Can Autopilot hardware v1.0 be upgraded to v2.0 - Looking at some pre-owned Model-S

Can Autopilot hardware v1.0 be upgraded to v2.0 - Looking at some pre-owned Model-S

Hello folks,

Tesla noob here.
I was looking to jump into the E-Bandwagon. Having owned a lowly C-Max before, can definitely see the benefits of an electric car.

I was looking at some of the pre-owned ones on Tesla's website (Ex: 2016 Model S 90D) that says Autopilot hardware (i assume v1.0)
When i spoke to the advisors, they indicated that v1.0 has only 4 cameras (vs v.2.0 that is supposed to have 8 cameras) and hence Enhance Autopilot and in the future full-self driving cannot be enabled on those vehicles.

Looking at a similarly equipped mileage 2017 model S, the price jumps up by atleast 25k.
I understand that it is a model year newer and perhaps the price you pay for Autopilot v2.0, but that difference is ridiculous.

I wanted to confirm that older models (like the one i was looking at that has the 1.0 hardware) cannot be upgraded (both software/hardware) to the Enhanced Autopilot option.


murphyS90D | 16 mars 2019

AP 1.0 has 1 camera and can't be upgraded.
2016 is a special case. The switch from 1.0 to 2.0 hardware happened toward the end of 2016.

Tldickerson | 16 mars 2019

I have a June 2016 P90D with AP1 and love it. Works great for everyday freeway driving. Myself I wouldn't even think about paying extra for AP2 or AP2.5. If you can get one that still has V8 software I would get that one too and don't even update to V9.

inconel | 16 mars 2019

AP 1.0 actually has 2 cameras while 2.0 has 8. It can't be upgraded.
1.0 does not do advanced autopilot such as auto-lane change or navigate on autopilot, but the traffic aware cruise control and auto-steering of 1.0 is as good as 2.0. | 16 mars 2019

Both Murphy and Inconel are sort of correct. The AP1 car has two cameras, but only one is used for AP1. The second camera is only used to show backup images in reverse. On AP2 the rear camera is additionally used as part of the AP system.

Can't say I agree with Tidickerson on staying with V8. V9 has many new features and a couple of minor annoyances have been corrected since it was released. Rare to hear of anyone still wanting v8, but there are some strange combinations that v8 works better. If you don't want navigation and maps, never listen to music, like to view the rear camera while driving forward, and also show the web browser, V8 may be a better choice.

Boonedocks | 16 mars 2019

On your switch from a C-Max to a Model will LOVE IT no matter which you choose. I drove my 100 mile daily commute in a C-Max for two years before getting my first Model S in 2015. Best commute car you could ever wish for!!!

Tldickerson | 16 mars 2019 , I listen to Music 24/7. I just don't need to see it on the big screen in order to hear it. I can adjust and mute the sound with the scroll wheel. I leave it on one country channel unless I'm on a road trip which isn't very often. I prefer Tesla Waze and whatever else I might want. I use the Tesla maps for directions. Rotate the screen whenever I want to, my choice.

akikiki | 16 mars 2019

TT even I have moved up to v9. But just this past week. And you are correct as usual on all counts.

EVRider | 17 mars 2019

Even if you could upgrade the hardware, you would end up spending as much or more than buying a car that already has the upgraded hardware. Why bother?