Old 7 seater config vs 6 seats

Old 7 seater config vs 6 seats

I’m looking for a decent deal on a used X from 2016. Noticed the 2nd row on 7 seats config used to be motorized seats that independently move compared to the current manual bench system.
We don’t need the 2nd row to flatten since we need to put either 3 car seats and use 3rd row as extra passengers/cargo, or find a 6 seats config and split the 3 car seats between rows.
Any suggestion? Is the 7 seat practical?
Thank you

Vawlkus | 23 avril 2019

You’re looking for the monopost seats. I believe they were swapped out a little after August 2017 (right after I got my 6 seater X). There’s a secondary thing to note with that generation of X: they will be limited to AP2, as I believe AP 2.5 came after the seat swap.

FilippoQuinto | 23 avril 2019

Yes the monopost seats, I was wondering if anyone had experience with that and car seats 3 in a row.
Hard to find any certified used X with 2.5 AP hardware around 70k unfortunately :/

Vawlkus | 24 avril 2019

Not myself no, no kids of my own and all my nephews don’t need them anymore. :P

Third row has anchor points for them, but the middle row is easier access for them with the falcon wing doors.

colorczar | 24 avril 2019

I have both configurations of Model X (7 seat - monopost & 7 seat - bench).
I much prefer the monopost (ie. original) design.

You can fit 3 car seats across the 2nd row. In case it's not obvious, this will require seats with a narrow base.
We used the Diono radian series (& various boosters have also worked in combination for 3 across the 2nd row).

These cars have been exceptional for our family, commuting, road trips etc.

alex | 7 mai 2019

I purchased a used (not CPO anymore) 2016 Model X 90D at the beginning of April. It has the monopost 7 seat configuration. I don't have young kids so I have not used a car seat. But I can tell you that even though the space in the third row is quite cramped, it is very easy to get in and out. With the second row moved forward, I.m about 5'9 and I can stand in the 2nd row and my head is not even close to the top of the door.

packpike | 7 mai 2019

We love our 6 seater. We currently have 1 rear facing seat in the middle row and 1 booster in the 3rd row.