Problem with playback of dashcam video

Problem with playback of dashcam video

I tried out the dashcam video on a correctly formatted usb for mac (as far as I can tell). I recorded a short segment but when I tried to play it on my mac desktop, Quicktime said it couldn't open the mp4 file. Same result trying to play on Youtube. What video app (for mac) have you found successful in playing dashcam recordings?

geno.kearney | 14 octobre 2018

Same question. Quicktime won't play.

elecfan2 | 14 octobre 2018

Try the free VLC Media Player

Reef Club | 14 octobre 2018

I tried VLC and VLC Media player and could not open video. Spent 1 1/2 hours on phone with Tesla support. Nothing we did worked. They are going to look into my Model 3 remotely and call me this week.

rkalbiarEV | 14 octobre 2018

I use VLC.
Unfortunately, many will not play as they get corrupted.

Thank you Tesla for implementing this but still need lots of work!

Jken | 14 octobre 2018

I suspect it is some permissions thing. But from Terminal I copied a video clip to the desktop and then renamed it, and suddenly it worked fine. And bizarrely once I had done this, ALL the video files were playable.

BobGarrett9 | 18 octobre 2018

QuickTime on IMac will playback the dash cam video.

BobGarrett9 | 18 octobre 2018

QuickTime on IMac will playback the dash cam video.

Superwagon | 18 octobre 2018

Spotlight Preview and QuickTime both work fine for me but as mentioned above some randomly show up blank or can’t be opened. Also be sure to check the actual TeslaCam folder; the first time I didn’t realize it had written some weird Linux files to the root of my USB drive and I thought they were videos.

rxlawdude | 18 octobre 2018

It looks like the last video file of a driving session corrupts when the car powers down. That may then result in subsequent sessions' files being corrupt, too.

Darkon | 18 octobre 2018

I saw something similar where I could play the first couple of files I saved, but the last file I saved was small and wouldn't play. I'm guessing It may take some time for it to write out the lat file, so if you remove the flash drive too soon, it may be a corrupted file.

ozauner | 19 octobre 2018

Had no problem with any of the stored files. They all play fine on Windows 10 and my chrome book. Looks like the temp files from the unfinished clips are in the root (*.rec) and not in the "TeslaCam" folder.

gmr6415 | 19 octobre 2018

@rxlawdude, Exactly. "It looks like the last video file of a driving session corrupts when the car powers down"

I can't open those with QuickTime either or the reference file that's created when you do a 10 minute save, but it will open the other files. I've found shutting the dash cam off by holding on the icon for a few seconds prior to shutting down prevents the last file from corrupting. At least that works more often than not.

For those having problems on Macs try opening the QuickTime app first, then go to file>open>your file. Sometimes that works.

Also if you have QuickTime Conversion app for something like Final Cut Pro, or QuickTime Pro (the not free application) it will open them too.

There is also Flip4Mac, which is the Mac version of Windows Media Player. A note though. After you download Flip4Mac and go to open the package you will get an error from your operation system saying it can't be opened because it's from an unknown source. Go to the Flip4Mac WMV.mpkg file, hold down the control key and click on it. It will give you the same error but give you the option to open it. Click on open and follow the installation instructions.

kenyandave | 20 janvier 2019

Anyone still having this problem? Not working for me.

wlrobins | 20 janvier 2019

Can someone shed light on how to use dash cam function? Thanks

Ross.6thgen | 11 juin 2019

I'm having the same issue at the OP. Files look like normal MP4 video files on the thumb drive but windows media player (and every other player) can't seem to open them.

amotleyfool | 15 juin 2019

Same situation for me. Downloaded a few DashCam files while driving (pressing the icon with the red dot -- it shows a downward-pointing icon then an icon with a green dot saying it's saved). Pulled the USB out of the car, and put it into my iMac. I see new folders created for each download I made listed under:

TeslaCam --> SavedClips

... however, each of those folders' files are just 595 bytes -- that doesn't look like video to me.

EVRider | 15 juin 2019

@amotleyfool: After pressing the dashcam to save video, you need to press it again for a couple of seconds to pause recording (the red dot will turn gray), then wait 20 seconds or so before removing the USB. If you don't do this, files may not be completely written to the device and I suspect that's what you're seeing.