Model S 3rd row seat

Model S 3rd row seat

I have a 2015 Model S with the 3rd row seat that we use all the time. I ordered a new Model S but 3rd row seats are not an option. Does anyone know if I can move my 3rd row seat from my old care to the new one? | 14 mai 2019

Sorry I don't know if it's possible. Note that Tesla increases the bumper strength when the 3rd row seats are installed, so it may be a lot more work than just uninstall/reinstall of the seats. Isn't there a release switch that the kids can reach? It may be the new electrical harness no longer provides for that switch.

Hopefully someone else can advise if possible or not.

EVRider | 14 mai 2019

Did you check to see if the third row seat is still available as an off menu item? You would need to contact Tesla to find out.

Mathew98 | 14 mai 2019

The extra reinforcement is just a thick aluminum bar bolted under the rear bumper cover. It does the job to absorb additional impact. There are two brackets that need to be welded into the frame to support the jump seats, but I don't think any service centers would perform that task.

Unless the option was built in during manufacturing, you would have a tough time hollowing out the footwell for the jump seats to fold into the trunk.

Symco4 | 14 mai 2019

It is no longer available as an off menu item.
I think the footwell is unchanged. There is still a place where the hinge was located.

Mathew98 | 14 mai 2019

There are no footwell areas for non jumpseat option. It's best if you visit a demo car to verify the brackets and trunk design.