2019.12 anyone get it yet? Besides early beta program

2019.12 anyone get it yet? Besides early beta program

I see on that 2019.12 got a bump in downloads today, I’m wondering if anyone that’s not part of the early beta program got it yet.

Excited to get it.

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

Glad you asked....I'm taking delivery tomorrow & also requested this version from my Delivery Advisor.

jjt2122 | 18 avril 2019

Hopefully they do it for you

elecfan2 | 18 avril 2019

All those new installs are for Model S and X, the number of Model 3 installs on TeslaFi hasn't changed. They also seem to be releasing a few updates for Model 3 with version 2019.8.6.1

rogerdata | 18 avril 2019

I have it but I am not part of early Beta program. I have a P3-.

Whdame | 18 avril 2019

2019.12 is not part of the early access program. That is a different version number that is coming out for everyone. The early access beta contains enhanced summons and is not the version you are talking about.

tdwin2000 | 18 avril 2019

Someone on the web posted that the early access version was 2019.9 with Enhanced Summon. When is the final version coming out for everyone?

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

What is a P3- vs. P3+ ???

+ Has track mode??

kinupeiphone | 18 avril 2019

Getting a software update now. Has to be 12.x. Haven’t heard about any other version. Currently on 8.6

ODWms | 18 avril 2019

P3+ came with 20" wheels compared to 19", red performance brake calipers, lowered suspension, higher (155 (now 162) mph top speed), aluminum brake and accelerator pedals, carbon fiber spoiler on back.

kinupeiphone | 18 avril 2019

No early access

melmartin | 18 avril 2019

I have it but it's been a bit of a mess... lot's of screen re-boots that I've never had before. Like the improved browser. Still lot's of phantom braking.

Don't be too excited to get this one.

walnotr | 18 avril 2019

I got 2019.12 about a week ago. It hasn’t been a mess on my car. It also does not include advanced summon. It does seem to have more phantom braking around other cars. I haven’t been able to discern exactly why but seems to have something to do with other cars moving around me.

jimglas | 18 avril 2019

@jjGunn: P3D- has 18" wheels and no brake upgrade, it does have track mode
P3D- is no longer offered

M3D | 18 avril 2019

i got it a week ago - not early access - M3 AWD still fairly new. I still had a reboot, but not as often as 8.5 (just an impression), Autopilot is ....twitchier, as mentioned above, phantom braking as it tries to guess what other cars are doing around you. I will say that today I had the joy of getting a migraine while driving, and it was only because of autopilot that I was able to finish my trip without pulling over, not a use case that I would have expected when I ponied up for the feature!

Whdame | 18 avril 2019

tdwin2000 - it will be a needs work.

gmr6415 | 18 avril 2019

I've gotten 8.3, 8.4, 8.5 and just got 8.6 tonight.

jjgunn | 18 avril 2019

@ODWms & @jimglas

Thx! Guess I have the "+"

CST | 18 avril 2019

I've had it for a week now (or more), not in early access.

bruryan | 18 avril 2019

teslafi indicates all the recent downloads were to model S. There hasn't been a 3 mentioned since the eleventh. Maybe one in Germany more recently. 321 to 42, with nearly nothing for the 3 in some time.

kinupeiphone | 18 avril 2019

WENT FROM 8.6 TO 8.6.1. WIERD.

@bruryan I thought teslafi is only reporting on cars that are registered to it's services, not all cars.

SteveWin1 | 19 avril 2019,
Over a thousand model 3s are actively reporting their software version to TeslaFi. Pretty unlikely that something will happen that wont be represented by at least a few cars on TeslaFi. We don't need a census to know what is going on, just a large enough sample size.

jimglas | 19 avril 2019

Enjoy jjgunn!
Drive it like you stole it!

PECo CT | 19 avril 2019

I got 8.6.1 in Connecticut, last night. LR DM

mtapes | 19 avril 2019

From what I see on TeslaFi, they have ~5K reporting cars split about equally between 3 & S/X.