Used Tesla Purchase Experience

Used Tesla Purchase Experience

I am trying to understand if my expectations are excessive with the situation. Would like to hear your opinions.

So, I purchased a Pre-Owned Tesla (from Tesla) a couple of months ago. It was a 2 year old car with about 31k miles. I had to fly in to Seattle to pickup (from Bay Area) since that is where I could find the one I wanted at the price. When I picked up the car, I asked for maintenance/service records and the Inspection report done prior to the sale. I was told that its confidential and the car should be fine and that Tesla would take care of it if there was any issues (since it comes with another 4 years 50k warranty). I specifically asked if there is any maintenance due and they said that its all taken care of and if there is any maintenance due, it will show up in the console. I was a little unsure - but I took the leap of faith. I was really impressed with my Model 3 and am a strong believer in Tesla/Elon.

So, after driving for a couple of months, I realized that the drive was pretty firm where I could feel every bump on the road. And I had some heating issues where the car would blow super hot air even if set to 68 (and to make it worse, the range drops dramatically as expected). I visited the service center today and to my dismay, I am told that there was no service/maintenance done on the car - ever. And that's the reason for the heating issues and I am asked to get the service done. Second - the harsh ride is apparently due to the cheap tires (Toyo brand) on the car. I am no car expert - but I wonder why Tesla would sell me a CPO car with brand new Toyo tires and how the harsh ride is due to the tires and not the suspension.

How could Tesla sell me a car with no service done on the car while it was over due? And I never seen a dealer put on non-factory recommended tires before selling as a CPO and if the tires are the cause for harsh ride.

nixnexus | 12 février 2019

I'd take it up with your sales advisor, they can work with you on this.

When I took delivery (and helped relatives take delivery), I performed a quick visual walk around to check panels, door operation, tires for uniformity, etc. It's easier to get these things noted and taken care of the day of delivery, as you can ask for a "Due Bill" before signing for the car.

Of the vehicles we took delivery of, the wildest issue was a trunk gap (greater than 1cm) and a missing chunk from one of the tires. All of this was documented on the due bill.

Makemark | 13 février 2019

Yeah. Now its too late. I basically thought that Tesla will take care of anything on their side without much hassle. I have taken the car in again and its being worked on now at a different SC. Hoping for better correspondence/results.

doctorcidon16 | 15 février 2019

It's a car that I like a lot and that in a few months I plan to buy. Everyone talks to me about wonders.

Makemark | 15 février 2019

I went to the Santa Clara SC and it was a much better experience. I think the Fremont SC was an anomaly. I would definitely not recommend that to anyone. They were soo lousy!

Passion2Fly | 15 février 2019

CPOs are not Tesla’s forte... for the least I can say... they do not fix ANY issues unless they’re safety related...
I bought a CPO also and the car spent three weeks at the SC to fix a LONG list of issues. However, I have to say!, they fixed EVERYTHING at no charge! Including a new set of high performance noise reduction tires... for free! I love my car!

Model - X | 16 février 2019

Since when does Tesla let you pick up a car in a different state. 12 Tesla's in and that has never been my experience.

Makemark | 16 février 2019

I chose to fly in and pick up rather than pay 2k for shipping from Seattle to San Jose. I thought its also a nice way of figuring out the long drive experience with super charging along the way. The biggest downside with used Tesla Purchase experience is you don't get to test drive the car before purchase.

Luffy343 | 17 février 2019

I had the same issue. I had a Model S and traded it in for a P90D Model X recently. The P90D came from CPO inventory of course and I had to drive 4.5hrs to go and get it (one way). When I picked it up there were quite a few issues. The only keyfob they had for it didn't work properly (it will unlock the car if I am close enough but the buttons on it do not work), there was a loose piece of interior lining near the pedals, the wing door on the drivers side had the notorious cracking/creaking noise that they knew about but never did the recall fix for, and it wasn't even fully cleaned out or even vacuumed. Maybe I am expecting too much but when I got my S (which was new I must admit) it was detailed fully, there was known fit and finish issues that they resolved before I even got there, and they made sure it was fully updated (I forgot to mention that the X I got needed about a years worth of updates as well). I still love the vehicle and Tesla as a whole but the CPO delivery really left me with a sour taste in my mouth.