Outdoor Car Cover

Outdoor Car Cover

Anyone know when the outdoor car cover will be back in stock?


lilbean | 12 novembre 2018


maztec | 12 novembre 2018

Never. I've been watching it since July. It's never for sale.

Whdame | 13 novembre 2018

They sold out again? They were just back in stock (2) weeks ago and I ordered mine. I just got it a couple of days ago. Haven't used it yet and it's still in the box. Waiting for a non-rainy day so I can wash my car before covering....too dirty to cover it now :-(

laosuan | 13 novembre 2018

I ordered one for outdoors (Noah) from California Car covers with venting and charge port opening. Good enough for me!

jimglas | 13 novembre 2018

I bought a padded one off amazon hoping it might provide a bit better protection from hail.