Has anyone painted the stock aero wheels rims gloss black?

Has anyone painted the stock aero wheels rims gloss black?

Has anyone painted the stock aero wheels rims gloss black or any other color? Not the plastic hubcaps but the actual rims under them. Got any pictures?

davidkpeters12 | 11 mai 2019

I have been thinking of powder coating them gloss black. The wheel design is ok but not stunning.

lbowroom | 11 mai 2019

Yes, people do. I've seen them. They look glossy black instead of dark gray.

SoCalDriver | 12 mai 2019

Google images for it, there are several. We are also considering powder coating black or dark grey.

terminator9 | 13 mai 2019

Power coating is too expensive, given the design isn't great and the wheels are not really high-end. I was thinking of doing it myself with some good rim spray paint. I am wondering if the factory paint need to be stripped down for the new paint to hold or can it be done over it. Not finding too much material online that shows if it can be painted over the factory paint or not for any car rims. Anyone has any experience?

lbowroom | 13 mai 2019

Plastidip. Look it up

Foottraffic | 13 mai 2019


If this will be your first project, you may be disappoint with the results. However, more power to ya for taking on such a project. IMHO, The factory wheels look awesome in the factory color. If you don't really want to get really in depth with the process, you can simply prep by washing things down with a wash, clean with a strong wax and grease remover, scuffing existing factory paint until all the shininess is gone with a 3M 7448 gray scotchbrite. Clean and use a wax and grease remover after the scotchbrite, mask off areas you don't want to paint, and tack with a tack cloth (as the name implies, the cloth is tacky and will pick up dirt and dust before painting) prior to painting. Finally spray paint.

Foottraffic | 14 mai 2019


The steps I list above should allow paint to adhere. However, how long it will stick will depend on the paint you use. I've only used automotive paints for my projects, so can't really offered any input on off shelf paint. however you may want to check with your local automotive paint shop to see if the have any suggestions. The shop may even be able to put paint in a ready to spray can for you.