Is Tesla making a new mobile connector?

Is Tesla making a new mobile connector?

I noticed a week ago the Tesla is sold out of mobile connecters. Are they getting rid of exhausting stock and design new ones ? I want to buy one on eBay but any word on new chargers ?

jordanrichard | 7 mai 2019

A "new design" won't gain you anything.

Jcastillo18 | 7 mai 2019

Ok so eBay it is lol

bp | 8 mai 2019

Gen 1 UMC's can charge at up to 40A using a 14-50 adapter.

Gen 2 UMC's are limited to 32A, and by doing that Tesla was able to reduce the cost of the UMC.

Since Tesla is sold out of both the Gen 2 UMC (Mobile Connector) and 14-50 Corded Mobile Connector, it's possible Tesla is planning a redesign, or may only be changing over to a different manufacturer.

Or it could be they ran out due to the increased number of vehicles sold over the last 12 months.

Even if Tesla is planning a new version of the mobile connector, it likely wouldn't have any impact on actual charging - since charging is limited by the power available at the outlet/connection - not due to the mobile connector.

Bill_75D | 8 mai 2019

Charging IS limited by the mobile connector. Gen 1 draws 40 amps from a 50 amp outlet. Gen 2 draws 32 amps from the same 50 amp outlet.

PPower | 9 mai 2019

Back in stock again in Tesla’s web shop.
Could be nice with an updated version though with wireless charging and Ludicrous/Insane friendly :-)