Confirming features on a used Model S: How?

Confirming features on a used Model S: How?

I have been searching for a used Model S...something from 2016 on, and am having troubles verifying features with dealers. Few of them seem to know much about Teslas, but more and more are starting to get used models flowing into their lots.

i was wondering if anyone knew ways in which to verify the following features on an S, such as pulling up a certain menu on the car's screen:
- autopilot 1 or 2 hardware
- premium sound system
- subzero package
- active air suspension
- premium lighting package?

Anyone have any ideas on how to confirm features on a specific vehicle? Tesla does not seem to want to provide this info when calling them.

PrescottRichard | 9 décembre 2018

I think AP features started in 2014, so my 2013 and older won’t ever have that.

There’s a link on (I think!) that lets you type in a VIN and get SOME info. Then the date of manufacture will clue you in to AP ability but it may not be included with the car. Come to think of it- I haven’t seen an AP capable car for sale that DIDN’T have the AP enabled.

The *best* way IMO is to sit in the car and use the MCU. The big screen in the car will tell you everything you need to know, page through the options and see what is there.

3rd party dealers can be pretty Tesla ignorant. I bought my P85 through a 3rd party and as helpful as they were they really didn’t know the car. Turns out there was a 4 year service contract with my car that still has 2 years on it. The only way to find out about that is through Tesla. I found out when the car was added to my account, so it was a lucky bonus for me.

If you can see the car take a pic of the VIN plate and then you can do some research. Of course, if you’re in a position to do that you can prolly cycle through the menus and learn everything you want.

EVRider | 9 décembre 2018

Someone with physical access to the car can confirm what it has or doesn’t have. AP2 hardware went into production in around October 2016, so earlier builds will be AP1. Knowing whether you have AP1 or AP2 doesn’t tell you whether AP is enabled.

p.c.mcavoy | 9 décembre 2018

Best way to confirm if AP2 vs AP1 is get a photo of the B-Pillar and look for the oval showing the camera in the pillar behind the front door.

To know if autopilot is enabled, have them get in the car, go to Controls and then pull up the Autopilot screen. If AP is enabled, there will be settings at the top that allow you to enable autosteer and summon. If AP2, will be additional settings for Navigate on Autopilot (at the top) and Speed dependent acceleration at the bottom.

For premium sound, have them open the trunk and take a photo of the right (passenger side) rear corner inside the trunk. If there is a whole/storage cavity, it does NOT have premium sound. If that area is boxed off, then it DOES have premium sound as that’s the subwoofer location.

I do not have active air suspension, so cannot say directly which screen it is, but would be likely the vehicle or the driving screens where you should see the settings to raise/lower, etc.

I do not have the subzero package so someone else would need to walk you through the exact steps that allow you to bring up the view that shows each fo them being turned on/off. I don’t recall if you do that by first pressing the fan icon, then an icon on the left, but think it’s something like that.

akikiki | 9 décembre 2018

greg, this will not answer all your questions, but it will let you get smarter on what to expect on some of the cars you look at.

marcustcohn | 9 décembre 2018

I had excellent experience buying a used Tesla (2017 S100D) from iDrive1 in Carrollton Texas. They have quite an inventory and deliver all over the country. These folks know Teslas and the various features. Check them out at

ahlehoff | 18 mars 2020

Can anyone list the contents of "Tech pack" in a 2014 model S. Ordered on October 6th 2014, delivered December 2014.

I recently bought the car in a private sale from the original owner. The car had AP1 activated upon ownership transfer, however these functionalities (auto steer, auto park, summon, adaptive cruise control) has suddenly disappeared after 6 weeks of use.

Tesla support contacted but haven’t returned, the local SC contacted but no luck.. Seems like Tesla rewoked autopilot on my car following ownership transfer.

akikiki | 18 mars 2020

Well, I am not curious enough to drill back in time to find the description, but you can look at the time machine.
Don't forget to scroll down once you get to the date you wish to see.*/

EVRider | 19 mars 2020

@ahlehoff: Tesla can’t remove features from a car sold privately. Did you try rebooting? If Tesla mistakenly disabled AP in your car, they’ll fix it once you get their attention, but it could be a different issue. Make a service appointment using the mobile app.