any actual installs recently?

any actual installs recently?

I've been waiting for my power wall since April/May 2018 - has anyone actually gotten an install in that time frame? If so please post the approximate date (not looking for exact data) - but has anyone actually gotten one of these things in recent months?

trklesch | 16 octobre 2018

Yes both myself & my son had them installed in the last week. We had waited a year for them to become available...

chelsey.hansen | 18 octobre 2018

I had mine installed September 27. Originally placed my solar and powerwall order in February, then in June they divided my projects out to solar and powerwall separate, then we got our powerwall confirmation September 15 and install 27.

dortor | 18 octobre 2018

thanks for updates - city/states of install (not looking for exact address).

fdelzingaro | 25 octobre 2018

Ordered January 2018......Still waiting.......

PFP | 26 octobre 2018

Really? I am doing a Big Solar Install (DALLAS Area) and hoping to get this complete by the end of Nov. I was thinking of adding 2 PW as a backup system (makes no financial sense whatsoever since no TOU....yet). My Energy Rep says from what he has been told is all the warehouses not have PW in stock. So why holdup? Are ya'll just doing installs without solar? I had heard they were prioritizing them if they were going up with solar...

acegreat1 | 26 octobre 2018

Ordered March still waiting had solar City (Tesla energy) installed in July 11.05 kw system, and love it

Yonkiman | 27 octobre 2018

I ordered in Dec 2017 / Jan 2018. They scheduled May 15th then cancelled (lack of Powerwalls), then they finally installed in mid-Sept.

PFP | 28 octobre 2018

So where are you located?

Correction to my post above. The REP said the warehouses NOW have PW in stock. He was saying they have them all over the country at their installers warehouses.

Simonmackenziecrooks | 28 octobre 2018

I Ordered my Powerwall 2 in April 2018, had it installed two days ago. Can’t put the app down!

PFP | 29 octobre 2018

That is great. Where are you located?

Tesla-David | 29 octobre 2018

We got our PW2 installation completed on 6/21/18 here in Edmonds, WA, after an almost 3 year wait. We were only the second installation in WA and the two PW2's have operated flawlessly in self powered mode. We couldn't be happier with our decision to do this, as a perfect complement to our 13.2 kWh solar PV system.

larjam73 | 29 octobre 2018

We live in South Carolina and reserved our PW2 in February 2017. We received our only email May 2018, over a year after the reservation, which said they are not currently servicing our region. We have not heard anything since.

groovygravy10 | 2 novembre 2018

My order was submitted on March 8, 2018 and was told they where on back order at the time, and been waiting since.

sonicimagination | 24 novembre 2018

No expectations here. Just hopeful. I have faith that at some point things will start steamrolling here.
I live on the Treasure Coast in Port Saint Lucie, FL. My wife and I are in the process of finding a builder and saving funds for a custom built home.
We are going green, we want solar, and we want to look good. IE, we want the solar roof.
The solar tech companies I have spoken with in my area, and southern Florida, say that the roof doesn't even exist. What's funny to me is, some of them seem insulted by the idea of the solar roof entirely.
What is the earliest outlook, on having a slate-style solar roof built for a 4000sq ft single story home??? Just curious really. Rough estimate, if it is even logistically possible?
I have the utmost respect for Elon his company, and the efforts he and his teams are making in these areas. I also understand that the infrastructure and planning for these systems take more time than the average person seems to realize. I have my heart set on this system, and I do not want to believe the Naysayers.

Thank you

dortor | 26 novembre 2018

the solar roof is probably not worth waiting for - if you're building custom it should be a simple matter to just install some really good looking panels - you could be waiting years for the roof - my installer says the solar roof isn't new and several companies have tried it over the years, it's just not as good as normal panels and way harder to install and maintain…

recommend you respect Elon but rarely take his statements at face value.

build your house, install 2x the solar capacity for 1/3rd the cost of the solar roof and be happy.

Model X Guy | 28 novembre 2018

Deposit 11/18/2016, Order confirmation 2/7/2018. Powerwall Purchase & Home Improvement Agreement signed by both parties 3/14/2018. I sent notarized permit application to Tampa on 3/30/2018 via Fed x. Many calls and different Tesla contacts since. Nothing at allfrom Tesla over last 3 months except sales call to order the Model 3 I reserved. That is not going to happen until I get my Powerwalls.

Dreamdoc | 28 novembre 2018

Signed agreement approx Nov.7. Power co approval done. HOA is rubber stamped. Waiting for city permits. According to my rep, anticipate install in 1 day and before end of the year.

Dodgy | 29 novembre 2018

I feel bad after reading some of these comments, but I ordered on 22 October and it was installed yesterday. I’m in the UK. I was expecting a 3-4 month wait, but it only took 5 weeks.

PFP | 30 novembre 2018

@Dreamdoc. Where are you that you are getting it done quick? CA? I signed initially Oct 4th, but with some changes to make it bigger, all approvals done Nov 4th and the are saying MARCH for 15kW and 2 PW in Texas. But I need to get it done before the EOY or no Utility Rebate and this has been a useless exercise. I am on the list for last minute install but not holding my breath.

dortor | 1 décembre 2018

Tesla contacted me Friday 11/30 - and stated they have recently gotten battery inventory and are working through backlogs - wanted to know if I could handle them installing before the end of the year - I said "YES"

we'll see -but it appears the long drought might be over…

dortor | 1 décembre 2018

SF Bay Area is my location.

hal.harding7 | 2 décembre 2018

how do get the "loot box" phone app?

Tman99 | 5 décembre 2018

I'm a new install, and hopefully able to power up soon, after we get approval / meter swap from our "current" electric company. 13.5KWh system & 2 powerwalls.

BostonBraves | 5 décembre 2018

New install just completed today December 5th in Seekonk Mass. Ordered in April, it was delivered on Dec 1st

brucelortzhi | 5 décembre 2018

Living in Hawaii, Island of Oahu. I had my install started (paperwork-wise) back on March 9th of this year. After having to deal with the Home Owner's Association, City & County planning, getting the home re-roofed, etc. etc. Our 7.5KW PV system with 2 Powerwall 2 units was installed on July 11th.
Then the fun with the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) started. It was a constant back and forth with HECO telling me they were waiting for information from Tesla, and Tesla informing me (then showing me) that they had provided all of the data HECO requested.
Finally, HECO came back with some lame complaint that Tesla filled out information in the HECO database incorrectly, and that was creating problems.
I have just finished activation of the Powerwall 2 units this week. 5 and a half months after getting the system installed. If anyone knows about electricity prices in Hawaii, they run about 32 cents per KWh, and for our household this averages $350.00 a month on electricity.
Please note, upon review of all of the screw-ups, I lay most of the responsibility for these problems at the feet of HECO and myself.

peter | 7 décembre 2018

New install completed today. London, UK. 2 Powerwalls into an existing solar install. In the UK we don't have a backup option so just the plain gateway. Now very impatient to get the extra modes enabled in the app. The PWs are down to 14% and there is very little solar here at this time of year and I'm on a tariff (Octopus Go) that gives me nice cheap power for 4 hours every night...

jlesna | 7 décembre 2018

I placed a deposit in February 2018 and signed a contract in May. My site visit was completed in early June and the "design" is done.

Tesla contacted me earlier this week by phone. They said they had received PWs and wanted to install before the end of the year--in the next three weeks. I said sure that I would just need to know the actual day so I could arrange for them to get access. She (Wanda) said they would finalize the permit and either phone or e-mail with an install date. No install yet but very promising. I'll post once the install occurs.

I'm a bit north of San Francisco.

rlsmmartin | 13 décembre 2018

We had our system installed this week. The process was started last March, so it definitely took a long time. Part of our issue was we live in the Chicago area - licensing and permitting moved at a glacial pace. When the install was finished they put it "live" as a test. Our electric meter was actually moving backward!! (no powerwall as they were so hugely backordered) Now I'm excited to go live for real.

dortor | 15 décembre 2018

I got the same call saying do you want to install before end of year - I said "YES" - no followup from Tesla - {sigh}

ripatriot | 18 décembre 2018

i'm in rhode island, install of two powerwalls scheduled for january 10th :D

miss out on the tax deadline for 2018 but hopefully won't have to deal with any blackouts this winter.

drmelendez78 | 18 décembre 2018

Just had mine installed.
Orange, CA

teresa.tidwell | 19 décembre 2018

I ordered in late May and cannot get even an estimated installation date. Near Annapolis, MD

Brentt | 21 décembre 2018

I'm in Oklahoma. Reserved day 1 and put down $500. No answers or responses in over a year.
After forty years in business I've discovered it's better to keep the customer informed, even if it's bad news,
than keep them in the dark.

TLSC | 21 décembre 2018

I placed a deposit for 2 PWs in January 2018.
My order agreement, purchase agreement, and home assessment were completed in early June.
The last contact from my Service Advisor was in late June.
I just received the signed off copy of the interconnection agreement for storage facility from our utility.
I’m assuming Tesla Power has received a copy too and that I may get an update from my SA before year ends.

I live in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

richard | 22 décembre 2018

Everything went quicker than I expected, with a very smooth orderly process for 2 PWs tied to an existing PV system. All communications from Tesla were professional, and responsive to my questions and preferences. We are in the Sonoma, CA area. The Tesla installation team was very good, obviously knowledgable. The local project manager said that there is a backlog of PW and solar orders and showed me photos of solar (glass) roof systems in progress in the North Bay, He has fully trained crews - so that all aspects of roofing and flashing systems are performed by Tesla -- no subcontracting is required. He seemed well informed about the necessary coordination of roof installation for both retrofit and new projects. This crew of two, was scheduled for four PW installations that week - with one to go after completing ours in one day.

order deposit 10/12/2018
engineering 11-10
order confirmation - 2 PW2s 11/14
confirm install date 11/29
install by Tesla 12/19
permit final 12/20/2018

Initially, the existing PVs were not charging the PWs, but this was quickly resolved with a call to service (no wait), and a remote fix. We are happy to be a step closer to energy independence!

tedgavin | 23 décembre 2018

Signed in late June 2018. Installed December 20th. Could have been several weeks earlier if my schedule had allowed it.

jon.blacklock | 7 janvier 2019

@peter when did you order your PW2's and was this direct or via an accredited installer? Hoping that the small extension I have in March will include my PW2 as well

jon.blacklock | 7 janvier 2019

@peter when did you order your PW2's and was this direct or via an accredited installer? Hoping that the small extension I have in March will include my PW2 as well

sschaem | 9 janvier 2019

Contacted Tesla Jul 2018 for Solar install with option for PV
August design completed
December install
April 2019 is the expected date the system will be operational

So 8 month to install Solar at $4.07 a w...
I could have gone with a local installer and have had the system operational late September 2018, and paid 23% less.

The installation itself was super fast, and was very professional. EVERYTHING else was a joke.

Beside my model X purchase, this was the worse (and still is) buying experience I ever had.

Brand new model, and its already scheduled for major repairs. (Second one , first one was not in acceptable delivery condition)

dortor | 11 janvier 2019

My Powerwall install now scheduled for Feb 14th

dortor | 11 janvier 2019

2 power walls - Aptos, CA

ripatriot | 12 janvier 2019

they finished the installation of my two powerwalls yesterday. so far so good.

i'm fairly certain i could have had these installed two-three months ago but my utility was really bad granting approval. application process took six months with a lot of back and forth.

Tesla-David | 12 janvier 2019

@ripatriot, congratulations. happy to hear you finally got your PW2 installation completed after such a long wait. We were on similar trajectories before yours got derailed. We have enjoyed our PW2 installation for 6+ months now. Incredible product even with the lower solar this time of year. Can't wait until the solar ticks back up so that we can fully charge up our two PW2 batteries and get back to 100 percent self powered. Are your PW2 batteries turned on yet, or are you still waiting to get approval from your electrical provider?

ripatriot | 13 janvier 2019

we're up and running. i guess in my area they couldn't schedule the install until they had approval from the utility. nothing more is required from them now. install was thursday and friday morning. turned on the powerwalls around noon on friday when they did the configuration. town inspector came later that afternoon.

jlesna | 3 février 2019

We had two Powerwalls installed on Friday Feb. 1, 2019. The installation crew was professional and worked hard and long to get the system running. It was "commissioned" on Saturday and the City inspection should be completed on Monday Feb. 4. It took less than a year from deposit to installation. We are in the San Francisco bay area.

sschaem | 4 février 2019

? Thats amazing timing. My powerwall where installed last year but they are still not functional.

Tesla tells me April... But I also found out in novmeber that my utility company requested document from Tesla that they never sent.

Its really crazy each month to pay my electric bill, to pay my bank loan... and gaze a 40 panels and two power wall for months now, doing absolutely nothing.

dortor | 16 février 2019

installed on the 14th - 2 powerwalls watsonville, ca - roads were closed - power was out for 7 hours - install went ahead despite the circumstances - online by end of day - 1 hour PV solar charging - units arrived with 16% charge

installers were 2 hours late - they told me they didn’t know how far away my house was from their site - I’m not sure how you couldn’t know that given that the install was schedule 1st week of january , and the product ordered last may - you can’t check google maps to see how far you have to drive tomorrow

when they arrived they assessed the job as 2-3 day job, not a one day job, and since they had arrived late they would have to end early for the long commute back - I suggested why don’ they get started and see how far we can get - I didn’t think there was that much to do that couldn’t fit in a day’s work…

design called for install on non existent wall - well the wall isn’t non existent - but it’s shared wall with another townhome unit -and the design called for the units to be installed on the “outside” of my wall - which is the inside of my neighbor’s garage - that wasn’t going to work - this almost torpedoed the whole thing - i problem solved on site - Tesla installers were not that creative
they didn’t have necessary marterials to complete install - mentioned a 2nd visit to finish the install - called scheduling and they said 60 days from the 14th was first available appointment! sheesh - i’ve already been waiting a year!
visit to home depot with a shopping list and i brought back supplies and lunch for installers - this seemed to help
powerwalls would not boot up - no green lights! installers spent hour trying various things - i noticed the can-bus connectors were mis-wired - installer A had done one connector - installer b had done the other 2 - the order of wires was agreed upon by both of them - but not left to right or right to left - one connector was correct order but wrong orientation! fix the connector and voila powerwalls boot up! they wanted to leave and come back - thought the batteries might be bad - said 6 month wait for replacements
installers placed solar circuits in new sub panel away from breaker for solar monitor - i have enphase micro invest and the enphase monitor to see production and consumption - the monitor uses the X10 power line protocol to communicate with the microinverts - i was concerned about them being it two different sub panels on sepate sides of the gateway relay - they said it would be fine - guess what it wasn’t! i spent yesterday moving the envoy solar monitor breaker into same panel as solar breakers and everything immediately started working again!
commissioning the units did not go well - installers didn’t know how to use a wifi picker to find the gateway - and i watched them mistype the password 12 times despite me pointing out passwords are case sensitive - they had a different opinion - we completed the commissioning on my tablet with me running the setup wizard since they didn’t know how - seems pretty strait forward when i saw it for the 1st time - taught them a few things on my first run through
units were making some noise - asked installers they didn’t know - i learned later it was initial preconditioning
installers told me units would not provide power until PG&E remotely enables them via PG&E’s remote control - they could not override - this is 100% false and not true - i challenged them on this - we enabled them and after an hour the system started working!
initially all the power metrics in app were wonky - not making any sense -since I have other power sensors in my system, solar monitor and smart meter read out I was able to see everything was “working” fine, but the numbers in the Tesla app were just wrong, I re oriented and moved some of the power taps the installers had installed, and the numbers now make more sense and are mostly correct, only time they are wrong is when I’m charging the car.
i’m running 1.32 gateway firmware - not listed on website yet - no release notes!
been running in self powered mode for 2.5 days - it’s awesome!

still having some minor issues with power reporting in app - when i run the EV chargers on the non backup circuit it reports eEV current draw as solar power exported to the grid! it’s not -

purchase, design, wait, installe, fix wrong design, correct installers on nearly everything, buy my own supplies, provide blind tech support to clues less installers, correct misinformation and ultimately set the system up myself and it works great! But Tesla is really really incompetent - great product - terrible purchase and acquisition process!

I love the product, but Tesla really has to send out people with a clue to install these things - my installers were 100% clueless, and in most cases wrong and didn’t understand what they were doing - if I hadn’t been there I’m sure it would not be installed or functional for at least 2 more visits each 60 days apart.

Tesla phone support has been fantastic and the people on the phone line are very knowledgeable and useful information - but Tesla’s installers were just awful - truly awful - it it wasn’t such a great product I would’ve returned it just based on the level of incompetence demonstrated by the crew Tesla sent to my site.

Tesla-David | 17 février 2019

@dortor Wow, your narrative of your recent installation experience is noteworthy and very troubling. They should have paid you for repeated correction of their errors.Unaccepable that the installers apparently were so clueless about the PW2’s they were installing. I was extremely fortunate to have my solar installer (A&R Solar) here in Edmonds, WA, who were trained do my PW2 installation, and they did everything correctly and system turned on immediately after installation was completed. Our PW2’s have operated flawlessly in self-powered mode since 6/22/18 installation. Unfortunately we have experienced the worsen winter snow storm in more than 50 years with our panels covered with snow for past week. With no solar our PW2 batteries drained down to 0 for four days. I was unable to get any assistance from Tesla-Energy, but did from my local installer, who advised putting batteries in backup mode. The snow has finally cleared from our panels and the PW2’s are charging back up and operating fine, so I am relieved, but concerned that Tesla-Energy needs to staff with knowledgeable staff and provide timely support. I fully agree PW2’s are a incredible product and complement to solar PV systems.

bcheckley | 22 février 2019

Sacramento Area.

I ordered mine in May 2018, along with my solar power installation.

Solar installation was completed in October, 2018.
My PW2 x 3, were installed after Christmas in December, 2018.

Worked great for a month, but then something happened and they are replacing a card in my gateway to bring my PW2's back online.