Frunk temperature in hot weather

Frunk temperature in hot weather

Driving my tesla ms from Naples to Chicago this weekend. I have some old digital cameras and lenses I don’t use anymore but can exchange for lenses for new cameras I have now so want take hem to Chicago. Temperatures will be in 85-90 range from here to Nashville then may cool down. Is it okay to keep the lenses and cameras in the frunk or do they get cooked.?

plusplusjames | 8 mai 2019

They will get cooked.

By same logic, when I buy frozen steaks in the winter during long drives, they will not melt while in the frunk.

rpssks | 8 mai 2019

Thank you for the information. There’s a lot of information on cold weather driving than on hot weather for the Tesla cars. I have never used frunk in the four years I have driven this car.

plusplusjames | 8 mai 2019

Place delicate stuff in the ACed passenger compartment out of sunshine.

sentabo | 8 mai 2019

Several times I've traveled with some nice wine. When I do and it's warm out I have to remember "Keep Climate On" if I leave the car for a spell. It doesn't take long for the car to reach high temps. Also, as suggested, try to keep what you're protecting out of the sun.

kerryglittle | 10 mai 2019

Tesla should install vents into the frunk. You know just in case you want to put a kid in there. Beats saying " I will turn this car around."

AERODYNE | 10 mai 2019

Surprised no one has made a custom cooler for the Frunk.
Ready power supply at the jump terminals.

I find a plastic bin does well for groceries, but easy to improve on that.

Pungoteague_Dave | 11 mai 2019

Mitt Romney's dog says it is fine in the frunk.

NCC1701S | 11 mai 2019

@kerryglittle, Have you considered having a ram air scoop installed in the hood?

kerryglittle | 11 mai 2019

LOL. I have no kids at home so I'm good. :-)