Question about my NEMA 14-50 Outlet

Question about my NEMA 14-50 Outlet

Hello -

I was just contacted by my electrician who installed my outdoor NEMA 14-50R. He was calling because he believes the outlet he installed isn't high enough quality of an outlet that I need. He literally said that my outlet could "melt" Personally I don't think he realizes that I'm only charging at 32A and not 50A .....

He further explained that he believed my NEMA 14-50R (the brand is Cooper) needed to be replaced with an outlet made by Hubble he gave the product number as: HWD HBL 9450A

I'm not sure what the difference is? isn't all NEMA 14-50's the same?

I suppose he may be worried about plugging and unplugging from the outlet so much, may wear and tear the components down since it isn't "an RV outlet" was his words?

Honestly I just feel a little confused and not sure if I need to replace the brand new outlet that I had installed. So far (3 days) it charges fine, no problems at all and I just don't know if I need to spend another $200 to replace this outlet I just had installed. Can anyone help me think through this?

thank you,
Model 3 long range owner

lilbean | 29 mars 2019

Too bad you didn't have a good electrician.

JPPTM | 29 mars 2019

Duplicate post---duplicate answer:

Smart electrician--you want a high quality 'industrial grade' receptacle that can handle multiple insertions & removals of the NEMA 14-50 plug and also have good quality connections/terminals to attach the wiring to. Some folks have used the $8 Home Depot version and have run into problems with loose connections, loose socket, etc. Just stick with the make/model that Tesla specs, and you will be fine. Maybe your electrician installed a lower spec Cooper part originally.

Frank99 | 29 mars 2019

Consumer-grade 14-50R outlets are installed every day for electric ranges, and run about $10. They meet all requirements, and are perfectly safe. But....
Have you ever had a normal 120V outlet that didn't hold plugs tightly? One that a slight movement of the cord causes a light to flicker, or the vacuum to shut off? Those plugs meet all requirement also, and are "perfectly safe", but have worn out due to the number of times they've been used (or abused, in the case of an outlet used for a vacuum where the cord gets yanked a number of different directions.).
The commercial grade receptacles that Tesla notes as examples (Hubbel HBL9450A, Cooper 5754N) are built more ruggedly, and shouldn't have such "loose" issues in your or my lifetime.

Frank99 | 29 mars 2019

One follow-up: Take off the cover plate (safe if you're careful and don't stick anything into the electrical box behind it), and see what the model is that's been installed (it should be stamped on the sheet metal holding the outlet in place). If it's a Cooper 5754N, then you're fine - he installed an acceptable receptacle. If it's not, then consider how many times you're gonna plug/unplug - if you're gonna do it daily, then it's probably worthwhile upgrading.

neilhamrin | 29 mars 2019

Perhaps I am the one of few that see no need to plug/unplug daily as I feel no need to carry the charge cord in the car. Yes, on occasion but maybe once a month. or if leaving my "home" area.

Frank99 | 29 mars 2019

My UMC got plugged in once, and hasn't moved since then. I was originally thinking of buying a second UMC to carry in the car - but with the spread of Superchargers, I just don't see much of a need even here in the wilds of Arizona.

jordanrichard | 30 mars 2019

OP, one, the “50” in “14-50” denotes the max amperage, but your car as you noted won’t be pulling anywhere near that. You electrician is probably thinking that you will be constantly plugging and unplugging the socket, which you shouldn’t be needing to do anyways.

Tesla2018 | 30 mars 2019

Hubble makes outlets that are rated for outdoor heavy duty use. Mainly for marinas when boats are plugging into shore power at docks on a daily basis. Their outlets cost about $100 but you never have to worry about them. I am friends with the founders grandson and their company has been around forever.

jordanrichard | 31 mars 2019

So a Hubble outlet would be overkill for a residential garage installation where the UMC will be left plugged in.

Tesla2018 | 31 mars 2019

@jordanrichatd As long as its plugged in you are fine with a $15 Home Depot one. If you plug it in over a 100 times then it might need to be replaced. Its like using a circuit breaker as a light switch. They are meant to be turned off and on in rare instances.If you do it a few times ever day it will wear out in a short time.

kcheng | 31 mars 2019

Shouldn't your electrician swap out the Cooper for the Hubble for free? He did the Cooper install, right?

Frank99 | 1 avril 2019

Why swap it out? A Cooper 5754N is one of Tesla's recommended receptacles...