Taillights go off when you get out of the car

Taillights go off when you get out of the car

On a daily basis, I have to get out of the car to open my gate, get mail out of a roadside mailbox, or pick up packages. So, at night, when I get out of the car, all the rear lights go off-why? The headlights are still on, but I think the rear license plate light and taillights should also stay on for safety. My 3 is the blue so it is a dark car at night- oncoming traffic needs to see me. Anyone else notice this?

guydude | 24 février 2019

Interesting.... I agree. If you have it where your headlights stay on after exit, tail lights should remain lit as well

lbowroom | 24 février 2019

Is your phone in the car still, or are you taking it with you? Car doesn't know you're stopped in the road getting mail.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 février 2019

Sounds like a good request to have as an option, contact TESLA directly for a feature request.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 février 2019

Also, if safety is a concern, put on hazards.

billlake2000 | 24 février 2019

Also, wear a miner's headlight backwards around your waist

wiboater4 | 24 février 2019

There are reflectors at the bottom on the back of the car.

Bighorn | 24 février 2019

The headlights stay on because you've presumable set them that way to provide temporary illumination. If you close the door the car turns off and normally all lights would go out.

lbowroom | 24 février 2019

That's why I suggested leaving the phone inside the car, shouldn't that keep it on? Otherwise it's just like you parked and got out for the night. Up to you too not park somewhere dangerous.

Bighorn | 24 février 2019

I don’t think that will keep the car on. I haven’t checked. I’d be slightly worried about locking it in and it not opening given the various lock out tales.

Cactusone | 24 février 2019

I have brought this “Issue” up a few times before. I don’t know why TESLA thinks this is OK. The Tail lights DO go out if the driver gets out of the seat. Even if if you leave phone in car with door open. I don’t think it’s safe to only rely on the reflectors, and I should not have to turn on the hazards everytime I check my mail in the evenings.

I have tried turning off the Auto headlights, but this feature defaults back to AUTO to “save battery”.

IMHO TESLA should make the Tail light AUTO off a user selectable option.

lbowroom | 24 février 2019

By contrast, if you take the keys out of the ignition in your typical car the same thing happens, right? And if your headlights are on do you really think a car approaching from the rear isn't going to see you? I still recommend not parking your car somewhere where you think it isn’t safe.

Cactusone | 24 février 2019

I bow room..No, we have 3 other cars and the lights do NOT turn off when i remove the keys..that’s because I have elected to have the lights remain on for 30 seconds in the menu..this is the only car I have ever owned that the taillights turn off indipendant of the headlights...

Lightglass | 25 février 2019

In our other cars, the lights will stay on-even with the key removed. Of course I pull off the road, but the whole ass-end of the Tesla is dark. Think of a flat pull off the road and get out-and no oncoming traffic can see you unless the hazards are on. Getting the mail shouldn’t require hazard flashers.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 février 2019

IMO, having the hazards on (in the situations discussed) is safer than just having steady lights on. If you don't want to be bothered with having to take the extra measure of turning hazards on that's okay just should be aware they are there for safety.

gballant4570 | 25 février 2019

Mine go out at the mailbox too - headlights as well. I've thought about turning the lights from Auto to Manual to see it that keeps them on, but haven't actually tried it yet. I haven't seen the car from the exterior much with the lights on as a result - from what little I've seen, it looks like it has nice lights, I'd like to see what they look like.....

Tesla2018 | 4 décembre 2019

I noticed this when I stopped to get my mail. Cars going around the corner couldnt see my car. They need to change it to have the rear lights stay on with the headlights.l. Only way of getting around it currently is to go to controls and switch to headlights on after opening the door. The car then beeps and says that leaving lights on will draw battery power.

Also the info since the car was last started gets reset to zero.
Kind of annoying when I go on a trip and come back and get my mail and it resets so I cant tell what the trip distance or energy use was since the car was last started.

lbowroom | 4 décembre 2019

If you leave the phone key in the car, it should stay on.

lbowroom | 4 décembre 2019

Otherwise you’re parking it and it behaves accordingly

ODWms | 5 décembre 2019

Emergency lights (flashers)?