Tesla Billing nighmare - need Tesla executive assistance

Tesla Billing nighmare - need Tesla executive assistance

Greetings from Toronto, Canada !

My first post and, unfortunately, not a happy one - for the last 3 months I am in constant conversations with Tesla Billing, Legal, Customer Service and it is getting nowhere. Here is the story:

I returned my Model S lease at the beginning of August (lease was up on August 12). Received confirmation that vehicle was returned and I will not be charged any more payments.
Than, August 12th my account gets debited for another Model S lease payment - I called Tesla and they said oh, sorry, account was not closed and I should receive refund. All good, I realize I returned close to my next payment due.

At the end of August I took over lease for Model X and, with some bumps, took possession of MX on August 27th.

On September 12, I get charged for my Model S again - vehicle was returned over a month ago. Not only I did not receive refund for the first payment, I get charged again. Emails back and forth, 5 to 7 calls and I finally get confirmation that my Model S account was closed and I should receive refund for my 2 extra payments for Model S. I have e-mail proof of this.

In the meanwhile, on September 26 my account gets debited for amount that is 150$ more than MX lease payments. I call Tesla billing again and was promised a call back after investigation is complete. Never received the call. Instead, I get statement that my account is passed due for some crazy amount. Called again and after over an hour on the phone was told that I am responsible for lease transfer fees and credit processing fee. Contract clearly stated that other party was covering all these fees and not me (this was lease take-over). I asked for Supervisor, but she left for the day so I left her voicemail. Never received call back so I called back couple days later and asked for that supervisor right away. She was nice and said that she will put all payments on hold till this is resolved, but this needs to be escalated to another department. She had no clue why I was charged 150$ the first time but assured me this will be addressed.

Last week I finally received refund for my 2 extra Model S payments and thought this saga is coming to the end. Not so...

Last Monday I started receiving daily automated calls from Tesla billing. Note, not a person, but robot calling and telling me to call back. I did not have time and finally called back yesterday. Lady on the phone could not figure out why I was called and said my account is still under investigation and awaiting corporate decision. Well, OK, nothing I can do and as long as I do not get charged additional payments I never agreed to, I am OK. Well, that is for Model X.

Now, this is what brought me here - last night I received bill in the mail for Model S notifying me that payment will be taken on November 12. I called Tesla and lady said my Model S account was reactivated and I owe Tesla "end of lease" payment for Model S. Nowhere I see or heard about it. I got really pissed and asked for Supervisor, she was not available. Asked for lady at legal I dealt with - not available. Finally, some lady took the call saying she is Supervisor, looked into my account and started talking about 2 months refund that I am waiting for. This was after over an hour on the phone for completely different topic. I got really upset and hang up. Tesla hadoffice personal does not seem to care about customers and seems like one hand does not know what the other hand is doing - I am going in circles.

Any actual senior manager contact at Tesla would help.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.


EVRider | 1 novembre 2018

You can’t contact Tesla here. I didn’t read your post, but if you didn’t try this already, use the support form in your My Tesla account and select the option to escalate.

Yodrak. | 1 novembre 2018

Have you talked with your bank, to have it refuse any further payment requests for the Model S account?

iskubitsky | 1 novembre 2018

Thanks. I did put stop payments on MS. As for contacting Tesla through My Tesla account, that form is for orders only and there is no escalate option...

ravisundaramam | 1 novembre 2018

I created a virtual number from my citicard account with 200$ limit and made that my Tesla account credit card. Dont want to accidentally order a new car and go through the hassle of cancelling and getting refunds.

Tesla2018 | 1 novembre 2018

I had an accidental 2500 new car deposit and thought it was cancelled and then I got a text saying my car was on its way and to come and get it in 2 weeks. I went on a crazy texting rant frenzy and the delivery specialist gave me her direct number and promised me she would take care of cancelling the order and stopping it from being shipped. Had to provide the dates and times and names and email addreses of all the people that I had already contacted. My credit card is sending me a dispute form and said I dont have to pay the bill.

I like the idea of linking a card with a low credit limit. I have a balance of a few dollars in a free checking account with a debit card that I use for paypal ebay and other purchases for small items that I dont know the seller. Once this gets fixed Im going to link it instead and have the credit limit set to $100 to cover any possible supercharging.

iskubitsky | 2 novembre 2018

Wow. Looks like I am not alone and Tesla does need to get their act together. Now, is there way to escalate these issues to Tesla leadership team? They will loose many clients because of incompetent people in client relations. I would have never taken another Tesla if I knew what I have to go through. Any forums actually monitored by Tesla execs?

ravisundaramam | 2 novembre 2018

It is the pig in the python problem.

Tesla is growing very fast and they are not able to keep up with the load. They will, eventually handle this.

They had a production hell. I am sure before that they went through a design hell. Then came the delivery and logistics hell. Now they are going through the nightmare of supporting vastly increased number of users, orders, cancellations and stuff.

If they were not constrained by the capital markets they will go on a hiring spree, and take a little bit of risk in refunding a few hundred dollars and worry about paper work later and be prepared to eat the loss if there is a mistake. But they are facing very serious cash flow problems, and the need to show profits. So till the cash flow improves and their ability to tap capital markets at reasonable cost, this issue will continue.

Sorry you are going through so much trouble, I am not saying Tesla is totally faultless or anything. But it is an unfortunate situation arising out of the battle between big Titans, oil companies, legacy car makers, utilities and the national chain of stealerships. They are choking Tesla's access to capital.

ulrichard | 2 novembre 2018

Wow, so they have full access to your bank account and can grab as much $ as they want?
See, that is one of the many reasons I use Bitcoin wherever I can. That way I determine how much I send and when.

iskubitsky | 2 novembre 2018

Apparently, for automatic ACH they can do whatever you want...

@ravisundaramam - glad you are so loyal to Tesla and have zillion excuses. Sorry, does not cut it for me and I do not care why they are having all these issues. Teslas are some of the most expensive vehicles on the road and should tread customers with respect. Whatever excuses they have, it is unacceptable.

BTW, just received the call from Tesla assuring me that everything was taken case of and I will not have any more issues with billing. We will see... I guess someone from Tesla does read these posts after all !

ravisundaramam | 2 novembre 2018

@iskubitsky I dont think any one reads these forums from Tesla.

I understand not all people would be tolerant of Tesla's missteps. And I would not blame someone who spent that kind of money if they are upset by bad quality service. You have the right to be upset and I am not blaming you.

I hope they clean this mess up and become better.

EVRider | 2 novembre 2018

@iskubitsky: You’re not looking at the right form on My Tesla. Select the Manage link and that page will have a Support section near the bottom; there’s a form there with a drop-down list of subject lines, one of which is an escalation request.

rbflash46 | 20 septembre 2019


EVRider | 20 septembre 2019

@rbflash46: You need to contact Tesla. No one here can help you.

Xerogas | 21 septembre 2019

...and please stop SHOUTING.

Shesmyne2 | 21 septembre 2019

Drat. I thought this thread was about the 3page credit card bill I get because Tesla SC charges hit
for each. one.
You would think they could consolidate days at least!

Still Grinning ;-)