Windshield Wipers - 2 Stars

Windshield Wipers - 2 Stars

I'm not too happy with the operation of the wipers on my new M3. They don't sweep fast enough to give adequate vision in a pouring rain. And when passing a semi in heavy rain you can't see anything but the side of the truck right beside you. I'll probably not try that again. And another thing, I wish they would provide a sensitivity control so I can decide how wet my windshield needs to be before they swipe. As it stands they don't swipe early enough for good visibility.

And as long as I'm here I'll also complain that the driver's wiper throws a stream of water across the passenger side on every sweep. My wife finds it difficult to know when to scream if she can't clearly see where I'm going. :)

Hopefully someone can tell me how to change top speed and sensitivity. I'd love to be wrong about my initial opinion.

derotam | 17 mai 2019

Why are you complaining about the passenger side thing... that sounds like a FEATURE, blind the passenger so they can't complain cause they cant see!

wingsy | 17 mai 2019

You have a very valid point! I'll drop that from my complaint list. :)

Kathy Applebaum | 17 mai 2019

"They don't sweep fast enough to give adequate vision in a pouring rain"

Interesting -- mine seem to keep up just fine. I wonder if there's something wrong with yours or we just have different needs.

casun | 17 mai 2019

are they set to auto or a set speed? top speed is pretty quick so i’d be surprised if thats not fast enough. also, you can press once on the left stalk button to initiate one swipe.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 mai 2019

A better and more direct venue to register your complaints is contacting TESLA directly by using the contact form found in your account.

NEKEV | 17 mai 2019

Sounds like you are talking about the Auto setting. I find that using Auto, they take too long to come on when it starts raining, then go TOO fast for a bit then settle in. As long as the rain is somewhat consistent, they work well. It's the sporadic rain that seems to trip them up. I've never needed the fastest setting, even in pretty hard rain.

CharleyBC | 17 mai 2019

@wingsy, what software version? I felt the wipers got MUCH better in 8.5. I haven’t driven in rain since getting 12.1.2, though.

SteveWin1 | 17 mai 2019

Get some polarized sunglasses (prescription if needed) for use during the day. It'll cut down the glare from some of the water and help you see through it a little better. At night make sure you've got the correct distance prescription in your glasses (wear glasses if you're not). If you're even a tiny bit nearsighted, your eyes will be focused closer to the rain drops than to whatever you're looking at in the distance and rain will be a much greater visual disturbance. If you have cataracts, get them removed. These things will help even when your wipers are working perfectly or even if its not raining. I've never had a problem seeing even on auto, but switching manually to a higher setting is always an option. There is no sensitivity setting for the Auto wipers. Maybe that'll be something they'll add in the future. If you manually set your wipers to the highest setting and still can't see (assuming you have normal vision), go get the wipers checked out.