Is the "Tesla Network" dead?

Is the "Tesla Network" dead?

Tesla no longer mentions its autonomous ridesharing, the "Tesla Network" anywhere on

Is the Tesla Network dead, before it ever was born? Say it ain't so, Elon! Why is Tesla suddenly completely silent on this topic? Autonomous ridesharing was supposed to help customers pay for our Model 3's. Whahappened???

weluvm3 | 6 mars 2019

I guess reality caught up with the dream.

Carl Thompson | 6 mars 2019

I knew the idea of a "Tesla Network" where we get paid by Tesla to use our cars for ride-sharing was deceptive hype and would never really happen. It simply never made any sense financially for Tesla to do it that way. Even if Tesla actually had real self-driving it would always work out cheaper for them to use their own cars rather ours. (Unless they paid us such a tiny amount it didn't even cover wear and tear.)

SamO | 6 mars 2019

So much certainty (NEVER, twice) from someone who appears to be cornering the market on ignorance.

tommytesla3 | 7 mars 2019

Even if it was ready, there’s so much red tape to get through with regulation and laws that it would take years to get that ball rolling for legalization.

vmulla | 7 mars 2019

- Infrastructure is the and it's getting better (the cars)
- The idea is viable (look at Uber, Lyft etc)
- Competition thinks it's worth investing in (all the other self driving companies, Uber, waymo etc)

It's certainly the future, Tesla might have hit the pause button due to market realities. But don't give up on the idea.

theblindtree | 7 mars 2019

My guess is that they've started to reel in a lot of their claims. Not that they won't happen eventually, just that they were getting ahead of themselves by announcing them to the public well before they're fleshed out. Seems like it makes people crazy...hmm, hehe!

spuzzz123 | 7 mars 2019

Phil is back yay. Incredible coincidence that in the same week Tesla announced their $35k SR version, Shock, Mos, Wantmy, and Phil reemerge after long absences, with all new troll topics? At least Shock had the graciousness to admit some progress made by won't see that from the other 3.

Firaz.ashraf | 7 mars 2019

LOL - trolls trying to show Tesla owners the "light". Lets poll the audience: How many here bought your tesla placing reliance on the "Tesla Network" and if it does not come online you are expected you cant afford your tesla?
Let me start: What a dumb idea. Why would i want anyone in my car?

jimglas | 7 mars 2019

@Firaz: first I have heard of it

jordanrichard | 7 mars 2019

Carl T, just how is mentioning something in a blog considered "hype"? A constant borage of magazine and TV ads would be "hype".

It's like all of these reviews of any of Tesla's products, they often say something along the lines of "...does it live up to the hype". Tesla or Elon Tweets something once and suddenly that is hype?

Magic 8 Ball | 7 mars 2019

@jordan It's just Carl krappn' in the kitchen again.

carlk | 7 mars 2019

I was going to say this board has gotten a little bored without those trolls coming to show their respect. Good to know Tesla is still on their mind.

Carl Thompson | 7 mars 2019


I agree that self-driving ride-sharing networks are the future. What I've always disagreed with is Tesla supposedly paying us what we'd consider to be a reasonable amount to use our cars in their network. It makes no logical financial sense for Tesla to do that and it never did. That's why I considered it hype designed to persuade people to buy cars.


My recollection is that Tesla hyped it up pretty good. And many people here seemingly bought into that hype and talked about how they would use their money from the Tesla Network to help pay for their cars. So it worked.

sheldon.mike1010 | 7 mars 2019

I and a lot of others did not buy the car based on a Tesla Network. It's future-thinking that will bloom when and if the regulatory and technical frameworks are in place, not before. They didn't promise more than that. I'm not at all disappointed.

rschmidt30 | 19 avril 2019

I did not buy my model 3 because of a promised Tesla Network. Intrigued by the idea but in the meantime I drive for Uber and customers love it. I doubt there is any way to beat Tesla in the race for self driving cars. The number of their cars out on the road using their system is giving them a database no one else has. Studying that database combined with user feedback is priceless. As their driving audience becomes younger with the lower prices, the tech comfortable new users will greatly increase the use of the self driving mode accelerating the perfection of their system. Their auto leasing model of no sales only returns will greatly increase the number of vehicles they have available for their Network.

rdavis | 19 avril 2019

Waymo has them beat right now by a pretty good bit... but my guess is that over the next 1 to 5 years that gap will close in a rapid manner and be surpassed.

BTW, Tesla/Musk talked about the Tesla Network just the other day.... so I don't believe the "idea" is dead.

Kary993 | 19 avril 2019

Carl - Why do you refrain from using the words always and never in your posts, then you fortune telling will sound less of a rant on the opposite side.

For the rest of us, I really don't have any interest in using my car like an Uber, though in the future I could see others might want to do that. There is one thing for sure, there will be an autonomous ride sharing network out there it just remains to be seen who are the winners and certainly there might be a few not just one.