Can I leave my Mobile Connector plugged in all the time?

Can I leave my Mobile Connector plugged in all the time?

I don't want to burn out any components in NEMA 14-50 Tesla Mobile Connector/ Cable.
If I leave it plugged into the 14-50 outlet.... that'll be fine?
Is it drawing any major power if NOT plugged into my Tesla?

Thanks in advance guys!

Xerogas | 30 novembre 2018

@tjfbryant: please do leave it plugged in all the time, and also keep your Tesla plugged in as well. As is often said “A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla”. The battery management computer in the car is constantly optimizing power, heating, cooling, etc., in order to keep the battery healthy.

Unplugging from a NEMA 14-50 connector too often is a bad idea — it wears out the plug, because they’re not designed for lots of use. Think of it more like an electric dryer or stove — one does not frequently plug/unplug appliances.

Yes, there’s a minor amount of vampire drain, but that cost is nothing compared to replacing the NEMA 14-50 if it wears out.

tjfbryant | 30 novembre 2018

@Xerogas Thanks a bunch guys. I appreciate it!

bp | 30 novembre 2018

We've had a 14-50 connector plugged into a 14-50 outlet for Tesla charging since January 2017. We mounted Tesla's cable organizer to manage the cable and provide a place to put the connector when not being used.

We haven't had any problems with this - and agree that it's probably better to keep a 14-50 or UMC plugged in than frequently plugging/unplugging from the outlet. The connector going into the car is designed to handle a large number of plug/unplug cycles - the wall outlet and plugs going into the outlet probably may not be.

NKYTA | 30 novembre 2018

OP, yep.

Those above just used more words. ;-)

Black B3auty | 30 novembre 2018

6 years of mobile connector use with zero problems.

Black B3auty | 30 novembre 2018

5.5 years.

SUN 2 DRV | 5 décembre 2018

NKYTA +1 great answer...

More complete answer: Yep, Nope.

colliermail11 | 7 décembre 2018

The Tesla connector is not fully waterproof. I had a failure due to water ingress after about 2 years of winter use. I had not installed a home charger at the chalet I was staying at for several months each winter. Tesla replaced the unit by post but warned me they would not do it a second time. Installed a charger after that. Just letting you know they are not designed to be plugged in outside for long periods. | 7 décembre 2018

OP - "Can I leave my Mobile Connector plugged in all the time?"

No, you can't leave it plugged in while driving. Otherwise, yes. Ok, I couldn't resist :)

Jreadb777 | 30 septembre 2019

Does a Model 3 take advantage of the fact that the car is plugged in but on a scheduled charge ie does it use wall outlet power even it isn’t charging?

Tesla2018 | 30 septembre 2019

Jread. If you turn on the air conditioner when the car is plugged in, it will take power from the wall plug. You will be able to see the mobile unit scroll the letters just like it does when it's charging.