Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Hey all, may have lost a generational gold and initialed bracelet @ the Roseville/
Concord supercharger, if anyone comes across it please give me a shout @ 916-250-0990. Much appreciated, and God Bless!

lilbean | 12 mai 2019

Sorry to hear this. I hope you find it. God bless you!

Wilber | 12 mai 2019

Have you tried posting at the Tesla Motors Club forum as well? I think they have distinct sections for each of the superchargers.

hokiegir1 | 12 mai 2019

You might also add a note to the plugshare listing to contact you through there if someone finds it.

Rutrow 3 | 12 mai 2019

This is a situation where Tesla has a unique ability to excel at Customer Service. Tesla knows (and has contact information about) every vehicle that used that SuperCharger station. Wouldn't it be cool if each of those received a text or email to see if anyone found your heirloom? If this effort were sucessful, and the OP contacted a local television station about the story, Tesla would receive more free, yet highly valuable, publicity.

Tessa, have you contacted Tesla to see if they'd be willing to help you like this?

jjgunn | 12 mai 2019

I was at the Concord station and did a cursory look around sorry no bracelet.

Tessa75D | 12 mai 2019

Thank you jjgunn & all I sincerely appreciate the efforts!

Tessa75D | 12 mai 2019

If Concord it would be the last stall closest to the street by the curb, bark, or landscape directly behind. Truly appreciate the efforts!

dhliu | 13 mai 2019

Stopped by the Roseville charger and didn’t find anything. Good luck and best wishes Tessa.

PhillyGal | 13 mai 2019

Do you have Twitter? I would gladly tweet out to my followers about this with the hope that it gets re-tweeted. I don't want to publish your phone number out there but can @you.

PhillyGal | 13 mai 2019

And wait - are you saying you went to two different chargers? Any more descriptions of the bracelet?

(I wasn't sure if there was one charger that went by both names but I do see there are two in CA that you might mean.)