Solution to completely block out sun coming through glass roof

Solution to completely block out sun coming through glass roof

1) First you must purchase the "Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade" Tesla charges $75 and delivered it quickly using FedEx.

2) You must also purchase some lightweight total block out material because the Tesla provided "sunshade" is mesh and lets
in lots of light rays/heat.
I purchased "Room Darkening Blackout Window Film Treatment: 100% Light Blocking Static Cling Tint for Privacy, Home Security, and Day Sleep - No Residue, UV Prevention, Easy Removal (Blackout, 36x72 inches) from Amazon for $28

3) Carefully cut out a piece of thin black film to fit inside of the Tesla Roof Sunshade.

4) Once you figure out which side of the Tesla Sunshade goes up, then place the piece of thin film you have cut on top of the
Tesla Sunshade.

5) Install the Sunshade.


Now, you must figure out how to tint the side windows, or pay someone to do it for you.....

ST70 | 19 octobre 2018

Do you live near the Sun?

gballant4570 | 19 octobre 2018

Why? Personally, I like the world.

Tesla2018 | 19 octobre 2018

I didnt know that vampires drive Teslas.

RES IPSA | 19 octobre 2018

I guess some people are not use to sun/moon roofs. I like the open feel of the cabin with the glass roof, but some people do not. I do not have a problem with light or heat coming from the glass roof above the front seats. Have not even noticed it.

gballant4570 | 19 octobre 2018

A/C is less of a power drain than heat. In the colder months, the heat coming through the glass roof keeps the cabin warm. Enough that the fan will get used from time to time. I'll prefer that to running cabin heat instead. In the warmer months, perhaps I'll need to take steps - its always been a lot easier for me to stay warm than to stay cool. I'm thinking A/C........

The open feel is a plus as well - I find that quite welcome. I like the world. I live in it....

slingshot18 | 19 octobre 2018

You’re killing one of the best design features!

lbowroom | 19 octobre 2018

My bald head is less than an inch from the roof and I typically hate sunroofs and convertibles. Hasn't bothered me at all and it's been in the 80s this week. Maybe next summer when we hit 100s I'll feel something.

dalesmith1962 | 19 octobre 2018

Or get a can of matching paint. :-)

ShesNoCissy | 19 octobre 2018

Unfortunately people with Cancer do drive or ride in the Model 3. Thanks Kluskin. For some you can never be too safe.

gmr6415 | 20 octobre 2018

I don't know that I would go to that extreme. I did purchase the front roof sunshade, and it did make a difference in Central Florida. I'm contemplating the rear roof sunshade now that it's available.

For me it's not about me as much as about the car. On a hot day in Florida, which we have been having record temperatures every day, day after day this fall, the AC runs in the car almost constantly keeping the interior below 105˚ and the glycol pump and fans run almost all day keeping the battery cool.

I would think over time the sunshades will pay for themselves in saved electricity.

ODWms | 20 octobre 2018

Maybe it’s just me. But I live in Florida, and took delivery during some of the hottest temperatures of the year. I never, ever notice any heat from the roof. It’s actually quite amazing considering the sheer amount of glass used. I wouldn’t change a thing.

ILoveMyModel3 | 20 octobre 2018

I live in Texas and it gets really hot here but I never had issues with the all-glass roof getting too hot. My issue was with the front windshield and the very back window. I purchased the HeatShield, which was created for the TM3 and that resolved most of my issues. I still need to find a solution for the rear window but I'm not sure if I want to have it tinted. Any Suggestions

Nexxus | 8 novembre 2018


The sunroof blocks 99.7 to 99.9% of the UV rays that cause melanoma cancer. So, yeah, it's safe enough.

howard | 8 novembre 2018

I like your ideas. It is the least desired feature for me as well. I put 40% Hyper Optik Ceramic all the way around the sides, back and roof with 70% on the front windshield. Also have the sunshade in the roof opening as well. It make a huge difference in heat rejection and overall comfort. Thanks for posting.

Parag.dxt | 1 juillet 2019

This is a needed feature when babies are sitting in rear facing car seats and too much light can prevent them going to sleep.

mknewman | 2 juillet 2019

I live in Texas and without the sun shade it gets to 120 inside. With them it only gets to 110.