Just bought a CPO, what kind of connection should I expect?

Just bought a CPO, what kind of connection should I expect?

I just bought a 2015 Tesla Model S (11/2015). Does anyone know what cellular connection is expected on these? Should I see LTE or 4G?

egonzo21 | 7 mai 2019

I have an 11/15 MS 70 and it has LTE. so you should be good to go.

Here are the options as they rolled out:

Looks like as of June:
June General In early June of 2015, new 4G LTE data connectivity hardware quietly began being installed at the factory on new model S production cars. The 4G LTE connectivity hardware replaced the previous 3G data connection hardware. Download data speeds for all apps and over the air software downloads should be more reponsive with this new connectivity. Owners of older vehicles can retrofit the LTE cellular hardware into their vehicles at a Tesla Service Center for around $500.

egonzo21 | 7 mai 2019

Also Congrats!

kerryglittle | 7 mai 2019

My 2015 P85D has LTE. Not sure what the build date was off hand. Might have been in June.

Jcastillo18 | 7 mai 2019

Congratulations it should be 4g Lte

ageiss | 7 mai 2019

Thanks guys! I'll make sure 4G LTE is turned on then. I'm excited, I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end, but this CPO process is a bit of a rodeo.

ageiss | 7 mai 2019

Oh one more question. Do you all pay something annually for the connection? | 7 mai 2019

There was talk about $100/year after 4 years, but nothing has been implemented yet that I know of. So you might get hit with a a cost in June (on your 2015 S), but more likely it will continue for some time for free.

PrescottRichard | 7 mai 2019

Minor quibble- there are no more CPOs that I’m aware of, it’s as is so look over your car carefully, drive it and listen for noises, etc.

The pics they sent should help a bit, if there are rulers in them then that means there’s something damaged.

ageiss | 7 mai 2019

Prescott - Not sure what you mean by that. It has to pass a 70 point mechanical and cosmetic test in order to hit the Used Inventory, and further more comes with a 4/50 or 2/100 warranty. There was no damage at all identified in any of my pictures. Maybe it's not called CPO anymore? but to me whether you refer to it as a CPO or not it is definitely a program ya know?

egonzo21 | 7 mai 2019

They no longer recondition the cars.............just inspect them: | 7 mai 2019

@kerryglittle - if it matters the build date is on the Tesla sticker at the base of the driver’s “B” pillar. Look at the top left of the sticker for the month/year (11/16) build date.

akikiki | 7 mai 2019

How do the new connectivity options impact current Tesla owners?
All Tesla cars ordered on or before June 30, 2018 will continue to have access to their existing Premium Connectivity features at no cost for as long as the car is active. As additional apps and services become available in the future, owners will have the opportunity to upgrade their connectivity plan.

PrescottRichard | 7 mai 2019

@ageiss- what egonzo21 said. Apparently the CPO program would fix things the ‘70 point inspection’ program only documents. So it’s more ‘as-is’ now, and if you can get someone to tell you what 70 points are inspected then you have had better luck than I had! I’m happy with the 2016 90D I bought, btw. Just be aware is all :)

kerryglittle | 7 mai 2019

Thanks Never actually looked for it before. so its 2/15 and have LTE.

ageiss | 7 mai 2019

Prescott - I mean kinda...Tesla isn't stupid enough to just throw a 4/50k warranty on an "as is" car. I believe they are inspecting something, so again if an inspection is being done and they are stamping it with a 4/50k it's still a CPO program. "As is" never includes a warranty, so I'm just not sure we can call it that.

I've been wrestling for the 70 point inspection report myself and have been unsuccessful. I honestly think they are lining themselves up for a class action lawsuit with this. You can't advertise and sell a vehicle with a 70 point inspection and be completely unwilling to provide A) the 70 points and B) the actual inspection in my opinion. You're just flirting with "false advertising". I honestly don't care enough to press it, but I think it's a bad idea for them to do it.

The best I got was this:

Used Tesla vehicles must pass a multipoint inspection and road functionality test, including but not limited
to the following:

Vehicle has a clean history Tires (4/32 in minimum)
Exterior lighting systems
Less than 100,000 miles
Steering and suspension components
Driver controls
No evidence of structural repairs Powertrain system Safety restraint systems
No evidence of past or current aftermarket mechanical modifications
Brake pads and vehicle braking system
Charging system and equipment functionality

On top of that there are several cars still on the site that say, "This Model S has passed a full 70 point mechanical and cosmetic inspection"

One last anecdote. The 2015 85D that I bought I had actually been watching for about 3 weeks. They had some horrendous 600 x 600 pictures that were associated with the vehicle, and the pictures showed a pretty large scuff, and severe road rash on the 21" turbines. When they did the site update here about a week ago, they enhanced the pictures BIG TIME, and from what I can tell "knock on wood" they replaced the tires and rims completely. So again this tells me there not quite selling as is...but I'll let you know if this actually pans out. I pick it up Saturday. Wish me luck!

PrescottRichard | 7 mai 2019

Good for you! You got more info than I did when I asked about the 70 points. My joke was that the torque on each lug nut could be a ‘point’ :)

Also- good point, Tesla is giving a warranty so ‘as is’ is an unfair label. I will insist that the CPO program no longer exists and we should stop using that to describe cars that are pre-owned for sale by Tesla. The current program seems watered down.

That’s also good news on the tires, I was looking at a silver 90D in Baltimore a while back, screaming deal but two of the wheels and ever body part from front to back on that side had scrapes. Some of the interior had images with rulers but I couldn’t always see what was being shown because of the small pix. Good to hear they are using larger pix and doing some cosmetic repairs.

FWIW- I recommend to buy used from Tesla when someone asks every time.

I watched the car I finally bought ( for a while as well, the price would drop a few hundred every dayor so. That was kind of a kick as I set a number to pull the trigger in my head and was hoping someone didn’t have their own number that was higher than mine!

I’m excited for you! If I were independently wealthy I’d offer to drive people to pick up their cars in my spare time :)

Yodrak. | 7 mai 2019

"... there are several cars still on the site that say, "This Model S has passed a full 70 point mechanical and cosmetic inspection" "

Now you've got my attention. So there are cars in the used inventory that have passed a 70 point inspection but not the FULL (the emphasis is mine) 70 point inspection? What's a passing score, I wonder - 40 out of 70? 50 out of 70? Be careful, language is important, especially when lawyers may get involved. Let's hope you never have to claim, "But it was a certified pre-owned", and the response is, "we never said anything about "certified", we only said we inspected 70 items, and some of them passed."

On a more serious note, I expect that you will like the car.

ageiss | 8 mai 2019

@Yodrak - Completely fair. Let me be very clear, I'm not trying to defend the CPO program. In fact, I've been quite displeased overall with Tesla's customer service on almost every front through the process. You guys are right that I don't really see a way to use the word "certified" here, but I also don't think they are selling them "as is" either. Let's called the Tesla Used Car Program?

The reviews on the Tesla Used Car Program basically go like this, "The process isn't great and going through it kind of sucks, but at the end of the process we love our car and it was probably worth it." That's basically how 95% of the reviews go that I've read.

@Prescott - Yup, after watching the site for a long time, I can tell you that prices drop every single day at 2 AM EST on the website on about 80% of the cars that are listed. I tracked it for months. ;) The website refresh has definitely increased sales to. I see almost no 85D's drop below 44k now, and that didn't use to be the case.

spaceboyusa | 9 mai 2019

First time poster. I bought a '15 85D for $44K two Sundays back. Watched it drop three times over the span of a week and finally jumped in; glad I did. At the time there was at least 20-25 85Ds showing on the site between $45-53K; now there's hardly any. Don't have the car yet but happy to report back once the process finalizes which should be next week.

CygnusX-1 | 9 mai 2019

It is not only the used site. I bought a new inventory P100D. But when I got my spec sheet, the total price on the sheet was $3,300 more then listed on the website. Even my inside sales adviser acknowledged that this is in error. Requested an updated sheet 4 days ago (the day I purchased it) and still nothing. Patiently waiting for the updated spec sheet. I've uploaded all my documents but am not doing the final confirmation until they show the correct price for the car. My sales adviser has been very responsive and curious. But the rest of their customer service - not so much. I mean how long does it take to generate a correct price sheet?

This is the biggest problem I see with their business model. If I were at a "normal" dealership, this would NEVER happen and if it did, it would have been corrected in 5 minutes.

CygnusX-1 | 9 mai 2019

Should have been:
My sales adviser has been very responsive and courteous...

(stupid spell check)