I thought i could reserve the new roadster with a 5,000 deposit and I must have misread the form. Ive tried several times to contact tesla for a refund but no replies. Any ideas?

Xerogas | 8 octobre 2018

@jim: it’s $50,000. Might want to call your credit card company; I’m sure they’re happy to reverse an accidental charge that magnitude. Surprised you didn’t get a phone call from them immediately after making the order online.

Jinnymobile | 9 octobre 2018

5k starts the process, but yes, it takes 50k total to make a reservation.

jim | 9 octobre 2018

I think i made it clear that i know the deposit is $50,000 but there isn't a place to request your refund on the 5,000 is my point. I've sent multiple emails bu no response so i am going to just talk to my credit card company to reverse the charge.

sschaem | 16 novembre 2018

I'm might soon be in that situation. How was the outcome of your refund ?