Wind Noise after Windshield Replacement

Wind Noise after Windshield Replacement

Wife's M3 got a rock to the windshield causing a ding that required replacement. Our local high-end Tesla-approved body shop here in San Diego (Amato's) replaced it, but wife immediately noted new wind noise when driving over 30mph, louder when going faster.

Car is still in the shop. Service specialist explained to me that the problem is not the windshield. There are apparently two stuctural metal pieces behind the dash, below the windshield bottom edge, that are supposed to have a sealant applied to them and then get riveted together. They are seeing that there are some air pockets in the sealant layer where it should be solid, that could be trapping air or otherwise result in air vortices that make noise. They surmise that the two pieces may have been slightly out of alignment when placed together, presumably by a robot, to be riveted. Manipulating the windshield to remove it could cause slight separation of the sealant, opening more/larger pockets, explaining why the noise wasn't there before... Rivets are fine, not a structural issue.

He told me they have three Model 3s now in the shop with windshields off - TWO of them are exhibiting this issue, the other is fine. They are working with Tesla to make sure Tesla opens a ticket on the issue (and to get it covered under warranty, needless to say).

Just putting it out there. Interesting. I know quite a few windshields get replaced - something to ask about it you get wind noise. (Anyone have this happen?)

Should have the car back Monday.

suku_moorthy | 16 mai 2019

Hi, thanks for the post. I have the same issue after local Tesla Service Center replaced my windshield. I will take it back to have them check it.

SteveWin1 | 17 mai 2019

My wind noise is actually reduced since getting my windshield replaced. Not sure why. Got it replaced at the local Tesla service center. Very happy with the replacement, although my car smells like the sealant now. Hopefully that will fade.