Seems I'm not the only one who finds the V9 interface horrible

Seems I'm not the only one who finds the V9 interface horrible

Mathew98 | 24 mai 2019

Who is six months behind bthe time? | 24 mai 2019

Interesting article, and has some valid points. Then again Tesla's UI is rated best over other automakers by Consumer Reports:

Tldickerson | 24 mai 2019

I still say that the new V9 is no where as easy to use as V8 in almost every way. I rarely have to take my eyes off the road to change screens or look for a location.

stevenmaifert | 24 mai 2019

The CR rating comes from member owners. I wonder how many have never experienced anything but the UI with V9. There was a time when what is now called "secondary controls" were displayed prominently at the top of the screen: No fiddling with a menu bar at the bottom of the screen to get to them.

redacted | 24 mai 2019

First, there were the birthers. Then the resisters. Now there are the v8ers. Get over it, people.

Tldickerson | 24 mai 2019

@redacted, why should we just get over it? I'm sure the new owners are very happy but us old timers know what was good. Changes are not always the best.

PBEndo | 24 mai 2019

Though some changes in v9 were a step backwards, v9 is still better in many ways than systems in other cars.

Tldickerson | 24 mai 2019

@PBEndo, that's true. That's not the point of the discussion. If other makers put a 19" screen in their cars they too would have more than they have now.

PBEndo | 24 mai 2019

The CR article referenced above was comparing it to other cars. I trying to make the point that one can both complain about some of the changes they made for v9 and still rank it high in the CR survey.

redacted | 24 mai 2019

@Tdickerson the iPhone 5 was the epitome of elegant design, while the current rounded-glass versions are banal, inelegant conformities. The elegance of autos has declined from the age of the Austin Healey until now where everything a rounded, small-windows pig of a vehicle, but I don't spend time discussing how great things were in the old days. It's possible that V.8 was the best UI ever, but it's not coming back and there's no use in complaining. It also makes one sound like a whiner who won't stop complaining.

"Now the TR7 was a real car. These modern cars look like crap next to it, much harder to get into a parking spot or garage and far more complex engines you need a computer to diagnose. The iPhone 5 fit into your pocket so elegantly...."

GHammer | 24 mai 2019

Redacted has a point. When it comes to software there are many things "that used to be better". In Tesla's case they did it to align the software between the car models and hopefully to reduce ongoing development costs. I dont think it's a choice between V8 and V9 but between having a Tesla or no Tesla. | 24 mai 2019

There there are many of us that strongly prefer v9 over v8, including the ability to have 3 apps on screen at a time, a bit faster operation, many options and functions require fewer taps (and to be fair, a few rarely used functions require an extra tap), and much cleaner maps.

I suspect most of it comes down to which features you use all the time. Those of use that use music and maps all the time are very happy. Those few that never use maps or music seem to be the ones most pissed off, and is a legit complaint for those users. Just seems there are very few of those owners in that last category (but are quite vocal).

PBEndo | 24 mai 2019

Attempting to align the software is understandable and would necessitate some compromises, but there still are changes that are inexplicable unless looking through rose colored glasses while sipping a perfectly chilled cup of Kool-Aid. It is true that complaining at this point is a fool's errand but insisting that changes are inherently better is just plain foolish. Too many people here dismiss legitimate criticism as whining from people that can't accept change.

stevenmaifert | 24 mai 2019

@PBEndo +1

barrykmd | 24 mai 2019

Trying to align the software across models is foolish when one monitor is portrait and the other landscape.

SoCal Buzz | 24 mai 2019

I have a vague memory of this being debated before...

Tropopause | 24 mai 2019

V10 will come along and give us something new to complain about. Or maybe just make the S/X interior similar to the 3 and all will be unified.

GHammer | 24 mai 2019

"I have a vague memory of this being debated before..."

Yes but Barry cant let it go.

john | 24 mai 2019

V9 worked well when it first rolled out, then other updates that followed seemed to degrade the smoothness and responsiveness of the software, including garbled lettering that randomly appeared on buttons and in place of wording within screen pages. Since receiving update 2019.16.2, the smoothness / responsiveness is very much enhanced, which I feel allow functions like Homelink and GPS air suspension to work accurately and consistently, and the distorted wording issue is gone. All of this said, I have yet to try the browser!!!!!

mvotb | 24 mai 2019

@PBEndo + a whole lot of us.

carlk | 25 mai 2019

I was ready to settle for one dumb person in the world. Disappointed again.

Seriously adapt is the word. To learn is actually much easier to do than to complain.

redacted | 25 mai 2019

"To learn is actually much easier to do than to complain." But to complain is to feel both righteous and victimized, a very comfortable spot, especially when the victimization is trivial. Wow, I just explained society!

DRFLGD | 25 mai 2019

I had a problem with V9 initially but now I don't miss anything from before after the updates for it. And I haven't tried it, but it's possible you can get the functions you want by using the voice command button.

DTsea | 25 mai 2019

Still have V8!

sr.smr | 25 mai 2019

Excellent article. I am still a proponent of V8's split screen and keeping the icons on top, but am now used to V9's quirks. Still say, the best safety feature Tesla skipped out on was to have the lane changing warning light built into the side view mirrors.

lilbean | 25 mai 2019

Me too @DTSea.
+1 PBEndo

Tldickerson | 25 mai 2019

Me too bean. Keeping the V-8 juice.
+2 PBEndo

lilbean | 25 mai 2019

We are one of the lucky ones. :) | 25 mai 2019

One thing I realize is missing in this discussion is those with pre AP2 cars vs AP2+ cars. For AP2 cars there are so many new and slick features, I can't imagine anyone staying with v8. From memory, this includes:

- Dramatically better AP
- Dashcam (for HW2.5 cars)
- Sentry mode
- 360 degree view
- Navigate on AP
- Auto-lane change
- Stop light detect
- Lane departure avoidance
- FSD (someday)

Now if you have a pre-AP2 car, there are a few new features, but perhaps not enough to bother learning v9. It's really not that hard. Two of the major complaints of v9 have been addressed - having backup app higher on screen when driving forward and climate screen has now been reworked.

carlk | 25 mai 2019

I'd go V9 just for the navigation alone. Day and night compares to V8 in my AP1 and pre-Ap cars. I'm starting to worry for those who do not want to learn and adapt. You guys and gals have plan to live on this earth for another few decades or even just another few years?

@redacted I'm complaining too. It's only fair that I should have some fun too.

murphyS90D | 25 mai 2019

They have not addressed the fact that when I look at the selector icons at the bottom of the screen I can't see out of the windshield with my peripheral vision. They need to be back at the top of the screen. This is not an iPad.

Tropopause | 25 mai 2019

None of this V8 or V9 stuff will matter when our personal robo-taxiies are driving us around.

Silver2K | 25 mai 2019

It will when the robotaxi has issues finding the music app to play tunes

PBEndo | 26 mai 2019

FWIW - I have installed v9 on my cars. Once they allowed the other apps to be moved up on the screen, the real world difference for my use is minimal. Yes many/most things take more steps than they did in v8, but I am not doing those things often enough for it to be a dealbreaker. I am mainly frustrated by the inexplicable nature of some of the changes as I feel it reflects poor design and decision making - i.e. WTH were they thinking?

DRFLGD | 26 mai 2019

PBEndo: Such as...?

carlk | 26 mai 2019

The only thing is they put some first level icons one does not use often into one. Not a big deal they are still easy to get. Most often used ones like media still have their own. The main menu for car funtion control is way easier to use than before. Nav is just super nice now. Like I said after used to it I would never go back to the old one. I'm sure those who complain would complain again if somehow Tesla changes it back to V8 after they got used to the V9.

Tropopause | 26 mai 2019

For those that don't like change, be careful with buying a Tesla. Today you like it (or not), tomorrow you will not (or will). | 26 mai 2019

@Tropopause - Good advice - for that matter if you hate change, you shouldn't buy any EV. It's a dramatic change from ICE. Also avoid buying a cell phone too - they change all the time. Perhaps best to just stay in bed and connect up to some feeding tubes to avoid any changes at all!

DRFLGD | 26 mai 2019

It would be nice to be able to customize the display.

Tldickerson | 26 mai 2019

Guys it's not that we hate changes. I use to look forward to updates until they started releasing them with what seamed like little to no testing. Many like myself with AP1, the V9 doesn't offer to many good reasons to change. I keep reading peoples reports of all the bugs in these new releases. Nothing new with Tesla, been this way for a long time. Not all models need to same platform in my opinion which is exactly what Tesla wanted to do and did. I'll keep my car for years and be happy with it. | 26 mai 2019

While bugs are annoying, and Tesla has had its share - in 6 years of ownership and two cars, I've never had a bug of any serious nature - nothing that stopped me from driving or enjoying the car. I'd say 95% of the bugs I've encountered are in the very trivial category with the rest just trivial. I know a few others have had more serious issues, but this is rare.

Now UI changes are not bugs, but I can see how some hate change and consider it a bug. It's not a bug when it's an intentional design. Might be perceived as a poor design by some, but not a bug. Also consider many of the complaints of v9 UI design have been addressed by Tesla within a few months of release. I'm not aware of any other car maker that is willing to do that - they just keep making horrible UIs with so many nested menus or lockouts, that make Tesla look like a wonder in comparison :)

sentabo | 26 mai 2019

carlk is correct in saying that if Tesla changed back to V8 there would be a lot of complaints. Not necessarily from those that are already complaining, but from those that like V9, and there are a lot of us.

PBEndo | 26 mai 2019

I thought the specifics had already been spelled out ad nauseum. The most obvious is changing the app icons from colored on an omnipresent bar at the top to monochrome, reducing their size and then hiding them in an app drawer at the bottom of the screen. This results in an extra step to then see the app bar that is populated with harder to see icons in a worse location.

I agree that if they went back to v8 many would complain. Would it then be fair to say that they were only complaining because they hate change?

Can we drop the "Those that hate change" crap. It is petty, dismissive and without merit. | 26 mai 2019

@PBEndo - Very fair on hating changes. Also need to drop that UI changes are a bug :) No extra step when driving as v8 also hid the app icons. At least now it's one less tap for Music in v9 over v8. Others are the same number of taps. I agree with you on location/colors. I prefer the older color icons.

Haven't we gone through all this on another thread many months ago? Seems like a total rehash (good and bad).

PBEndo | 26 mai 2019

It is absolutely a rehash, but you are repeating the same inaccuracies (IMO) so it warrants a response. In a nutshell, your assessment is only accurate when using NAV.
I have laid out the extra steps for apps so many times I can't understand how the message hasn't gotten through. I even did a side-by-side comparison in my garage when I had one car still on v8 because you had me doubting my memory.

In v8, the app bar was only hidden when using NAV (and even that was a relatively recent change). So when not using NAV all apps except music and the last used app are now 2 taps, which is approximately one more than before, give or take 0. Heck, you could even say it is double the number of taps ;)
The "3 apps on-screen" is specifically Music and Nav + one other app. Again, if you aren't using NAV or music, the split screen offered more flexibility and screen real estate for the apps.
IF you have navigation running at all times AND music is your second most commonly used app, you may not notice the additional steps. But you should still be able to understand it. FWIW, I virtually never use NAV (I prefer Waze). Chime in if my description is incorrect.

Streamlining the Controls/settings menu was a welcome change. However, having it always open to Quick Controls works against me more often than it helps. In v8 the last menu page used was persistent. I find that I am adjusting air suspension more often than some of the other settings on the starting page so for me it more often results in more steps.

carlk | 26 mai 2019

I agree that if they went back to v8 many would complain. Would it then be fair to say that they were only complaining because they hate change?***

That's most like it. People are easy to get into their comfort zone and do not want to move again. We would still be living in caves on the seaside feeding on shellfish if our ancestors are all like that. Not that bad a life if you think about it.

lilbean | 26 mai 2019

Am I the only one that misses V7? :) | 26 mai 2019

@PBEndo - Very fair.I forgot that a few owners don't use nav. Seems to be one of the most popular features of the car. So I agree v8 may be better for those that have a pre-AP2 car and never use nav and music. Seems a rare combination, but nothing wrong with it either. The message doesn't get through as most owners use nav, where there is no advantages and a lot of disadvantages and missing features for those using v8.

Now if barrykmd had started out saying he never uses nav and music, and doesn't need/want any new features, then it would have been far clearer why he hates v9. It just doesn't appear to match up with most owners.

barrykmd | 26 mai 2019

Tldickerson | May 26, 2019
Guys it's not that we hate changes. I use to look forward to updates until they started releasing them with what seamed like little to no testing.


Those of you in CA don't appreciate it, as you don't use the winter driving settings. They buried that inside the climate control, which is absurd. it used to have its own tab which made for easy access.

I don't hate change. I hate bad change, which for me, in an AP1 car, V9 is.

thranx | 26 mai 2019 where is the poll of owners that says most owners prefer V9?

@PBEndo: absolutely no reason for the owner of an AP1 car to jump to V9, and a number of reasons not to do so. I'm sticking with V8. Now if I could only get rid of the constant "upgrade" reminders on the screen.

Occasionally I use NAV. Most of the time I do not. Therefore there is absolutely no reason for even a sliver of it to be always visible on my screen. I'd guess it's a prep for full self-driving, but at that point NAV itself will no longer be necessary. And yes, all this discussed months ago.