Ford Electric

Ford Electric

Ford has one electric car on the market now. It's batteries and electric motor kludged into a Ford Focus. With maintenance making up 80% of an ICE dealer's net profit, dealers are in no hurry to sell electric. But Ford now has a special group to study and develop electric cars: Team Edison. The irony is thick.

jimglas | 29 avril 2019

Electric will never work, you would need a really long extension cord

TabascoGuy | 29 avril 2019

@jim, that would work for me as I only have a small circle of family and friends. | 29 avril 2019

Wonder if Team Edison will use an Edison style DC motor for the EV? It would be good for dealers as the brushes will wear out ever 5,000 miles requiring a service - just like an ICE oil change!

sbeggs | 29 avril 2019

Good one, @TeslaTap!

rxlawdude | 29 avril 2019

You know who had a Team Edison? Theranos. Look it up. ;0)

jordanrichard | 29 avril 2019

Is this Electric Focus available in every state? If not, then it shouldn’t be said that Ford sell a BEV. I see videos and articles quoting something like 80 different EVs available and I am thinking, where? Then I realize the article was written by someone in CA. CA is NOT the country.

blue adept | 2 mai 2019

I've heard that Ford is investing in EV truck startup, Rivian, to (I'm guessing) acquire actual electric vehicle technology that will help them bring a viable product to market since, you know, they appear to need the help:

Pepperidge | 2 mai 2019

@TabascoGuy only Tesla owners can post.

carlk | 3 mai 2019

@blue adept EV is not that a new technology. The fact that Ford would go to a small start up that had never had a product for help speaks volume of how much it knows and how much risks it wants to take. $500 million is far less than it would require to have an in house development program but chance of success is pretty minimal too. Blind leads blind usully not going to get you anywhere.

andy.connor.e | 3 mai 2019

EV focus is available, but only gets like 80 or 90 miles per charge. And its not like its inexpensive compared to SR+ Model 3.

andy.connor.e | 3 mai 2019

I stand corrected. Looks like the focus has been discontinued this year. Would have to buy a used one. And the fusion is a plugin hybrid.

jordanrichard | 3 mai 2019

Andy, was the Ford Focus EV available everywhere?

andy.connor.e | 3 mai 2019

Dont know. It was always on their website, but never actually noticed availability in certain regions.

TabascoGuy | 3 mai 2019

@Pepperidge, what was that response in regards to?

blue adept | 3 mai 2019


Good point, it's just nice to see them (Furd) making an effort by demonstrating some degree of incentive to make the transition from ICE to electric powered vehicles...

Then again, this could prove to be yet another dog and pony show where they're able to come out and say they've made a good faith effort, but found further pursuit of the effort to be unfeasible like GM did with the EV1.

Time will tell.