Early Access/ Beta Testing

Early Access/ Beta Testing

I am a huge Tesla enthusiast and I strongly believe in their mission. I know Tesla will sometimes invite people to their early access program, but is there any way to apply? If not don't you guys think there should be?

guydude | 23 janvier 2019

Dont call us, we'll call you

derotam | 23 janvier 2019

Must be invited, no other way. Don't worry though, I'm in it and have never gotten anything early.

roger.klurfeld | 25 janvier 2019

Same here. I received an invitation from Tesla to join, which I did. But I haven't gotten any version early.

SalisburySam | 25 janvier 2019

Since acquiring my Model 3 last July, I know I’ve been placed in Tesla’s late access program (LAP), getting updates after most of the fleet gets theirs. That said, I’m on 50.5 now. Although I continue to watch and get notified when new releases first come out, especially to our canary in Nevada, I no longer care much when or even if I get it since I have absolutely no control over the process. For reasons known only to Tesla, the LAP works just fine for me.

tramesh | 13 août 2019

The road info in rural England is poor. Tesla could use me for FSD improvement in Sheffield.

andy | 13 août 2019

@tramesh - what do you mean by poor?

I’m about to find out for myself.

lechner | 14 août 2019

we are all Early Access/ Beta Tester..

shank15217 | 14 août 2019

No we're not, not by a long shot.. ;-) I'll leave it at that, for you to ponder.

carminepetey | 9 novembre 2019

Tesla is amazing