NEMA 10-30 wall pass through

NEMA 10-30 wall pass through

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in putting an inlet/outlet configuration between a laundry room and garage. I’d like to have a male connector facing indoors and the female outlet facing outside.

Does anyone know how to do this?

The goal is to occasionally charge my vehicle at my dad’s house using his NEMA 10-30 outlet for his dryer without keeping the door open. Seems like a simple idea. But, I’m coming up empty handed at hardware stores.

Thank you for any ideas!

rtgeorge3 | 7 janvier 2019


rlwrw | 8 janvier 2019

Pass-throughs involve multiple connections on the same line, similar to an extension cord. Never a good idea if it can be avoided. More than one contact may not provide enough surface area to transfer entire load.
One almost invariably has to de-rate the line capacity.