Chrome Damage after Service Repair

Chrome Damage after Service Repair

I recently had my sunroof glass replaced at a Tesla Service center and noticed scratches on the chrome above the driver and passenger door, right below the sunroof glass. I didn't notice them until I drove the car home and got out and boom... caught my eye immediately. Has anyone had this experience before, and are Tesla Service Centers usually good at honoring it and going back to fix this since it was right after a service repair?

I really have no way of proving this during the service repair, but it is a pretty obvious scratch on both sides and I would've noticed it before. The scratches are pretty deep and in a zig-zag form. They didn't look over the car before the service repair so I don't think they would have any records of what damage was there. Thanks in advance.

foodking | 16 mai 2019

depends on your SC. I had one of my chrome trim pieces replaced for the same reason. I noticed it while I was checking the car. They wouldn't replace any other ones because "it could probably be buffed out".

Lonestar10_1999 | 16 mai 2019

That’s always risk you take your car in for service, Tesla or any car brand. If you bring it to their attention right away, they ought to admit it and make you whole. Of course if they deny any culpability you may have trouble getting satisfaction.

4thekidz | 16 mai 2019

Do you have proof that the scratches were not there before? Mine was delivered with some scratches in the chrome but I am not particularly bothered by them. All you can do is call and find out. Good luck.

lilbean | 16 mai 2019

You have a sunroof?

Zztops | 16 mai 2019

The SC workers aren’t perfect, I personally have had 2 door panels 2 piece of chrome trim, 2 rear windshields, and a headliner replaced. This is the honest truth. But what is an even larger truth is that they will own up to their mistakes. No matter how small, or larger, and make it right. It REALLY sucks at first and you shouldn’t have to deal with it, but that’s life. My SC is constantly hiring new people and they are trying to beef up their staff. It’s growing pains. Just yesterday they addressed a door rattle and didn’t put the panel on flush and bent a clip on the inside. Nothing I couldn’t slide my hand in and prop up enough to straighten back into its hole. This won’t be the last time something like this happens, but remember that the folks are SUPER nice, understanding, accountable and accommodating. Also know that this could happen at ANY car brands’ SC.

tjringle23 | 17 mai 2019

Thanks for all your replies, and yes I'm totally understanding of this and understand there can always be damage when servicing a car (at any shop). Not mad at all, but with such a distinct scratch above my driver door, I definitely would've noticed this beforehand. Glad to know that they have helped you guys out in the past! This is my first Tesla and first service center trip so I didn't know what to expect.

tjringle23 | 17 mai 2019

@lilbean Well it's the glass panel right above the driver and passenger. Doesn't open or anything, but I've seen that everybody calls that piece the "sunroof glass". Didn't know what else to call it haha.