22" Onyx Black Wheels - Adding Glossy Look?

22" Onyx Black Wheels - Adding Glossy Look?

Hi Everyone,

First time posting here. I was lucky enough to get my 3rd referral in time before it ended, so I've ordered the 22" Onyx Black Wheels for my Model X. I've read that they're a matte finish look.

Originally, I was planning on getting a chrome delete and wheel powder coating with a glossy black finish for both. Now that I am getting the 22" wheels, of course I want to use them instead, but I still prefer the Glossy Black look rather than the Matte Finish. I'm not sure if I want to settle for a Matte Finish chrome delete to match the wheels.

I've been searching online and haven't found many details about a way to add a glossy coat to already black wheels and I was hoping someone here might have some ideas or suggestions, other than paying for the full glossy black powder coating to go on top of the already black wheels. I've read about possibly using wheel polish but I couldn't find any more details nor how it actually looks when it's done.

I appreciate any help the community can give, thank you for your time!

bonhari03 | 25 février 2019

The Matt finish has little gloss to it when the car is clean. You should be fine doing your chrome delete as planned. I have seen MXs done this way and they look awesome. Best case would be to wait and see before spending money on something that will have you crying like a little girl the first time you hit a curb. (Been there, done that.)

HadoukenZR | 25 février 2019

I have 22" Onyx wheels and personally like the matte look. I would be curious how spraying glossifier Plasti Dip would look like though. Perhaps give that a try.