AutoSteer requires you to watch the dash, not the road

AutoSteer requires you to watch the dash, not the road

Been using auto steer for two years now, and I have an issue with it.

The idea that you should see a message on the dash telling you to wiggle the steering wheel to prove that you are paying attention is ridiculous, when in reality you should be watching the road not the dash. If it were accompanied by a tone (like the tones used to confirm auto-steer on/off or navigate on auto steer on/off, not the jump-out-of-your-shoes tone that you get if you don't react fast enough to the message), then I would know that it was time to wiggle the steering wheel without constantly taking my eyes off the road to see if there is a message on the dash. BTW, I always have my hands on the steering wheel, but of course the car doesn't know that because you have to fight the auto steer so much that you risk disabling auto-steer and TACC (or constantly change the audio volume) for the car to know you're holding the wheel.

sentabo | 3 mai 2019

I agree, a soft tone alert to let you know you need to apply torque to the steering wheel would be a good option.

AERODYNE | 3 mai 2019

I find the nag of the lit border on the main screen of my MS is picked up in my peripheral vision and I don't have to take my eyes of the road

SoCal Buzz | 3 mai 2019

There is a tone. Just wait a few seconds.

murphyS90D | 4 mai 2019

Keep both hands on the wheel and actively follow what is going on and there will never be a warning to see.

TeslaKU | 4 mai 2019

My mobile phone and PC can talk to me. Why can't verbal warnings be an option?

bhanuk99 | 4 mai 2019

@jackrg I agree 100%. It seems like the adage 'keep your eyes on the road while driving' is not valid if you use AP in my car. My hands are on the wheels, any way. This is very irritating especially when you are driving long stretches like on NJTP with the sun hitting dash. You have to keep your eyes on the road and if you do, you can't see the nag and by the time you hear and see the Red it is too late and you have to re-engage the AP. An alarm that you can hear when it first nags you is very useful.

Silver2K | 4 mai 2019

Never had to stare at my dash when using AP, because I listen to the instructions given.

I know it's hard and a new concept to keep your hand (s) on the wheel when driving a motor vehicle, but Tesla and I feel you can do it.

jackrg | 4 mai 2019

@SocalBuzz that tone is the "jump-out-of-your-shoes" tone that, if you get it three times, AutoSteer is disabled for the rest of the drive.

jackrg | 4 mai 2019

@murphys90d as I said in the OP, I do keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road -- they're plenty of people on here complaining about the car's inability to recognize that your hands are on the wheel.

jackrg | 4 mai 2019

@TeslaKU great idea!

jackrg | 4 mai 2019

@Silver2K apparently you haven't gotten the concept of reading and understanding the OP before posting. I specifically said that I DO keep my hands on the wheel, but the car seems to be incapable of recognizing that I'm holding the wheel unless I torque it within .0001 foot-pound of disengaging the AS. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I'm not the only one complaining about that. The current design would be okay if they added an audible warning that wasn't the "final" warning.

jackrg | 4 mai 2019

@Aerodyne that might be the intent, but I can tell you that it doesn't work for me, as I've had the AS disabled on a number of occasions because of three of the red-border-with-audible-signal conditions. Clearly they realized it was appropriate to include an audible warning with the red border, why not a less-jarring audible warning with the white border?

Daisy the Road ... | 4 mai 2019

Most of the times that it (falsely) complains about me not having my hands on the steering wheel are on straight sections of freeway. There you want to go straight ahead, and it makes no sense to steer left and right to keep the system happy. The easiest way to keep it happy would be to weight one side of the wheel. I can we how this test makes the lawyers feel better, but it is a poor test for paying attention to the road.

TranzNDance | 4 mai 2019

I've gotten the audible warning but hadn't gotten to three. In your experience, was it three in a row for the same incident or the total across a drive that resulted in AP Time-out?

EVRider | 4 mai 2019

It’s easy to miss the visual warning in the S, and it’s even easier to miss in the 3, so I agree that an audible (but not obnoxious) alert would be helpful. For those of us who actually have our hands on the wheel, vibrating the wheel would work, but of course that won’t help otherwise. :-)

Silver2K | 4 mai 2019

You're right! I did miss the BTW portion I just saw the bitching part and stopped there.

I would have mentioned how you drive first then bitch and moan.

My friends and I never get the message when following the instructions. I and the people I know keep one hand at the bottom left quadrant to avoid the message.

Silver2K | 4 mai 2019

If you have trump hands, you may have this problem.

Silver2K | 4 mai 2019

Waiting for the warning while driving!AihnWpuO55swiPJjZ7DR_iCHagPwaA

Tldickerson | 4 mai 2019

@Daisy the Road, weight is the way to go.

GHammer | 4 mai 2019

Wow, so much hysteria.

1. There IS an audible reminder tone before you get put in the penalty box. You only get put in the penalty box if you get the reminder tone three times in a certain time period.

2. I have three Teslas all of them require just a small torque nowhere near the disengagement point. If you're having a problem balancing this you either need to see a service center or a neurologist.

sentabo | 4 mai 2019

No hysteria from me. I don't have issues with the nag but I agree with the OP. It wouldn't hurt to have an unobtrusive tone in conjunction with the initial screen warning, especially if one had the option in the settings to engage it or not.

TranzNDance | 4 mai 2019

It would be nice if the NoA nag chime had been used for the AP nag. That's what I'm thinking when I hear that chime.

Dramsey | 4 mai 2019

I find it quite tiring to keep just the right amount of constant torque on the wheel to keep the nag quiet, without accidentally disengaging AP. In fact it's easier for me to simply drive the car manually.

redacted | 4 mai 2019

I would like to see Tesla apply some of it's AI knowledge to detecting hands on the wheel without requiring much torque. The current system doesn't recognize hands on the wheel well at all, surely AI could do better.

EVRider | 5 mai 2019

@redacted: I don’t think AI has anything to do with it — it’s the design of the sensors in the wheel. It would require different sensors to detect your hands without tugging the wheel.

kerryglittle | 5 mai 2019

I just rest my hand on the cross piece and never get the nag. Does the dash still have that glow ring around it if you don't react to the message? I don't know about most people but the less tones the better. Maybe Tesla could link the fart app to it though. LOL.

murphyS90D | 5 mai 2019

There are no sensors in the steering wheel. Torque is detected as extra resistance when the steering motor tries to turn the wheel. It's a standard design. My 2013 Ford Fusion Energi does it the same way.

Putt Putt | 5 mai 2019

I get a white bar on the bottom of rhe screen when the message pops up, but it blends in with the chrome strip on the bottom. Was better when the white bar was on the top, it stood out more, easier to see.And I knew what it meant.

Silver2K | 5 mai 2019

redacted | May 4, 2019
I would like to see Tesla apply some of it's AI knowledge to detecting hands on the wheel without requiring much torque. The current system doesn't recognize hands on the wheel well at all, surely AI could do better.
Watch the video I posted.

Tldickerson | 5 mai 2019

I like my fix.

Silver2K | 5 mai 2019

if you add anything to the steering wheel, you are creating an unsafe situation and should not be recommended to anyone.

your hand is enough to stop the nagging and if it doesn't stop nagging you then you need to do something else to stop the nagging and that something cannot and should not be an attachment to the steering wheel.

avesraggiana | 5 mai 2019

I wish Tesla would disregard their ‘fraidy cat lawyers and reset the nag intervals from every 15 to 20 seconds to what they were when we first got our Teslas, every 60 to 90 seconds.

It would be even better if they gave us back what AP1 owners had at the very beginning - no nag at all.

redacted | 5 mai 2019

@silver2k Perhaps if you drive on washboard roads and watch The Price is Right as you seem to, it recognizes your hands on the wheel. I can put one hand at the bottom or two hands at the bottom but unless I'm torquing the wheel, it won't recognize that I've got my hands on the wheel.

Daisy the Road ... | 5 mai 2019

But just having your hand evenly balanced on the wheel doesn't work on straightaways. Within as little as 1/4 mile you get nagged about not having your hands on the wheel. Randomly steering back and forth to keep the system pacified makes little sense. A great system would watch the drivers eyes, ensuring alertness. These systems already exist.

SO | 5 mai 2019

I just grab the wheel with one hand at 8 o’clock. The weight is enough torque on the wheel to where I never get the nag. Easy

Silver2K | 5 mai 2019

redacted | May 5, 2019
@silver2k Perhaps if you drive on washboard roads and watch The Price is Right as you seem to, it recognizes your hands on the wheel. I can put one hand at the bottom or two hands at the bottom but unless I'm torquing the wheel, it won't recognize that I've got my hands on the wheel.

I don't get the price is right reference, but I was driving on a very smooth road.

SoCal Buzz | 5 mai 2019

@kerry / putt putt, there is a white bar on top and flashing speed gradually increases until warning chime begins (2019.1.2). It's rather obvious and I prefer the current design to any type of excess noise.

Ohmster | 5 mai 2019

My left hand on the wheel at 10:00. Never get nagged.

kerryglittle | 5 mai 2019

Thats what I do Ohmster. I agree with Silver you shouldn't bypass the safety system. If you ever get in a serious accident its your fault. Sure I did try it once for a few miles just to see if it could be done but I didn't feel it was a wise thing to do and haven't done it since.

Stiction | 5 mai 2019

I drive the car. I have never gotten a nag on autosteer.
The autosteer backs me up and I back it up. Together we are more reliable than either.

MySin_AZ | 6 mai 2019

That nag is just too tame...what I would like to see is something on the center screen..for example,

Rodney Dangerfield would pop and say "What no respect-keep you hands on the wheel"

H. Youngman - "Take my car please-cause you can't follow f ing directions"

Jon Snow - "For gods sake man, don't make me send the dragons after you"

Now, that would get me attention...

DermMD | 7 mai 2019

Good points here. Someone talked about seeing the light in the peripheral vision which is also what I have experienced the few times I have neglected to apply torque to the wheel. It may also be helpful to note that sensing your hands on the where is not some magical tactile feature the car has. The car senses torques and therefore merely resting your hands on the wheel is not enough nor is holding firmly in place.

DermMD | 7 mai 2019

Ok so I can't edit comments. Well I meant hands on the wheel and torque

TranzNDance | 7 mai 2019

Have you had your peripheral vision checked? I'm usually able to see the message despite keeping my eyes on the road. Or could it be how you position yourself that the message is difficult to see in the peripheral?

kerryglittle | 7 mai 2019

Trump hands need not apply. LMAO.

Yodrak. | 7 mai 2019

I've developed the habit of fidgeting with the steering wheel, which keeps the "nag" at bay and doesn't require any where near enough torquing to disengage autopilot or cause the car to move back and forth, so let's not be so melodramatic.

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 mai 2019

I'm with @Yodrak,
I just kind of nudge the wheel where it should be going without over-thinking it or looking at the dash. Sometimes it nags me a bit but we seem to be on good terms in general. I haven't been put in the penalty box for over a year.

Tldickerson | 7 mai 2019

The only time I get put in the penalty box is when I push the pedal to hard and get the car over 90 MPH then the AP shuts down until I get off the freeway and put the car in park.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 mai 2019

14 ounces of 1/8" lead sheet metal, cut and wrapped on back of one side of wheel hub = no more nag. Not recommended for street use. Available on amazon. Restores original hands-free driving as initially provided to us early adopters in the first AP roll-out.

There are lots of videos of Elon and his family driving hands-free during that period. There was no initial hands-on admonition from Tesla for the first few months after Ap roll-out in 2015. However, after a few a**h***s posted videos of driving from the back seat and doing other inadvisable things, the lawyers kicked in and Tesla added hands-on torque monitoring in a software update.

Clearly the company and its engineers (and at least one key executive) believed that even in its original clunky version, AP-enhanced drivers could be trusted to maintain situational awareness without the nanny. I thought that was crazy and said so on this forum at the time, but I have a lawyerly/accountants aversion to risk, so anticipated the nanny update. Other manufacturers have a more sophisticated approach that eliminates the OP's concern - using a driver-facing camera to monitor eye movements, ensuring active driver road monitoring.

gridley1950 | 8 mai 2019

My AP1 works great. Left hand at 8, 9 or 10 o'clock keeps it happy and makes for a relaxing drive. I have been put in the penalty box 1 time in two years while I learned how it works.