Dog Mode

Dog Mode

Will dog mode be available on older cars such as a 2015 model s

Anthony J. Parisio | 14 février 2019

Yes. No reason it can't be.

jpcollins9 | 14 février 2019

It already is. Turn the air on, put signs in the windows and monitor your dog (s) from your phone. Works for me and have never had an issue.

Silver2K | 14 février 2019

After you turn the air on, don't forget to click on the fan icon next to temperature and turn on "keep climate on" before you leave the car

jordanrichard | 14 février 2019

hyestar, as you know, presently when leaving the car, by tapping on the fan icon you can then select "leave climate control on". I am guessing that once you get the update, an additional box will appear that is called "Dog Mode" and that will bring up the screen saver that appears in Tesla's debut video.

As I mentioned in other threads about this, I think a needed improvement to this would be for the screen to be flashing in random colors to get the attention of those peering through windows looking at your dog(s). Anyone that concerned about your dog is not going to be looking at the dashboard.

sentabo | 14 février 2019

+1 jordanrichard. I wouldn't trust it unless the screen has an eye-catching feature. If not I plan on using a sign or two as jpcollins suggested. Either that or train my dog to point to the screen.

jordanrichard | 14 février 2019

Sentabo, depending the breed of one’s dog, you could place a sign in the window saying “If you break the window, my dog Kujo will jump through the opening and break your arm” :-)

sentabo | 14 février 2019

Well, I think the intimidation factor of our 30-lb Aussiedoodle might be lacking. The sign would have to be more like, "If you break the window I might soil your clothes."

NKYTA | 14 février 2019

Thank goodness you didn’t bring the dawg to our meetup.

I would be conflicted on how to handle a small dog that weighs 30lbs. ;-)

It’s the cat sized dogs that worry me the most!! ;-)

SoCal Buzz | 15 février 2019

@sentabo, you need a bigger dog! Mine can't wait for this feature.

sentabo | 15 février 2019

SoCal Buzz | February 15, 2019
@sentabo, you need a bigger dog!

:) Yeah, but that ship has sailed. Long story, but we went through a few litters with the breeder we selected without making the plunge. Finally said we'll take whatever comes next. Extremely happy with what we have, but a larger dog would have been great, too.

Nice pics! Your dog looks like he loves the Tesla---and the girl, too.

Offline | 15 février 2019

Does anyone actually have this feature yet and if so what firmware version? My car just got updated to 2018.50.6 and I can't find a dog mode anywhere so I'm guessing it needs a newer update.

Silver2K | 15 février 2019

I believe it's version .7

Del Kayser | 12 mai 2019

I had a lady complain to the hotel desk that someone had left a dog in the car. She saw the dog but not the 17 in screen. Seems signs are required.

kerryglittle | 12 mai 2019

Depending on the tinted windows it could be a problem seeing the screen.

gridley1950 | 12 mai 2019

2015 P85D on 2019.12.1.1. Dog mode is great! And the 17" sign is hard not to see, (to me anyways.) People in these parts get pretty emotional about leaving dogs in cars so I might still leave my home made sign on the dash.

jordanrichard | 12 mai 2019

Tesla needs the center screen flash in colors or even one color, to get people’s attention. If a concerned passerby sees a dog sitting in the back seat, what is going to prompt them to look at the center screen?

gridley1950 | 12 mai 2019

"what is going to prompt them to look at the center screen?"

Well, it's 17" and lit up. If they are already noticing your dog, would you not expect that they might also notice the center screen?

But I like your idea of flashing or something. (Although I've got a terrier that would freak out!)

jordanrichard | 13 mai 2019

Gridley1950, think about it. It’s sunny out, windows are up, which naturally creates reflections that obscure one’s view inside the car as is and the main screen color is white.

sentabo | 13 mai 2019

I would not take the chance of having someone missing the screen and breaking a window to "save" my dog. Well worth adding a homemade sign in conjunction with the Dog Mode on the screen.