TESLA entrance in the Greek market and delivery estimation

TESLA entrance in the Greek market and delivery estimation

I am a Tesla enthusiast coming from Greece and had reserved my Tesla Model 3 in April 2016. Tesla's delivery estimator states that I will probably have my car available for purchase in early 2019. It is currently early 2019 and let us be honest, there is no indication whatsoever that Tesla will even establish a presence in my country within 2019. So my question is two-fold. One: is there any official -or even unofficial- evidence that can give me a relatively accurate estimation? Two: Why is Tesla playing with us like that? We are early supporters, we should be treated with some respect, not being rubbed a blatant lie in our face like the one saying we are going to probably have our car available in early 2019.

EVRider | 25 février 2019

Tesla has already begun delivering Model 3's in Europe. Have you been told that Greece isn't going to receive any of those cars? I haven't any details about distribution within Europe.

If you've been paying any attention to Tesla since you reserved your car, you would know that schedule estimates are often missed. Is this really coming as a surprise to you?

EVRider | 25 février 2019

I haven't heard any details...

Mike83 | 25 février 2019

I noticed that several Supercharger sites are going up in Greece like in Athens and Sparta and some others. The Charging map shows these.
I am impressed that Tesla is doing so mann around the world. They don't have unlimited resources or local permits or skilled personnel to do everything at once. It's impossible. Kudos to Tesla for expanding so fast.
I would like to visit Greece again. I love the history, people and food. I do hate the wine but don't drink alcohol anyway.

george | 5 février 2020

The TV showed the progress of Tesla in Greece and TESLA R&D facility.
Nevertheless, there is no evidence that Tesla vehicles will be available in Greece any time soon.
Media, also talk about the three Greek mechanics that work for Tesla.
But regulations have not improved to make electric vehicles affordable to wide audience.
Is there any physical evidence that Tesla will eventually invest in Greek market?

b_pissimissis | 24 mars 2020

I think Greece is the only European country that Tesla has no interest in. Some people are trying to find second hand imported Tesla vehicles or other branded EV’s (like WV e-golf, Jaguar ipace, etc) and it is a shame for EV enthusiasts that are waiting for Tesla to enter the Greek market for many years. I see the same supercharger location sites in the tesla’s supercharger expansion map since 2016.

stuffthat | 19 avril 2020

I am wondering if anyone might have any advice - am relatively new to the Tesla brand but enthusiastic regarding obvious potentials. I'll be living in Greece shortly and would love to put a reservation down on the truck from Germany but not sure if this can be done (not being a resident there) and don't even know if the truck would operate in Greece (problems with internet security setting updates etc) and if theres no Tesla authorised garage what would happen if things went wrong?
I understand the Greek government have put together some interesting incentives regarding importing EV's into Greece (tax, registration fees etc) and it would seem (although I understand where b_pissimissis is coming from) that Greece will be needing to come into alignment with EU directives whilst also dealing with a serious problem of pollution levels (having some of the worst in Europe). Surely they will have to invest at some point?

antonios.dakas | 12 mai 2020

@Tryfon: Have you received your M3 yet? Did you order it from the "Other Europe" market area site of TESLA, i.e., tax free?
@stuffthat: If you are interested for the Cybertruck you should order it from the "Other Europe" site of TESLA (Top right corner click on the 3 horizontal bars and select "Other Europe" as your market). Prior ordering and putting down a deposit speak with the Netherlands office (as they are responsible for rest of Europe deliveries). You should also ask them whether the new Rome service center or the Milano one will be your service center since there is none in Greece and the closest service stations will be either the 2 new ones in Budapest and Rome or the existing ones in Graz and Venice, Milano. I am a Greek MS owner since 2017 living in Finland and have travelled the safest 47,000Km so far. I have spent about EUR200 on service so far and used about EUR500 worth of electricity to cover the 47K km (about 9500Kw @0.05/kwh local price) - in reality much less EUR was the moving cost since a lot is from Type2 and CHAdeMO which is free in Supermarkets and Supercharging also free for model S owners. My experience so far with Tesla has been astonishing. A recent (December 2019) break down in South Sweden (car had an issue with a harness on its charger as proved later by diagnostics) made me think of TESLA very highly for its warranty service and paid my humble respect. Break down happened at 14:30 south of Sweden and by 17:30 we were on the road from Malmo travelling to our destination in Germany with another MS (loaner given by TESLA service station of Malmo). We used the loaner for the remaining of our Christmas galavanting in Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy) and returned in Finland safely with the loaner after 3 weeks. Kept the loaner till February (for free) as the Malmo service station was very busy (short of staff due to Christmas) and eventually they managed to diagnose the issue and fix it. No extra charge on me! Returned the loaner in Malmo early February 2020 and picked up my MS having to pay EUR0 - nada, zilts!. I am sorry but this short of warranty service one cannot receive from the high class ICE companies (the known German ones). Most industries are evolving (at least we do not have to use the lady to connect our phone call to US or Australia any more and even can chat for free over data...even the TV will soon be like a 1Kg carpet to unroll and hung on the wall) however the predominant ICE industry keep on producing the smelly vehicles spreading cancer because of the existing low cost production of the established know how. Please, we have been moving around with an internal combustion engine for 200 years now....anything else does not exist.....why? Simply because these established ICE producing industries get free R&D funding from the Oil producing countries. Hoping (like Elon) one day societies and consumers at large will realise the benefits (to them and their relatives/kids) of electrification and renewables as the energy consumed by EVs is free from the sun or other renewbles need to generate electricity using nuclear or the smelly cancerious oil. All the very best to all who are after an EV. Glad to answer any queries you may have .... take care & keep healthy.