Installed TopFit Spoiler on my M3

Installed TopFit Spoiler on my M3

I think it came out really well and looks awesome. Was only $199 and super easy.

No I am not s shill, just proud of my modifications to my M3 :)

Sorry the link did not work. This is an album with only 3 pics. The spoiler is one of the pics.

Pavu | 15 mai 2019

link doesnt work?

Joshan | 15 mai 2019

Fixed the link, sorry!

SteveWin1 | 15 mai 2019

looks good!

Joshan | 15 mai 2019

It looks slighlty off center in that pic, but its not :) Its just the perspective of the phot, but I was trying to show the carbon fiber. For the price its great!

bpatter123 | 15 mai 2019

How much time did it take? Do you need to drill any holes? It surely looks best with Red or perhaps White cars. Got a side view, obliques?

Joshan | 15 mai 2019

I can take some more pics and put them in the album, sure.

It is like the fron tlicense plate. It is self adhesive, no holes required. It is strong as heck though I pulled up on it hard and it held easy.

It took about 5 minutes. I placed it there and marked the placement with painters tape. Pulled the adhesive and put it in my guides.. Very simple. Putting that red decal on the telsa logo under it was harder.

Gordon87 | 15 mai 2019

Looks great.

Mwoosley71 | 15 mai 2019

Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

DA3 | 17 mai 2019

Is it possible to get an OEM spoiler from Tesla? or one that is a direct match?

Joshan | 17 mai 2019

it looks the same to me from pics, but no idea how close of a match.

aperfectecho | 17 mai 2019

Looks great!

ODWms | 17 mai 2019

It kind great. A higher gloss than the factory on my PD3, but I like yours better.

Joshan | 17 mai 2019

I have never actually seen a "tesla" one in person. So hard to compare.

jaleelpm | 17 mai 2019

Nice job !

lbowroom | 17 mai 2019

Yes, once the spoilers are in stock at Tesla, you'll be able to buy one for $1,000. RPM Tesla just released their look a like in the $280 range, first batch of 50 gloss sold out immediately. More batches to come and a matte version as well

FISHEV | 17 mai 2019

Looks good so I purchased one. Some of the main Tesla accessory shops wanted $499.00 for the spoiler. Can't wait to park next to the PM3 at work, tell him I got the performance upgrade for $200, special deal.

Joshan | 17 mai 2019

The one in my pic is $199