A car should NOT move in reverse when in drive, no?

A car should NOT move in reverse when in drive, no?

I love my M3 but can't understand for the life of me why it rolls backward on a hill when in drive and not in Hold. Yes, I know I can turn "creep" on but it acts like an old manual transmission. Even modern manual transmissions don't roll backward on a hill with the clutch in. My Volt wouldn't roll backward, why can't Elon program that in?

dmastro | 21 mai 2019

I think the answer is Tesla could, but chooses not to.

Mike83 | 21 mai 2019

It works great. Pushing brake turns hold on or off. Read the manual

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mai 2019

I like the feature because if someone is in front of me and rolls back I can roll back also, with ease (not everyone has modern stuff).

It only rolls backward if you stop going forward first which means it has to stop. When it stops you step on the brake if you want it to stay stopped. If you don't want to step on the brake then slow your approach so it does not slow to a stop on it's own and roll back.

All cars should work this way.

jjgunn | 21 mai 2019


lbowroom | 21 mai 2019

Seems he understands how it works, just disagrees.

johnw | 21 mai 2019

It's a bit like a manual transmission. Easy enough to tap the brake a bit to engage the brake hold. You'll get used to it.

kevin_rf | 21 mai 2019

Currently in San Diego with a cheap KIA rental. I can confirm it also rolls backwards.

Also, spotted two Model 3's missing the front bumper on Sorrento Valley Rd. Is this a CA thing? I know everyone hates the front plate, but you could see all the way into the frunks.

fazman | 21 mai 2019

OP, have you never driven a Manual Transmission? If the rolling back is an issue, just hit the Park button on the stalk. I personally like the ability for the car to roll back (But I can see how people might be used to luxury brands who auto brake for you). This car does the same thing like those luxury cars. Bring the car to halt, then press the brake pedal harder and you will see the gear selector change to (H) for “Hold”

joe.lynn.atp | 21 mai 2019

You have your choice: If you like how an ICE automatic transmission works when stopped, turn on creep. If you prefer it to be in neutral like a manual transmission, turn off creep. That should be enough to make everyone happy.

lbowroom | 21 mai 2019

Read his post. He understands how it works, he just doesn't like it. It's like, his opinion man

terminator9 | 21 mai 2019

>why can't Elon program that in?

One day most likely it will happen. As everything in this world he's got other fires to put out.

ElectricAlex | 21 mai 2019

What make and model manual transmission vehicle will not roll backward (or forward) in neutral with clutch disengaged?

coleAK | 21 mai 2019

It is programmed in “brake hold”

kaffine | 21 mai 2019

ElectricAlex 2012 VW Passat TDI had anti roll system not sure if it was something you could enable/disable or not.

I like the ability to roll backwards without putting it in reverse at times. I can see why some don't like it and don't like creep either.

casun | 21 mai 2019

a car should move in reverse when in drive, yes.

jamilworm | 21 mai 2019

I think I would agree with the OP, it doesn't really make sense for it to roll backwards. M8B gave a good example of when it might be useful, but I think that is a rare occurrence (it has never happened to me). Everyone else just says they like it to roll back but don't say why. Why would you want it to roll backward?

I have seen others complain about it too because if you are parked facing up a hill with a car very close behind you and you have hold on, then as soon as you start to press the accelerator the car rolls backward and could hit the car behind. You have to get really good at immediately pushing just the right amount of "gas" to not roll backward and not lurch forward. This situation would be much easier if the car did not roll backward when in D (and I believe it is far more common than needing to avoid a car in front that is rolling backward).

And to those telling author to read the manual, you need to RTFOP. He/she understands that it is working as intended, but is just suggesting that it would be an improvement if they changed the behavior.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mai 2019

@jamilworm The car will not roll back if you understand how to use it properly and instructions are found in the manual . Some pick up on one pedal driving quickly and others not so much. If you keep your foot on the "one pedal" and apply slight pressure on it you will not roll back. The OP is lifting off the "one pedal" and has not got it down yet. it takes practice but once you get it you will say it should always be this way.

fazman | 21 mai 2019

jamilworm, I can’t speak for others... but i like the feel of the car to have a neutral feel because it is more smooth and “more predictable” to me. I grew up driving a manual transmission cars and its just more “normal” to me. I actually find driving a stick shift car in grid lock traffic better than driving an automatic because I can roll a MT ride without having to press any of the 3 peddles. In a AT ride, I am constantly riding the brakes the entire way and its more tiring for me because it usually doesn’t coast at the correct rate of speed. I’ve logged about 500k miles easily in Los Angeles and OC traffic in my life time.

jamilworm | 21 mai 2019

@fazman, I grew up driving automatics, but I still agree with you that at low speeds it's nice to be able to just roll without applying the break. However I just don't see when going backwards would be beneficial. Like seriously, do you like rolling backwards on a hill? Maybe you do, I just hope you aren't confusing the OPs request with asking for creep. They want the forward moving behavior to stay identical to how it is, just no rolling backwards.

jamilworm | 21 mai 2019


batmanasb | 21 mai 2019

I 100% agree with OP, I'll even go a step further and say that I think having creep off is dangerous and idk how the hell people prefer that?! The car is heavy and will roll down any slight angle, I tried turning creep off for a day and barely managed to park on an incline without hitting the curb, it's insane. Even creep isn't perfect though, the car will roll backwards even with creep on, just not as quickly. Seriously, wtf Tesla, cars should never roll backwards when in drive, that's what neutral is for!

Mike83 | 21 mai 2019

I use it all the time to park backwards without having to change gears. So much easier and if I just step on the brake it locks and I release it by setting again. Using it for years now I love it and like one pedal driving it makes driving much easier. Don't change it.

Reflex | 21 mai 2019

Eleven of my 18 cars have had manual transmissions. Sure, the more recent all had hill-hold technology to prevent rolling back when you took your foot off the brake (briefly, I might add). On the Tesla? The only thing I must write that I truly LOVE about my M3 is the drivetrain, and I love the "clutch-in" nature of the motor with my foot off the brake. Pretty much everything else about the car is mediocre (infotainment system excluded).

coleAK | 21 mai 2019

My LX 570 rolls backwards if I don’t 2 pedal it. But really? the learning curve for break hold was about 1 day. Yes a few times it felt a little odd not having a hand break in the Tesla stopped on a hill. Ok so what I’m saying is if you can’t train your self to push the break to stop then press it a little more then how do you leave the house to get into a car?

jlxjl | 22 mai 2019

When backing out, I like to shift the car to drive without the need to apply the brakes. With the prevent roll back feature the OP wants, I would have to apply the brakes to gradually come to a complete stop before shifting to drive.

However, I do see a benefit of prevent roll back feature when parallel parking on a hill for a lot of people. A simple solution is to allow to user to select the feature. Or perhaps incorporate the feature with creep mode.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 22 mai 2019

This post is clearly written by someone who wanted a traditional ICE.

spuzzz123 | 22 mai 2019

Agree w op. I almost rear ended someone once when I *thought* I had brake hold engaged and didn’t. Yes It would have been my fault had I struck the car, but why not incorporate a simple safety feature to prevent owner mistakes? Not a big deal but still if it saves one accidental rear end, it’s worth it. My opinion only.

terminator9 | 22 mai 2019

First of all, STOP comparing Tesla to every other car as Tesla is different. If we keep doing what we did 20 years ago, there would be no improvements/innovation! Every other car drives with a human, Tesla should stop developing autopilot/FSD!

Steven.Haver | 22 mai 2019

Since everyone is chiming in with their preferences:
I definitely prefer it as it is currently implemented.

As mentioned above, anyone who lives in a hilly region, and especially regions where there are lots of manual transmissions on the road, will appreciate the ability to roll back by tapping the brake when someone in front rolls back. (Now if only we could have the rear view camera turn on automatically at saved locations!) It’s by far the most controlled way to do it and much safer than trying to quickly switch into reverse and back into drive. Etc.

I understand why some might want an option to never roll back. I only hope that if it is ever implemented it is exactly that: an option.

aaroncheung1 | 22 mai 2019

For a car that's supposed to appeal to the masses it seems logical that they would include both options and allow people to choose to be closer to manual or automatic. I think it helps with the transition to electric driving. I don't know of any other car that gives that option. I'm coming from automatic and I prefer creep off and hold.

RedScooter | 22 mai 2019

+1 with OP; I also understand why others think it is okay for the car to roll back. Hopefully, Tesla can make this a configurable feature so both camps can enjoy the car the way they like it.

However, in agile speak - this feature request goes to bottom heap of the backlog IMO. I wish Tesla allow owners to vote up/down items in their backlog.

Mike83 | 22 mai 2019

Some people would still be riding their bicycles with training wheels it seems.

Techy James | 22 mai 2019

@TAR, when was last time you drove a manual transmission car, if your on a hill with clutch in and let off the break, depending on direction of Hill you will either roll forward or backwards. This issue is gravity, it tends to pull on items, and the more mass the more it pulls.
As for the comparison of a Volt, if you think that is a manual transmission, then we can't help you.

As others have pointed out, there is a HOLD option on the Model 3, once you come to a stop you press a little harder on break and this will engage HOLD at which time you can take your foot off the break and the car will stay in it's place. This is especially beneficial when your at a red light besides a Mustang revving engine to race. You engage HOLD the hover foot over accelerator pedal, and gain extra micro second on the acceleration, not that you need it.

Earl and Nagin ... | 22 mai 2019

Seems a lot of people think their mommy should be driving them everywhere while they sit in their car seats in the back watching barney videos and drinking juice from their sippy cups.
I'm glad Teslas are so safe in crashes since I have to share the road with them now that they have to drive themselves.
Teslas are ridiculously easy to drive on hills with their simple hill hold.

Firewired | 22 mai 2019

I actually love it! It is much easier since Tesla sent out the update way back when, which included the “Hill Hold” feature. I think that is the best of all worlds. Be able to roll when you want, hold when you need to.

howard | 22 mai 2019

I agree it should not roll backward when coming to a stop. Perhaps instead of fart mode, easter eggs, etc. Telsa could use just a bit of those engineering resources to provide a selectable hill hold function. Something that actually contributes to the functionality of the car and not frivolous entertainment. It does get old being told that since Tesla does it, it is the best period. All my other cars will not roll backward when coming to a stop. Even our old 2004 Toyota that we gave my daughter will not roll backward from a stop. Why not conform to industry norms and provide an option to have it another way instead of going against what everyone is used to.

Mike83 | 22 mai 2019

Earl and Naggin is right on. It works great on hills and is so easy to use. Much ado about nothing.

lbowroom | 22 mai 2019

Howard, they do provide selectable hill hold. It's even called Hold. Same system as Mercedes employs.

coleAK | 22 mai 2019

^^^^. Yes @mike and @earl...

neylus | 22 mai 2019

I remember all the "manual" transmission drivers complaining about the same thing back in the day (sarcasm/not).

ICEMELT | 22 mai 2019

Its all about mindset.

One needs to understand that they are not buying a car, but a genius piece of technology that can drive as well.

Artificial intelligence may not always match up with your intelligence.

peldor427 | 22 mai 2019

+1 @Firewired The Model 3 has a hill hold option and it should remain an option - learn how to use it. Do we need something that prevents a user from changing to Reverse at a stop light because you may accidentally back into someone at a light and you really shouldn't use reverse on a city street? If you want something that totally eliminates any chance for user error, you'll need to wait for FSD...

TM3Q | 22 mai 2019

It’s perfect this way. After driving 16 years manual transmission I don’t see any issue :-) I just wish my last car would have the « hold » option while stopping in an uphill road haha

Tesla #1

johnw | 22 mai 2019

Also, a workaround. If you are using autopilot, it will stop and hold even on a hill.

TARS | 22 mai 2019

Everyone, I understand how it works. I've read the entire M3 manual before I bought the car. It's just stupid. Drive is FORWARD, Reverse is REVERSE. It's that simple. Yes, the hold works, kinda, but you have to play a balancing act when on a hill sometimes or if you don't push hard enough it won't engage HOLD. I've driven the car daily for 8 months. It is something I got used to but still makes NO sense. Sorry, no other car does this.

TARS | 22 mai 2019

Techy James you are not so techy. I had a volt it wasn't a manual. When I was on a steep hill I could have the car in drive and it wouldn't roll back no matter what. Foot off break, foot on break, not until I hit the gas. One thing all of you flamers are forgetting is I can't let anyone drive my car because of the learning curve. This is a no brainer. Drive is FORWARD. Please, people, that's a pretty basic concept.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 mai 2019

@TARS A Bolt would be a better fit for you (idiots can drive those).

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 22 mai 2019

I think I see the problem here. What you want is the Creep mode. That will keep you from rolling backward when the Hold feature gets away from you. Your ICE driver friends shouldn't have any problems borrowing your car, either.

Magic 8 Ball | 22 mai 2019

@Neo Read the OP he knows what creep is and is still unhappy.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 22 mai 2019

@Magic 8 Ball,
Yup, I read it. I was just pointing out that the car truly does exactly what he wants it to do, he just has to select it.
This thread is disinformation. The OP is trying to say that the car is more complicated and non-user-friendly than all other cars.