10,000 miles and still love it :D

10,000 miles and still love it :D

I haven't written anything in these forums yet as I wanted to hit 10,000 miles before I did so. Today I hit that 10,000 mile mark and I've had the car for about 5 months. I have the long range RWD.

I probably won't say much different than what most people port on this or other forums. It is by far the best (and most fun) vehicle I have ever driven. I still get excited from when I sit in the car and of course when I punch that accelerator. :)

I had a couple fixes both covered under warranty: undercarriage rip and rear light fixture came loose. With were fixed during the same visit. I also have a small paint spot on my frunk that could be corrected. Also, I lost a hubcap when I drove through some heavily flowing water. :( Other than those, I've had no other cosmetic or mechanical problems.

At first I had range anxiety, but I've gotten over it by now. The range is excellent. I currently drive about 45 miles to work (one way), some days I drive 72 miles (one way) and I haven't yet had any range problems. The colder weather does noticeable decrease range but still no problems on day-to-day driving.

The computer and navigation are great. I still have a few problems finding certain features which I don't use very often - I don't like searching for the fog lights button while driving through the fog at night.

As for charging, 90-95% of my charging has been at home (as expected). Since I live in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area, energy is quite cheap around here. Also, whenever I do go places in this area that have EV chargers, I've never had problems with full charging stations.

I'm looking forward to the next 90,000+ miles. :D

Mediumed | 3 décembre 2018

Nice report. I was just thinking that the more I drive this car the more I love it. Instead of just getting used to it I just keep getting more giddy about it. Love my 3!

walnotr | 3 décembre 2018

Me too! Although I have had fewer problems. :-)

kevin_rf | 3 décembre 2018

6279 and three months

ILoveMyModel3 | 3 décembre 2018

Congrats on hitting 10k. I've had my LR RWD Model 3 for two months with 3,496 miles and I love it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 décembre 2018

10K miles. Awesome. Any noticeable battery degradation?

vmulla | 3 décembre 2018

25k miles/10months.
This car impresses over and beyond the Model S/X, that's saying something.

lilbean | 3 décembre 2018

Do people stop loving their car after 10k miles? It doesn't seem like much.

Bighorn | 3 décembre 2018

That’s like the husband of three months saying he still enjoys the sex:). Coming up on a quarter million miles and still love it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 décembre 2018

Love means never having to stop driving your car.

kevin and vmulla, is there anything you can share with us about what the hell you people are doing to rack up that kind of mileage? Uber driver? Pizza delivery? Interstate freeway inspector?

(2 point penalty on BH for not qualifying his mileage boast)

vmulla | 3 décembre 2018

My very crude calculation tells me battery degradation is at 0.358% over 25K miles. Impressive!!

My car shows a range of 278 miles @ 90% charge, it was giving 279 when new. That's the info I used to calculate degradation :)

kc4129 | 3 décembre 2018

5124 miles since July and I am started to get bored as I see too many Model 3s on the road.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 décembre 2018


vinnie919 | 3 décembre 2018

How does people buying a mass produced car bore you?

RedPillSucks | 3 décembre 2018

Now he has to share the attention

Bighorn | 3 décembre 2018

I did 23k miles in 2 months and my range dropped from 310 to 299. All supercharging though.

vmulla | 3 décembre 2018

I typically put 15k miles on my car for daily commute alone. On top of that we do a lot of road trips. However, this year has been excessive traveling due to the enthusiasm for the 3, I'm sure it will wear off.

Since we're on the topic of racking up miles on the car, it was free Supercharging and AP that hooked me to long road trips. Our family typically finds good deals on AirBnB for the weekend and travel there, we spend less than $200/month and experience something other than home for a couple of weekends. We don't even plan on doing anything - just kids' homework, TV, visiting local stores - whatever we do at home on weekends we do elsewhere. AirBnB is great like that if you can keep expectations low.

Bighorn | 3 décembre 2018

Mileage accumulation doesn’t seem to wear off. I’m on track for about 80k miles this year.

Bighorn | 3 décembre 2018

First year was around 28k.

Coastal Cruiser. | 3 décembre 2018

vmulla, thank you. To pull off road trips for that kind of money is a real winner with today's prices. You can't even put in a day of family skiing for less than that. And Disneyland? ... fugetabouitt. AirBB is a trip. I drive Uber once in a while to break the monotony of retirement. Many pickups are from AirBB renters that want to go partying in town. It's amazing the locales and venues that property owners are erecting a virtual for-rent sign. This past weekend I was called deep into the sticks of a Central Coast city (farm animals in front yard). The owner had bought a trailer and plumbed it in out front, adjacent to the garage. The Uberees were on their way wine tasting and were pleased as punch about the cheap accommodations.