Tesla Roadster Founder Series

Tesla Roadster Founder Series

On the Tesla website, it states that there will be exactly 1,000 Tesla Roadster Founder Series reservations available, with a reservation price of $250,000. But It also states that the Founder Series price is $250,000. So my question is, will anyone wishing to purchase a Founder Series Roadster be able to purchase it after 1,000 reservations are made and after the reserving period is over?

Spacejake1224 | 14 février 2019

Huge fan of Tesla!

jimglas | 15 février 2019

No, On the Tesla website, it states that there will be exactly 1,000 Tesla Roadster Founder Series reservations available

Spacejake1224 | 15 février 2019

I just said that above. I'm wondering about after the reservation time is up, when someone is able to purchase a Roadster, instead of reserving it.

raffidesigns | 17 février 2019

Once the last founders series is sold, it will no longer be in production.

sschaem | 21 février 2019

I was interested in it originally thinking it was a true limited edition model with extra features, but I dont believe its the case.

My understanding is that its a regular production version that is given as reward for their referral program. In the same way of the past Model S and Model X "founders edition"

steven | 24 février 2019

@sschaem: you could simply buy the Founder's Edition on all vehicles. Has nothing to do with the referral program itself. Just 1000 available with the Founder's badge. Once hey are sold, either in preorder or after unveil it will not be available.
Funny thing is that on the US website, they state both reservation fee and price, wehreas on the European websites, it just states the reservation fee, which is just a rate conversion for the 250k. No final list price is known at the moment.

Maybe the Founder's will have the SpaceX option available and base Roadster won't. Elon also talked about the performance numbers being for the base model. Maybe the Founder's will be quicker/faster than the base model anyways, even without the SpaceX option package?

We will only know once they actually unveil the production model.

stevencsimpson | 13 avril 2019

Very excited about this revolutionary Tesla! I am interested buying the Founders Roadster but have a few concerns! Would someone that has ordered a car post your reservation document with redactions for personal information? Is my 250 held in escrow? What if the car is never produced or is delayed by a year or two, is my money refunded? Details!!? What is the SpaceX option package?

Jinnymobile | 14 avril 2019

If they haven’t sold 1000 yet, I wonder if people will ‘move up’ their regular reservations to Founders when the production schedule becomes more firm.

glnnbray | 19 avril 2019

Tesla, I'm waiting to put down $50,000 on the Roadster. Waiting for more information and/or some kind of incentive.