Next Gen Seats vs. Premium Seats

Next Gen Seats vs. Premium Seats

I have purchased a used 2015 Model S (Manufactured Nov 2015) with so called next generation seats (3rd generation I believe?). This is the designer’s made seats right before Tesla started manufacturing them in house.

Long story short and despite all the different ideas, the seat is not comfortable at all for me. I have been in a couple of 2018 loaner model Ss that has the premium seats and they were just perfect! I reached out to Tesla to see if mine could be upgraded and they said no (not sure why) Have also been looking into seat covers to see if I can modify the shape a bit with a seat cover but not sure if that’s the right solution.

Any idea what I can do? I have been trying different seat positions with no luck and definitely feel upper and/or lower back pain after driving for 30 minutes. The other seats in the 2018 loaner cars do not give me any back pain even after hours driving...

CEYA GAS | 5 mars 2019

I know an owner of a 2013 S who was successfully able to install and program Premium seats in his car. It was not easy, and he has a significant electronics background. Took lots of modifying...

Realistically? Buy a car with those seats installed.

EVRider | 5 mars 2019

I have the premium seats (textile) in my current 2018 Model S and has the next-generation leather seats in my 2016 Model S. The next gen seats were the most comfortable car seats I've ever had. The premium seats feel pretty good too (though different), but I haven't done any long road trips with those yet so time will tell.

I know seat comfort depends on your build, but keep playing with the position of the next gen seats and maybe you'll find one that works for you.

s1156335 | 5 mars 2019

EVRider thanks for your comment. I am a 5.9 guy and heavier build. I agree with you cause the premium textile seats in 2018 vehicles feel very comfy for me. My wife feels very comfortable on the nex gen seats though. This was used car purchase from Tesla and not sure if you know or mot you don’t get to test drive the vehicles only buy it with photos. The issue is I had test driven a couple Model Ss before I purchased mine a couple months ago but all the ones I tested had the newer seats. I have tried all different positions of the seat with no luck. It just sucks that Tesla doesn’t upgrade them even though I am willing to pay...

nothotpocket | 5 mars 2019

From the manual: Warning: Do not use seat covers in Model S. Doing so could restrict deployment of the seat-mounted side airbags if a collision occurs. It can also reduce the accuracy of the occupant detection system.

Tldickerson | 5 mars 2019

@s1156335, you can try going to a local auto upholstery shop and see if they have any suggestions. I know that nothotpocket posted the warning about seat covers but I had a 2014 Model S and the driver seat killed me on long drives. I had plush sheep skin seat covers installed that have openings for the side air bags. They also added a little extra foam under the bottom seat cover and it made a world of difference in the feel of my seat. Just some added food for thought.

vp09 | 5 mars 2019

s1156335 I am selling my S90D 2016 April build with real leather seats for 58k-- See ad on It just turned 14,001 miles. We drove it from L.A. to Texas and back (not one cent for fuel) and perfect comfort from those seats for both of us. I'm selling because I finally have my Blue Star!

lmtsla | 11 février 2020

s1156335 did you consider 2nd gen seats from 2014? They are wider, should work better for heavier build person. I would swap seats with you if you are interested.