V9 USB Music?

V9 USB Music?

My AP 2 Model S was working with a USB drive containing my music collection previous to 9.0.

After I upgraded to 9.0 I wanted to see if anything improved with the USB music as it's been barely sufficient to date. To my surprise, I no longer see the USB Drive as a selection for music.

Anyone else able to see music on their USB drive on 9.0?

While I'm at it - it would be nice if Tesla could support basic playlist functionality - Winamp was able to do it back in 1998, but my $100k datacenter on wheels can't manage it in 20 years later.

I've managed a workaround for no playlists by exporting them into their own folders. It's better than nothing, but it creates other issues such as it will only play songs alphabetically in a folder, it messes up "browse" because each song is on the drive multiple times in different folders for different playlists, and finally the scan takes 2-3 times longer since it scans the same song multiple times since it's on the drive multiple times.

Sure would be nice to add this small playlist feature instead of adding video games.

Amped | 6 octobre 2018

USB working on my v9. Still has folders. Also Songs, Artists, Albums and Genres. Played fine. 2013 60

Seattle | 6 octobre 2018

still has the problem with sorting by song title instead of song order. That is easy to fix, why didn't they fix it?

chicagoskiguy | 6 octobre 2018

After taking the drive out and in a few times, rebooting a few times, the drive finally is recognized.

Still no support for playlists. The media scanning is awful. My scan took about 45 minutes on a USB 3.0 drive and the scan stops if you leave the car.

There is no excuse for that.

EVRider | 6 octobre 2018

@chicagoskiguy: Maybe there's something wrong with your USB drive. I didn't see the same issues you did scanning the USB after installing V9 and rebooting (and it continued scanning after I left the car). I also didn't have any USB loading errors as I usually do, except once when I first got in the car.

iefbr14 | 6 octobre 2018

Something I didn't know (actually never tried in V8) is that V9 supports 2 USB thumb drives loaded with music. Since both my wife and I have very different tastes, we can now switch between thumb drives with her music and with mine.

ELCJ | 6 octobre 2018

Same problem of usb not being recognized. I am also having problems streaming. The songs are downloading and playing but no sound. I’ve rebooted both screens twice now with no results. I will continue rebooting and hopefully it will be resolved.

ELCJ | 6 octobre 2018

Same problem of usb not being recognized. I am also having problems streaming. The songs are downloading and playing but no sound. I’ve rebooted both screens twice now with no results. I will continue rebooting and hopefully it will be resolved.

ELCJ | 6 octobre 2018

Sorry for double posting.

carlk | 6 octobre 2018

V8 supports two USB thumb drives. Matter of fact it always did.

I don't have any issues with recognizing USB or slow loading on both my S and X with V9.

datademon | 6 octobre 2018

Look like I uncovered a bug. Today I set up my USB flash memory stick with an additional root directory folder named "TeslaCam". Not only did I not get the dashcam capture capability promised in the version 9.0 update as of today, but my USB music capability stopped.

I subsequently learned that the dashcam feature doesn't work on my Model S70D (June 2015).

But what about the USB music failure. Originally my memory stick had one folder "Music" which contained the contents of my Apple iTunes Library. That had always worked fine.

Hmmm... what changed? I added a folder named "TeslaCam".

So I deleted it and USB Music was available again.

Hmmmm#2... Maybe there was a problem having a second folder. So I created a folder named "Garbage".... USB Music worked fine.

Hmmmm#3... I changed the folder name to "TeslaCamel"... USB Music worked fine.

Hmmmm#4... I changed the folder name to "TeslaCam".... USB Music was not recognized.

Looks like a coding bug to me for Tesla models that don't support the Dashcam feature and find a folder named "TeslaCam" on a flash memory stick.

I really think Tesla could do a much better job documenting the new features and which models support which new features. I consumed time on this today unnecessarily!

EVRider | 7 octobre 2018

@datademon: As you discovered, you can’t use the same USB for both dashcam video and music, and you’re right, it’s not documented (by Tesla). I don’t think it’s a problem that the presence of a “TeslaCam” folder disables music even on a car without the required dashcam hardware, because that’s a user error.

datademon | 7 octobre 2018

Gotta love it! I get punished for not knowing about an undocumented conflict! Ugh!

I'm a programmer who routinely writes code to trap errors like this. If my hardware does not support dashcam, then there is no point to turning off USB Music!

I see no point in apologizing for Tesla's oversight.

Of course I'll get over it. (I'm still waiting for my memory stick with one folder named "TeslaCam" to start recording dashcam video as documented in the revision notes).

vordo | 7 octobre 2018

I did a similar dance - however I have a separate stick with a single TeslaCam folder and it doesn’t seem to work. ideas? the format is correct - I keep thinking there should be someplace in the UI to enable the functionality.

datademon | 7 octobre 2018


I assume you are trying to activate the Dashcam feature. My 2015 S70D does not have the hardware to support the dashcam feature. You should find out if yours has a sufficiently advanced nav system.... apparently that would be Nav 2.5. Good luck!

beady | 8 octobre 2018

The email received from Tesla with the V9 announcement and details did not indicate that the Dashcam recording feature was limited to a specific model or version. Every other feature that was different between models was explicitly called out (e.g. Blindspot Monitoring).

Is this feature available for ANY model with a front facing camera? Or do you have to have the newest hardware (front/side cameras)?

EVRider | 8 octobre 2018

You need HW2.5 for the dashcam. The general release notes might not make that clear, but the release notes you received in your car when you installed the update shouldn't have mentioned the dashcam if it wasn't available for your configuration.

Rocky_H | 8 octobre 2018

@Seattle, Quote: “still has the problem with sorting by song title instead of song order. That is easy to fix, why didn't they fix it?”

OMFG!!!! Are you kidding me?! That was a no-brainer to un-break what they broke in version 8. I had been looking for this answer and am really disappointed to see that they did not fix it. Oh, well, version 9 is just a blunder in other ways, I’m going to avoid it as long as I can anyway, but I doubt I’ll be able to avoid them updating it at the 6 year service.

jerrykham | 8 octobre 2018

For those who may be wondering "but which cars have 2.5?" it is pretty much from August of 2017 on. I squeaked in with my September 2017 model S. If you have something older than August of 2017 you do not get the DashCam feature.

mikeTeslagoal | 8 octobre 2018

I still can not get my usb to show any music on my V8 Car! Saw some threads about using different USB sticks, but I bought one of those mentioned and it still did not work. The usb option shows on my car, however when I select says I have 0 files. Oh well....I assume the rationale for using usb rather then bluetooth is for higher quality sound. I read a teslatap link and must have missed something, cause still does not work, but have yet to try another USB stick.

ELCJ | 8 octobre 2018

I finally got my streaming and usb music working after 4 reboots of the mcu. I have the mcu1.

chicagoskiguy | 8 octobre 2018

mikeTeslagoal - I'd make sure of 2 things - make sure your USB drive is formatted using FAT32 - Google it if you don't know how to check. The other is to make sure your music on the USB drive is in MP3 format.

LovinTesla | 8 octobre 2018

With respect to my USB Music, on Version 8, all my albums showed up with tiles with album artwork. Now, with Version 9, I only see a list of those albums with no album artwork until I select an album.

Is anyone experiencing anything different.

I liked seeing the tiles with the albums to choose from. Now it seems more difficult while driving.

EVRider | 9 octobre 2018

My USB music drive still works after installing V9. I still USB loading errors, but so far they’ve been less frequent than before. Album artwork was always hit or miss, but I seem to be seeing less artwork now. My music files are M4A files from iTunes. I like the new Media Player miniview.

GHammer | 11 octobre 2018

I dont know why I didn't think of this before and I haven't tested it, but I saw in another forum that formatting a USB stick into two separate partitions and putting music in one partition and the dashcam folder in the other works.

@Rocky and Seattle. What is the issue with song order? When I select music from the artist or album tab it comes up in track order not alpha title order.

Rocky_H | 11 octobre 2018

@hammer, Yes, I think before and after they changed it, if you browse by the artist or album, I think it organizes by the "Track Number" field in the ID3 metadata, so an album can play in the correct order in that case. The problem with that is that because of their kind of stupid way of deciding what they think an "album" is, my album list has a few hundred so-called "albums" that consist of one song each.

They do this thing of a logical AND of the album title and the artist from the ID3 tags. So every unique combination of artist + title is considered a separate album. So if you have a compilation album with 15 songs on it by different artists, (like a soundtrack) congratulations, you now have 15 new single song "albums" in your list. I have a folder with several dozen one-off tracks by lots of different artists, and every one is another album in the list. Finding what you want in that album view is terrible because it's so huge and cluttered with fake albums.

So, I have stuff sorted very nicely by folders: Collective Soul, and I have about four albums in there. Van Halen, and I have about three albums in there. I want to listen to some Van Halen, but don't quite remember every album title necessarily or want to look at them first to decide which one I want. Folder view is so much easier for that. So then here is what goes on within folder view. Copied from another thread:

If you have ripped CDs and have them in folders, the files would look approximately like this, right?
01 - First song.mp3
02 - Second song.mp3
03 - Third song.mp3
04 - Fourth song.mp3
05 - Fifth song.mp3

It used to go alphabetically by the file names, so it would pick up those numbers at the beginning and play your albums in the correct order. In version 8, they changed it to go by the "Title" field in the ID3 metadata information, so it goes alphabetically just by the song titles. So that will give you:

05 - Fifth song.mp3
01 - First song.mp3
04 - Fourth song.mp3
02 - Second song.mp3
03 - Third song.mp3

It is really frustrating.

Rocky_H | 11 octobre 2018

@hammer, And I guess here's the other irritating thing about it. Was there some purpose or benefit to changing it to titles? No. There can't be. A collection of song titles is, by its nature, basically random. So choosing to "organize" by that can't ever really be any kind of organization at all. But going by file names, people choose what information they want to be placed in the names of the files when they rip music so that they control how the alphabetizing handles it.

So it was a change that could have only possibly had a negative impact and no benefit at all. And we think change just for the sake of change is bad because it's simply a waste of resources? How about change just for the sake of harm?

mikeTeslagoal | 11 octobre 2018

@chicagoski. it works now with FAT format. However not all files load even though I see the song listed and album art at times. It does seem only MP3 files play. I thought mp4 (but I guess mine says apple Mp4) and FLAC played too?

sentabo | 12 octobre 2018

Rocky, FWIW I use Mp3tag for my metadata editing. This may or may not work as a workaround for you, but my albums always play in the correct order. Here is an example of how I set mine up:

murphyS90D | 12 octobre 2018

Apple M4P will not load because that is a DRM protected format.

Zippy114 | 13 octobre 2018

Dividing the USB stick into two partitions works. Put music in one, put the /TeslaCam folder in the other. Music library displays under the USB player, Dashcam Icon appears. Done. I downloaded and used EaseUS (free download) under Windows 10 to create the second FAT32 partition.

Disappointed Id... | 14 octobre 2018

I can verify that what Zippy said regarding partitions is true, however, there are some things that I will add from my experience:

1) It looks like the first partition on the flash drive needs to be the one containing the TeslaCam folder in order to work. When I initially set it up for the 1st partition to be music, and the 2nd partition to be for the dash cam, it recognized the music, but the dash cam was unavailable to me. When I reversed that order, it seemed to work fine.

2) I know nothing about EaseUS, and have no specific issue with it, but prefer to not use unknown 3rd party software when I can access it with native Windows functions. You are able to create manage volumes in Windows using the Disk Management snap in (google it if you are unfamiliar). EaseUS may be a great option, but Windows can do this without any additional downloads/installations if you prefer.

bobola | 14 octobre 2018

On a Mac, with Disk utility, I format usb stick to MSDOS(fat). All my music is in aiff format. Copied to 256 usb stick (about 70GB worth). Plugged into S and waited about a minute for it to load, voila!
Musica to my earsica! Ymmv

deyoung.restless | 14 octobre 2018

Another nod to Zippy. Used my Mac to format my USB drive into two FAT32 partitions and my M3 can both play music from the MUSIC partition and record video to the TESLACAM partition which contains a TeslaCam folder.

By chance, I built the partitions as described by Disappointed with the first partition being the TESLACAM partition. The partition names are not significant.

During a test drive, audio playback and video recording both worked concurrently without issues.

dingsheng.li1987 | 14 octobre 2018

I partitioned my usb drive into two volumes, one with just a folder "TeslaCam" and the other with mp3 files. It worked fine when I plugged it in first. But after pulling it out, took a look on the computer for the footage, plugging it back to the car and I can't have the dashcam working (the icon has a X instead of the red dot on the upper right corner). Music stil works.

chenfamily | 15 octobre 2018

My MX V9 update still didn't fix the 100 album-becomes-900 issue introduced after the December update in 2016. This happens to albums that have different artists, which is typical in soundtracks, and even now with many artists "featuring" another artist. Very sad. Totally useless. I can only navigate through folders.

Rocky_H | 15 octobre 2018

@chenfamily +1 Exactly.

Tman99 | 16 octobre 2018

I'm trying @Zippy114 suggestion now. Hoping it works. I found my USB drive on Version 8 to be sporadic as well, but it is def worse in V9. Hopefully it works better!

judgefrater | 20 octobre 2018

If you don't want or know how to partition a USB drive as Zippy outlined, you can use two separate USB thumb drives with a hub: one drive with music, the other with the TeslaCam folder. Both work simultaneously on my Model 3. | 20 octobre 2018

@LovinTesla - Yep, V9 removed album thumbnails - not a bug. I really liked seeing the thumbnails as it is often easier to pick an album from the image than reading the text. My guess is they tossed them to gain back a little bit of memory, needed for other V9 features.

dsr771 | 27 octobre 2018

I don't know what the technical restrictions for having two folders work -- one for TeslaCam and one for Music, but it would be a better user experience.

Thank you to the tip above (@Zippy114) about multiple partitions, I was able to update my USB stick to do both. I use a macbook pro and thought I'd share what worked along with the built in mac utility to formation/partition your USB stick.

Here's the summary and please refer to the linked articles for more detail.

WARNING: Backup your USB stick contents before doing this -- it will be erased. You can copy the files back after it is finished.

Insert the USB Stick into your Mac USB port.

Open Terminal and run this command to view all connected disks:
In terminal: diskutil list

Examine the list and find your USB stick and be careful not to select the wrong disk. See articles for more detail.

On my system, the USB stick was /dev/disk2 (I could tell because it was fat32 and was named Lexar)

I formatted the USB stick using this command (again, verify and change diskX to match your disk number)
In terminal: diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskX 2 MBR fat32 TESLA 16G fat32 MUSIC 0b

The command above creates a 16GB volume for TESLA and "0b" tells it to use the rest of the disk for MUSIC. Adjust the size to your needs. I have a 128GB USB stick.

When finished, copy your backup TeslaCam folder to the TESLA volume, and your music files to the MUSIC volume.

I hope this helps.

dsr771 | 27 octobre 2018

I also wanted to thank @datademon for commenting that the dashcam volume had to be first.

Thank you

james.jstroud | 10 novembre 2018

@dsr771 thanks a million. I finally got music and Dashcam to work on the my Model 3 I just got. I toiled with this a lot and I'm a hard core techie. I used your instructions but had a slight issue, here is exactly what I did with my 128 GB USB from using microcenter's branded USB 3.0 stick (the yellow one):
I used my Mac that is running latest Mac OS 10.14.1
1) Put USB stick in Mac
2) Mac saw it as the light on USB stick flickered (good sign)
3) Opened a terminal Window and ran command below
4) diskutil list
5) Like ds4771above my USB stick was the USB stick was /dev/disk2
6) ran command below in terminal window
7) diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskX 2 MBR fat32 TESLA 16G fat32 MUSIC 0b

8) This created what appeared to be two drives, a TESLA and MUSIC drive. I could not write to either drive on my Mac I did not spend too much time trying to figure out how to write to the drives.

9) So I put the USB stick in my Windows 10 PC. This now appeared as two drives, in my case it was I: and K: I believe. I: was labeled TESLA and K: was labeled USIC
10) In the TESLA drive I created a folder called DashCam
11) On the Music drive I copied over about 35 GB of music. I organized it by folders, I had just mp3s and FLAC files. So the directory structure looked like:
Arcade Fire
Wolf Alice

I tried to do this in Windows 10 using Paragon Disk Manager 16 (Windows) and was not successful. I think I did not actually create the two FAT 32 partitions on a single drive although it appeared that I did. Here is the thread where I posted my failures. Or maybe my Music partition was 1st and not 2nd (I don't remember) I'll also cross post this info to that thread

bchatt | 14 novembre 2018

USB music since version 9 is a disgrace. Elon, stop making updates only to destroy what has already been accomplished. While the USB music interface has never been superb it has been very reasonable in terms of music selection, album viewing, etc. Now with version 9 YOU have complletley fucked up the entire USB interface. Yes we can Partition our flash drive to work along side the dash cam, a ridiculous oversight to start with. but to destroy what "OK" interface you did provide is really DUMB.

JN-Telsa | 14 novembre 2018

i´ve also problems with the presentation of the songs on my usb-stick.

With version 8 everything was fine for months, I have folders with artist names, therein folders with albums for this artist and therein
the songs of this artist.

With Version 9 i only see a very long list of all songs (no folder ) on the USB-Stick alphabetic sorted by song title but regardless of the album or artist

Is there a workaround for this Software bug? | 15 novembre 2018

@bud - Using 8,000+ song USB library, I don't see any changes between v8 and v9 other than thumbnails are no longer :( Can you explain what you have that doesn't work (and what version you have)?

@JN-Telsa - Also I don't see this. If I go to Folder's view, the layout is identical to my drive on a PC. I place my first level folders with artists, and then album folders under each artist, and then the related songs under each album. In the Tesla, these appear the same way, although when playing from the Folders section, songs do play in alpha order (which has been true for years). If in the Tesla you select from the Album choice, they songs play in track order. I'm using 42.3, MCU1.

Any chance your USB is just a huge list of songs (i.e. no actual folders on the drive)? Are you on MCU1 or 2? I did some quick testing under MCU2 with the same USB drive, but it was v8, and didn't notice any issues, but I didn't go into the Folders choice either on V8.

JN-Telsa | 15 novembre 2018

I copied all Folders in an Folder called "MUSIC"
Then i have to wait in my MS for rescanning all files on the stick (30 minutes)

Now it looks fine.

Thanks and regards

AIA304 | 15 novembre 2018


Try using disk utilities in the Applications/Utilities directory. It’s a GUI interface which is much easier to use than the Unix command line via terminal.

MacOS GUI is the reason why I left Unix command line stuff. MacOS is much easier for most people with way less syntax issues, unless your a unix system admin, or aPerl or software programmer.

sentabo | 15 novembre 2018

I have not noticed any difference in V9 with my USB music than I had in V8. | 16 novembre 2018

@JN-Telsa - Glad it's now working for you. Not sure how many songs you have, but for me, it takes about 3 minutes to scan 8,000 songs. I suspect you have a very slow flash drive. If you get read speeds up in the 30+ MB/s, it should scan far faster. USB 2.0 handles up to 60 MB/s. Faster drives are also quicker to load from your PC/Mac. I made this chart of speeds and popular USB flash drives which may help: (about 30% down in the post).

Haggy | 16 novembre 2018

It would be nice if they actually improved the USB support for those of us who want to listen albums, podcasts, audio books, operas, symphonies or anything else where a folder needs to be treated as a contiguous unit. There needs to be support for bookmarking folders, as well as a way of "favoriting" them or adding them to a play list. Plus, it's pointless to put a single track from a folder in the "recent" list if pressing it won't resume the place in the folder.

So often, nothing is playing at all because Tesla couldn't figure out what to do next when something ends. But they think they can get around it by pestering me with the Audio panel whether I asked for it or not.